More than 45,000 Americans apply to sponsor Ukrainian refugees

6/6/2022 2:40:00 PM

More than 45,000 Americans apply to sponsor Ukrainian refugees in just a month

More than 45,000 Americans apply to sponsor Ukrainian refugees in just a month

More than 45,000 Americans have applied to sponsor Ukrainian refugees to live with them in the United States' biggest programme for asylum seekers in decades.

Just over 6.More than 500 Ukrainian minors are believed to be stranded across Europe.Image caption, Anastiia, 15, has had to wait more than five weeks before being allocated a school place A family sponsoring a Ukrainian teenager said they had endured a frustrating five-week wait to find out if she could attend school.are impossible to verify, there have been credible reports of collaborators and Russian soldiers killed or disappeared.

500 displaced Ukrainians arrived in the US as of last Wednesday.Now the Department of Homeland Security revealed that another 27,000 refugees have had their travel to America authorized by immigration officials.The Home Office said it was going to address the problem, but has done nothing.The Biden administration have pledged to accept 100,000 refugees into the US.Telford and Wrekin Council said it was working closely with schools to match children to the right places.

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More than 150,000 people volunteered in the U.K. With 15% for the big guy?

Anger as hundreds of refugee children from Ukraine left strandedBritons offering shelter to Ukrainian refugees say they are 'ashamed' by the Government's continued failure to close a loophole that is keeping hundreds of children out of the UK. I hate this government 😒

Ukrainian children face school place delaysThe problems seem to be most acute in finding secondary school places, sponsor families say. Many UK residents have trouble getting school places and registering with doctors & dentists, systems in this country are at breaking point! So? Means they being treated the same as our children. My daughter didn't get any of our nearby senior schools because they're full. I now face a school run of 4hrs a day which is stopping me returning to work.... Will those schools that refused her be taking Ukrainian kids before clearing their waiting lists (which she is on)?

‘The occupier should never feel safe’: rise in partisan attacks in UkraineOrganised underground efforts appearing to spread, say analysts, after reports of explosions and attacks on Russian border guards Go get ‘em 💜🇺🇦

Timid Biden condemns Ukrainians to an agonising war without end | Simon TisdallBy failing to act boldly and face down the Russians, Nato ensures this conflict will run and run Macron is the timid one, comrade. Isn't that the plan, to turn Ukraine to Afghanistan and then Russia will be destroyed at the end like the Soviet Union? What an absurd load of shit. Biden's pumped $54 billion into the war already, more than all other countries combined. Short of triggering nuclear war with Russia, what do the Guardian actually want? Republicans to win the midterms? Trump back in the Whitehouse?

Macron blasted by Ukrainian Foreign Minister after calls not to 'humiliate' RussiaEMMANUEL MACRON has been blasted by the Ukrainian Foreign Minister after the French President said Russia must not be 'humiliated' over its invasion of Ukraine. he keeps calling putler, what did he achieved so far? except self humiliation? The humiliation of Putin is that he is teach the west - humility World we need work together by planting trees and give back jewelry and walk barefoot to heal ozone layers from the heat