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Millions of men could be suffering from their partner's menopause

Millions of men could be suffering from their partner's menopause because of mood swings

6/1/2020 8:27:00 AM

Millions of men could be suffering from their partner's menopause because of mood swings

Health supplement company FutureYou Cambridge quizzed 1,500 women going through the menopause and 500 male partners about the menopause.

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Poor men millions. Now, where did I put my tiny violin? Daily never knowingly not failing. Close the shop, go home, work like human beings. Eventhough we are in 2020 and not in the stone age. Sad state of affairs. 😂😂😂😂😂 fuck right off Oh the poor wee souls. DH happily not stupid enough to complain. WTF!! So men are victimized again? Poor men, dealing with a woman hormones. FFS...

Bruh this says Jun 1 not April 1 I understand it must be really difficult for men Just like childbirth & periods, ohhh diddums. SHIT HEADLINE. Oh do f off. Fuck, and I really want to emphasize this last part, off. Poor babies. 'suffer'. Oh, grow up! Alternative title: Yes millions of us women could be suffering from their partners lack of consideration empathy and kindness while us woman have to put up with their constant whining and whingeing because most of them are weak useless tossers.

Just because it is called MENopause it doesn’t mean it’s all about the MAN Christ - thought this was a Daily Mash article at first. Even without menopause women can make their man's life hell. With manopause, they only go to turbo boost hell mode. You have got. To be f’ing. Kidding me. MEN O PAUSE just sayin

Delete this Media outlet gives inadequate man something to point at to their partner when behaving like a cunt, proves it's all their fault not his Oh ffs! Poor men Blimey DM - crackingly out of touch headline. Even for you. EndometriosisUK AlecShelbrooke Emmabarnett EmmaHardyMP DrLarisaTV cystersgroup GillFurnissMP paulasherriff when we try to kill a taboo and make people with menopause feel supported and this appears 😳🤷🏻‍♀️😩

You should be ashamed of yourself! I am 28 in the menopause for my endometriosis treatment and I’m seriously suffering right now. There is such a taboo still! How dare you turn this into their problem from ours. I’m disgusted! As someone who runs an endometriosis support group I think this headline may cause a certain amount of debate.

Jesus Christ. That’s the angle you’re going for? Would never be a straight man or a lady-loving lady 😂 There is a reason everyone calls your 'publication' the Daily Fail!! Think of the men! Oh, puh-lease. If men were remotely bothered by menopause no one would have to try and convince a dr their symptoms were real and there would be actual treatment available.

The poor special boys! I will cry for days thinking of their suffering! Oh the humanity Diddums I say this as a man, and I'd like to think on behalf of many men, and absolutely for all of women (if they'll allow me to): Absolutely go fuck yourself, Daily Fail. Aw the poor wee sausages My narcissistic ex called it my ‘c*nt mood’ let’s just say his controlling, aggressive behaviour didn’t help!! Poor little sausage

25% of woman are on medication the other 75% are just wondering around untreated😂 Oh dear, poor things...🙄 A bit of reading for you. Oh the poor dears, do they suffer with.. The depression Insomnia Tinnitus Painful joints Bloat Side effects from HRT Brain fog Dry skin............ You really are trash aren't you? 'But what about meeeeeee?'

'When women don't behave like souless, service giving automatons, men suffer'. Or... 'Insisting men treat women as complex humans with biological issues hurts their feeling'. Fixed it. God love them one and all. Is this actually for real?! 🙄 Rolled my eyes so far I saw my brain. What the actual fuck?!?!? 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤯

Holy shit, cis women go through this and all you think about is cis men, jesus wept Let me fix that headline: 'Women suffer needlessly through menopause'. (Hint: it has nothing to do with the men). FionaMattatall OBDoc5 NathalieGamache This is fucking vile, menopause is an extremely tough and inevitable thing every woman goes through. If your partner complains about menopause/period mood swings. That's not your man, that should be your ex

Quick question to millions of men and to : how is it, to only be staring at your own genitals for your whole life ? (You have no shame and I am reporting this) Imagine how the women feel. Absolute sexist nonsense isn’t what we need in the world right now. Go sit in the corner and have a word with yourself.

Suffering? Yes, well, they're men so I guess it's their form of suffering. 🙄 Tiny violin emoji. Daily mail finds new way to make a fool of itself, again If they can't handle being supportive of their wives during an inevitable biological event they probably shouldn't get married I genuinely thought this was a parody 🤦🏻‍♀️

Oh what the absolute fuck. I'm trying to shed a tear for these poor men, but I somehow can't. Be single then Let’s face it - ALL of woman’s problems start with MEN! MENstral cycle MENtal health MENopause Why shouldn’t the research be about the effects of them 😂🙈😂😭 Come on. This ain't it, dudes. So you don't give a shit what women are going through whilst working. Poor men eh? Let's get the violins out 🎻 🎶 🎻 Menopause

I ain't reading your clickbait, but I guess a man wrote this article? Delete this shit Jesus fucking Christ. I’m actually on the edge today and this nearly pushed me over 😬 Wow. Just f*cking wow. Wow OMFG - only the Daily Fail 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Tough. Try being the victim of random mood swings, sudden exhaustion, sweating as if you were in a sauna, in the middle of a business meeting, and the rest, then get back to me.

FFS! Even the debilitating effects of the menopause are not women's problems anymore but something that harms men. Reported: disrespectful and harmful. Just think, if it wasn't for menstruation (and the menopause) none of us would be here. So shut up DailyMailUK, men who feel so sorry for themselves, and grow up

Could? Oh ffs 🙄 The Mail have for years targeted women with headlines designed to make them angry, injuring their mental health. It’s a marketing strategy. Fight back. freeze the Mail out. No retweets, no clicks, don’t buy it, don’t share it. Fixed it for you.... I love that the article discusses a study in which 1500 woman and 500 were surveyed so naturally the focus of the is how the results impact the 500 men.

Millions of men suffer because women finally reach the point where they won’t silently put up with men’s nonsense. Well I guess at least if the “men are now suffering” we might get some research funding to help ease the symptoms..! 🖕 For goodness sake have you got nothing better to write about? Millions of women are suffering from men’s ignorance which you have just perpetuated, yet again. 🙄

What about the kids, animals, women themselves? Ugh. Piss off Where do I begin. Those poor poor men... Wow. Education, let's all talk about it when we're younger so we all try to understand what happens and while I'm on it making women work longer till 66 or 67 doesn't help. Hats off to the Mail for the WORST photo to run alongside that clickbait headline.

Good😡🤬 Who will think of the poor menz!! Bollocks. But I tell you what take my symptoms & give them to a man. Suffer for bloody real idk why yall are surprised, this is the DAILY MAIL Millions of men... pueden irse a la mierda todos juntitos. Careful... you’ll trigger a feminist 🥴😏 Millions of boys are weak as fuck

In Stephens (2001) a major motivator for women to take HRT... was to reduce impact of night sweats on husbands. Some participants in my diss explained that hot flushes/ other 'symptoms' were proportionate to real-life threats/ injustices which they'd previously buried/overlooked I just came here for the comments 👀 🤦🏼‍♀️

Poor dudes. My heart bleeds Aw. Poor, poor men. What should we menopausal women do to ease their suffering? Can y’all delete this garbage? June literally just started Oh god the menopause its like living with hillary clinton on a daily basis.. Oh, I suppose men are more important than y'know.. the person actually going through an incredibly tough natural process too.. throw in childbirth and periods though bc we know it's all about how the men feel, isn't it?! A man wrote this. . Didn't he?

Are you fucking joking.... WHO GIVES AN ACTUAL F*CK ABOUT WHAT MEN SUFFER BECAUSE OF WOMEN'S 'MOOD SWINGS'?! The 1920s called - they want their reporting back And any man out there complaining about their partner's struggle with menopause, man the f*ck up and ask what you can do to help MaryceChan wHaT aBoUt thE meN

Yes, it is men that are the real victims of the menopause. Older women need to sit down and shut up. /s Oh poor men, Where's my violin Oh shuddup. Do you know how many mood changes men go through each day for their entire lives and we have to put up with it?! Fvck you. Fvck you. Fvck you. Fvck you. Fvck you. Fvck you.

Oh just get in the bin This is one if the best 'but what about the poor widdle mens?' tweets I've ever seen. Grow up. Article to show the wife wjrlawrence ..... Thank God we finally have a reason to fund research into women's health. Struggling to give a shit. But that's the menopause for you!!! 😂😂😂 Jesus Christ on a piece of toast!!!!! You have got to be joking!!!🙄🙄🙄

Oh God, yeah of course! Cause when I think about menopause, first thing that comes to mind is how hard this must be for men 🙄 no one cares Whit? Really , really! Who wrote this drivel? show yourself coward Seriously? You could have gone with how much domestic abuse has risen during this lockdown period. But no. The poor men suffering from the wife's menopause. Not the poor women getting battered & murdered by men. Absolutely pathetic.

lizearle is very knowledgeable about this subject . That's a hot take on menopause there! How about men learn to be more caring, more empathetic, less selfish, actually listen. Just fuck off with this overt misogyny! 😡 Millions of women could be suffering from their partner's andropause because of mood swings. 😂

Geordie_Greig Be Better. Have you tried switching your ‘newspaper’ off and back on again? Or maybe just off. Hahaha! The poor bastards. *standing over fan intensifies Thats why we invented the divorce... 20% of women experience rape by a man in their lifetime Ah, hell no. Awww bless our little balls! Oh would you look at that. I'm completely out of fucks to give. Poor, poor men. Must be horrendous for them to endure their partner going through an involuntary, inescapable and gruelling physical change. Oh, someone should start a GoFundMe me for them. Poor things.

WTF! WILL SOMEONE PLEASE THINK ABOUT THE MEN !?!?!?!?!?! Suck it up and help the women in your lives. You’re not suffering because she has menopause. The filter just came down because she finally got sick of your crap. Yeah, nah. Oh you poor little snowflakes, you're all such brave soldiers for suffering like this.

Wow, they can fuck right off! So... you're going to be joining calls for increased funding into women's health issues? Men might have to relate to their partners? Help them they experience a medical issue? My god, that’s awful! Maybe they can get a refund somewhere? I don’t think I have an eye roll big enough for that headline.

I AM MAN. SAD MAN. BOO FOR ME. HEAR ME ROAR. GAAAH. AWFUL FOR ME. MAN. Are. You. Actually. Serious? WHAT? REALLY? Maybe the female writer of this column is using her mood swings on her partner as justification for writing this column. What a loud of crap. This is why no one likes your paper. This is the most asinine article I’ve seen you post in awhile.

Is this the equivalent of a 'Men Suffer, Women Most Effected' article? Get involved lol Suffragentleman Check the salty comments 😂😂 ⏬ OH FUCK. RIGHT. OFF. 💯 right FFS It's always about poor him, never about poor us. Always about his welfare, never about ours Thank f I deleted this stupid ‘news’ app I was going to like all the negative comments under this but my finger got tired

Get t' fuck. Are you bloody joking! Sorry that these 'poor men' aren't able to suffer the menopause itself because then I am 💯% sure the medication some women are not getting during lockdown would magically become available. How about writing an article about how men can step up and help their partners through it

Dear Daily Mail I'd like to offer some tips to your male readers: When your wife is going through menopause, you can really help by using tools such as sympathy, space, common dcency, fans, cups of tea and by not whining. Menopause is after the change. You mean perimenopause, which occurs several years before menopause. Unsurprisingly getting it wrong & blaming women for a natural process. Try researching! Wankers.

'Millions of men make menopause about themselves like the true narcissists they are' FTFY Are you schewpid Ah poor men how will they cope? Oh those poor fucking men! Oh, fuck right off. Could you please come up with a title that doesn't blame women for a natural process? Or, I dare suggest, make them the centre of the piece, since it's our bodies that go through an enormous change? Is it difficult to keep an non-phallocentric editorial line?

You are like a goddam parody account This is epic Diddums 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 “Millions of people could be rolling their eyes at misogynistic click bait trash.” there, fixed your headline x Is it bring your Daddy issues to work day!? Or is misogyny just a hobby. Jesus have a word with whoever came up with this. Aww diddums

EXCUSE ME? Aww poor things 😔😢 Your whole brand is about being a joke What a bloody ridiculous headline. Isn't this a storyline in southpark ahaha Men having their own hormones is not newsworthy. How many women have been unceremoniously beaten by their partners during lockdown? Calls to Refuge are up 50% since lockdown began. Geordie_Greig this is low, even for your shitrag

Millions of women suffer from their partners being men. The last four paragraphs make sense ......... if you can get that far with all the eye rolling the rest of this article causes Poor men .... its SUCH a shame that men are having issues. gosh, how can we help the men? Oh just bloody do one 🤬 That’s no surprise

WTF?!?!?!? 🤬🤯🤬🤯 Fixed it for you: women suffer with unavoidable, difficult life changing event while millions of unsupportive men whine. patriarchy everydaysexism WholeManDispose can i request an uplift please for the jerk who wrote this tone deaf shift in the current climate please? Won’t someone think of the menz !!

Yeah, I’m going to believe a non scientific survey conducted by a company that is trying to sell unlicensed drugs to women going through menopause. What garbage. Oh FFS......poor ‘ickle men..... women: puberty, childbirth, menopause men: puberty Shocking headline!!! Wtf ⬇️ Women always are moody . This why is called women ; crazy, sweet , caring, someone to laugh and talk, moody . If your women don’t have those characteristics than you are sleeping with a pillow !

What about instead of focusing on “suffering” men, focus on the strain menopause has over women? Nice work shifting women’s issues to how it affects men. Clueless Oh my god, team, really this not a News Story. Why do you do this I’m guessing “daily mail reporter” who wrote this doesn’t identify as female

Yes indeed. Millions of women suffer from their husband's penopause by being dumped for a younger model A quick Google search reveals the surge in domestic violence due to this pandemic... But, yeah, let's talk about men having a difficult time because their partners want to increase the air conditioning.

And cue shoulder shrug for fucks sake They had better not go to sleep then. No telling what might happen during a hot flash. By 'Daily Mail Reporter'. Why so shy? It's quite a decent article when you get past the appalling headline. Boo fucking hoo. Do you even journalism, bro? 🤦‍♀️ Millions of women suffers while men are unable to show empathy and compassion, and care about someone else apart from themselves .. maybe ?

Women have periods, men suffer with them. We all know this. Please somebody help us! Fucking hell WOMEN, IT IS OUR FAULT!!!!!!!!! FFS. Fuck oath 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 suffer! Menopausal symptoms were the reason my now EX-husband decided after 36yrs marriage I was no longer fit for purpose! Of all the shit you could think of to post an article about, this made it past Editorial?

Well ain't that a crying shame. Fixed that headline for you: While their partner suffers through an inescapable physically, mentally, and emotionally grueling time in their lives, men might have to do a little of the heavy lifting too. It’s all about us, isn’t it? start slapping yourselves. we'll tell you when to stop

What about the billions of women suffering from their partner being a man? All the shit happening in the world and this is what you publish. What an absolutely ignorant statement!!!!! Anytime I’ve heard stories about home schooling and looking after children during this, it’s been “how it affects the men”. The poor sods now have to cope with this. Dear me.

Astonishing article Written like a true incel Not enough ‘go fuck yourself’ to go around this morning. Not me. Любовь приходит и уходит, а кушать хочется всегда. 😉🤓 Men have penopause too. They abuse as much. French macron confirms. Time to find other 'partners'... Is this an old story? Fkin hell 😂 Did I just read this headline? There isnt enough research done on menopause and how absolutely hellish of an experience it can be for women, and men are 'suffering'? Ha dont make me laugh. The only suffering for men going on here is the lack of caring for others

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