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Molesting children through clothes not sex assault, Indian court says

Molesting children through their clothing does not constitute sexual assault, Indian court rules

1/27/2021 2:14:00 AM

Molesting children through their clothing does not constitute sexual assault, India n court rules

The ruling was made after a 39-year-old man from the city of Nagpur who was found guilty of groping a 12-year-old's breast and trying to remove her dress successfully appealed his sentence.

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Disgusting Throwing diddlers in the wood chipper doesn’t count as violence then either 83 pedos liked this post just to remind anyone who feels like going on a report/blocking spree! What the fuck? NRMLB Time to fire up the woodchipper again. In entirely unrelated news POTUS has begun looking for a second residence in India

In India cows are more safe than women Ah, of course. That's what happens when beef patty worshippers run a country. Neanderthol nonces lacking of any kind of moral compass Colonialism was a good thing actually Rape culture. Good luck ladies. Disgusting! They must be drinking Mad Puss Piss. 😡 license for perverts!

mamarosa94 Reminds me of a case in Australia also with a female judge. Indian judiciary is thoroughly rotten incestuous nonsense ripe for root and branch reform. Indian Supreme Court has ‘judges’ with less than 100 families contributing since Indian independence. In a Billion plus population. ‘Lordship’ passes from one generation to next. Pathetic.

What a sick country. We still give international aid to? This creates a slippery slope that does not end well That’s exactly why this country is rife with it india Is this a paedo funded court...doesn't sound like the court has any morals at all 😡😡😡😡😡😡 WTF 😢😡 This is bound to be revoked. Absolute senseless verdict.

Ruling this is going to get more children molested, I'm sure. what the fuck india oof more ammo for ScottMGreer Maybe the Indian court should be ______ to the ground You’d have to put half the population in prison. That’s how they are. All cultures are equal. Is this for real Wtf India translation ; Daily Mail Online, a Rothschild owned Msm rag, wants to project the western elites own pedophilia onto brown India in an effort to lower the perceived consensus of standards & norms against pedophiles. pretty racist & twisted if u ask me.

What about adults who work in the Indian courts? Can I molest them over the clothes? Nigga WHAT British legacy No fucking way. That is completely fucked up. This is so disturbing!!!! Children should be protected not these dirty animals!!! So worrying!! 😡 Time to nuke India. Female judge Holy mother of based

Never have India on the bucket list to travel too. That is so sad. And wrong. This really upsets me. And she was a female judge as well. Why would a country change the meaning of sexual assault? It should stand for any type of sexual contact you do not consent to. Absolute India moment Indians do whatever you like in your country, but if you touch my children... you'll pay the price.

Did we expect anything less from people who are known for defecating on the streets? Wtf excuse me? 🤡🌎 In other news ... Shoplifting items that are packaged does not constitute theft, Indian court rules. What Indian women travelling on public transport will now have to expect more groping .What a ridiculous decision ?

Off their Heads I'd say !! Sickening !!! How fucking retarded sexual assault is sexual assault - period SAD! 😳 Now we know where Biden gets his morals from.