Moped gangs with machetes target London's cyclists

Moped gangs with machetes target London's cyclists

10/22/2021 10:53:00 AM

Moped gangs with machetes target London's cyclists

Cyclists are having their bikes stolen in violent attacks from thieves in the capital.

Cyclists are having their bikes stolen in violent attacks from moped gangs with machetes in London.Following the mugging of professional cyclist Alex Richardson earlier this month, there have been other reports of similar thefts. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

PC Andrew Harper: Widow warns criminals 'we won't stand for this' amid law change for killing emergency service workers

The police officer's family were prompted to act when the 28-year-old was killed while responding to a call about a stolen quad bike in Berkshire on 15 August 2019.

Who controls London yes labour a taste of what would happen if they got back into power. Thank you MayorofLondon 🥰 Welcome to SadiqKhan worst MayorofLondon streets. Not safe for law abiding citizens, shocking sackKahn Khans London Welcome to sh+thole London. Police should keep ramming them off there moped makes for great viewing!

Still he’s giving out grants to change some street names so it’s all good. Wtf Vigilante groups are a must . Time for the Robocop initiative to be activated. I know times are hard so it might not be the one originally planned. The vehicles being used are not Mopeds, they are Scooters. A Moped is a specific legal classification for a motorcycle under 50cc. Please do not misuse the term.

Train vs Plane: which is fastest between London and Edinburgh?As Lumo makes its first run between the English and Scottish capitals, our travel correspondent sets off by air – and rail, bus and foot – to race the train If you'll pay my expenses, I'm more than happy to undertake the same research project from Cardiff to London. Purely in the pursuit of the truth, of course. 😉 All those changes to go by plane sound exhausting, and include train journeys anyway. Take the train and a good book, I say.

We had this problem is several US cities. So, some bikes were fitted with tracking devices to locate the thieves. As this thievery is organized and not done by individuals, this tactic will likely work. Im sure SadiqKhan will be naming a street after them soon. What about Machete Avenue? Who ever buys it is just as bad as thieves too

As long as all this stays in London I’m happy Maybe they should have a 'booby box' on the bicycle that can be made to go bang and cover the thieves, in a glowing dye, that the victim can activate via mobile phone, that should make them think twice before trying that again Can wear helmets so they can't be identified + police aren't allowed to pursue them. Nothing can be done

Crazy.. we are living in a scary place now.. what is going on Third world 🇬🇧 while Pity Patel watches on ineffectively MayorofLondon you must be so proud to be Mayor of this. Congrats 👏 Import the third world...become the third world.

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Talented young rappers and aspiring footballs target cyclists.

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Covid-19: Thousands prosecuted over London transport mask rulesMore than 215,000 people have been prevented from using London transport unless they wear a mask. How odd. There is a clear exemption where 'Putting on, wearing or removing a face covering would cause you severe distress' under the Conditions of Carriage i.e. terms and conditions for travel. TfL is an absolute joke considering hardly an staff wear a mask. In London today and yesterday. The majority on the tube were not wearing masks. Seems to be the new (or old) norm.

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