Nearly half of women are putting up with pain and discomfort during sex

For lots of women, the answer is simple: just put up with it

10/28/2021 5:20:00 PM

For lots of women, the answer is simple: just put up with it

Here are some common causes of pain during sex - and how to deal with them.

Are you putting up with pain during sex? (Picture: Getty/ scratch, a pull, a dull ache, a sudden stabbing pain – if you experience this during sex, what do you do?For lots of women, the answer is simple: just put up with it.Too many of us are dismissing discomfort as a standard part of sex.

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In fact, new research from Durex has found that 45% of women accept sexual discomfort because they don’t really know what’s normal when it comes to their body – and one in six say they put up with this discomfort ‘often’ or ‘all the time’ rather than as a one-off blip.

A key issue is that few of us understand the common triggers of pain and uncomfortable sensations during sex, and some assume that this is just ‘what sex feels like’.All this means that when we do have poor sex experiences, we don’t identify problems and don’t seek help in sorting them out – despite the fact that many common issues could be easily resolved.

Lindsay Forbes, wellness category manager at Durex says: ‘Knowing your body and what is and isn’t normal for it is a key part of being able to enjoy sex.‘Many women are having less than satisfying sexual experiences because they are unaware of why they might experience discomfort, don’t feel confident in knowing what to do about it and therefore, put up with it.

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‘Much of the discussion around satisfaction and pleasure can be male-centric, so it makes women feel less confident in asking important questions so they can find the solutions right for them.’So, what are some common causes of sexual discomfort, and how can we remedy them?

Your vulva could be irritated (Picture: Getty Images)Vaginal drynessDurex’s poll of 2,000 women found that vaginal dryness was the top reason for sexual discomfort.A lack of moisture can be caused by all sorts of things – where you are in your menstrual cycle, hormonal changes such as the menopause, and a lack of arousal – but the good news is that there’s a very simple solution: lube.

Not being aroused enoughIf you’re speeding straight to the penetration bits of sex and experiencing discomfort when you do so, it’s likely you’re not fully relaxed and aroused – both of which are essential for making sex great.Ensure you spend plenty of time on foreplay and doing things that feel good to you. Try clitoral stimulation through oral, using toys, and teasing.

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Take your time – there’s no rush.InfectionsAn infection such as thrush can cause soreness and itching during sex. The same goes for STIs, such as chlamydia, gonorrhoea, or genital herpes.If you’re experiencing pain during sex and think it could be down to an infection, chat with your GP, gynaecologist, or a sexual health clinic for treatment.

IrritationAll sorts of things can cause irritation that makes sex uncomfortable. Have you shaved your pubic area recently? Used a new shower gel? Are you wearing cheap underwear?Check in with your lifestyle habits and see if you can track down whatever’s upsetting your vulva and vagina.

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That is because of lack of sex, I am sure if they start to enjoy more than complain it will be all fine. probably the editor from this is suffering from the same problem 😏👌🏻