Neanderthals could hear and produce speech like humans, scientist say

Neanderthals could hear and produce speech like humans, scientist say

3/2/2021 7:50:00 PM

Neanderthals could hear and produce speech like humans, scientist say

Our closest ancient relatives would have been capable of producing words such as ‘hello’ or ‘ok’, if they had had any meaning to them

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Some of them can even tweet apparently. Explains Boris and Farage They have since been given jobs hosting daytime shows on talkRADIO. And Qanon , Brexit and Farage. Couldn't comb their hair though Hence Foxnews. Neanderthal said Yes... Rap music they could have, like other species that hear us, but they could never have analyzed heard words like us. How do I know? look at their remainders & what they marked & left behind! BTW, don't kid yourselves, they still left their genetic marks on many today; see skulls & etc.

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