Meghan, The Duchess Of Sussex

Meghan, The Duchess Of Sussex

Meghan 'saddened' by allegations of bullying at Kensington Palace

Meghan 'saddened' by allegations of bullying at Kensington Palace

3/3/2021 11:21:00 AM

Meghan 'saddened' by allegations of bullying at Kensington Palace

Report claimed Duchess of Sussex’s behaviour had driven out two personal assistants and undermined confidence of a third staff member

Wed 3 Mar 2021 08.15 GMTThe Duchess of Sussex is “saddened” by a report that claims she faced a bullying complaint during her time at Kensington Palace, her spokesman said.The Times reported that a complaint was made in October 2018 by Jason Knauf, then the Sussexes’ communications secretary, which alleged that Meghan had driven two personal assistants out of the household and was undermining the confidence of a third staff member.

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Her spokesman said: “The duchess is saddened by this latest attack on her character, particularly as someone who has been the target of bullying herself and is deeply committed to supporting those who have experienced pain and trauma.Read more“She is determined to continue her work building compassion around the world and will keep striving to set an example for doing what is right and doing what is good.”

Buckingham Palace did not comment and no one from Kensington Palace was available for comment on Tuesday night.The report comes just days before Meghan and Harry’sinterview with Oprah Winfreyis due to be aired. The CBS two-hour special will be screened on Sunday in the US and is expected to be shown in the UK on 8 March.

The royal household will be braced for revelations from the conversation, which is being trailed as “intimate” and “wide-ranging”, as the couple discuss their life within the royal family and their exit from senior working roles in the monarchy.The bulk of the programme will be a conversation between Winfrey and Meghan; Harry is expected to join only for a concluding, future-oriented segment.

The interview comes as Harry’s grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh, is sick in hospital in London. Philip, 99, spent nearly two weeks in the private King Edward VII’s hospital before being transferred to St Bartholomew’s hospital on Monday for tests on a pre-existing heart condition.

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She is the wicked witch. Tell the truth about this woman and her manipulation There is no moral high ground when you are harboring a pedophile. This is not a good look for the Palace. I'm afraid with this press release out of Buckingham Palace, they just made Meghan Markle's point. Meghan & Harry's story, whatever it might be on 'Oprah,' now has total credibility. Seems the 'Windsor' line is a big fail. Time to pack it in Crown.

So glad she is away from that snobby group of royals! She is down to earth! Fuck queen Elizabeth RememberDiana This investigation into Meghan Markle is racist AF. demonstrates that the Royal Family -and tabloid papers- are literally mobbed up. They destroy their own family & discredit them -to distract from their own dirty secrets. The British monarchy sits on a cesspool of sextrafficking Gun & moneylaundering PRINCE ANDREW & EPSTEIN

Prince “Charles’ former aides, David Checketts and Michael Colborne, who “bore the brunt of this bad temper”. “Duke of Cambridge would often leave his stepmother Camilla “horrified” after he would “rant and rave” at Charles.” 🤔 every newspaper: 'she was saddened' and every single one has a smiling pic. Find a sad pic or a serious one, at very least a pensive profile to go with it. You are ruining the mood.

Where's the Buckingham Palace investigation into Prince Andrew's shenanigans? They just can't stand MeghanAndHarry The jealousy & bitterness from the Palace is embarrassing to watch. Whatever happened to the customary royal 'no comment'? blacklivesmatter MeghanMarkleIsAQueen Leave Harry and Megan alone, you are obsessed, and they clearly made the right decision to leave the UK. Just leave them alone!! Do you people never learn?!

Sure I am kind of curious how people, who require others to bow to them, define bullying. The Duchess of Grift will milk as much publicity and money as can be. It’s the best prospect this low talent, average looking person can hope for. LOL! most sane people think this story is total BS!!!! tylerperry Oprah UN NATO WHO UN_Women What is so disheartening is that she lied and knowingly wore Blood Jewelry earrings. Gifted to her by the Prince who ordered the killing of journalists Kashoggi. She wore them 3 weeks later and lied telling people they were borrowed!!

Meghan plays everyone. She’s bad news. So now it is really looking like that car accident Diana predicted is possibly true. With family like this who needs enemies? The Royals have gone full Thomas and Samantha Markle. Classy!! I'm glad her and Prince Harry left and came to the states!! But what about Prince Andrew and Epstien 😳

This is showing more and more that the British royals and the media are content with racism, sexism, xenophobia and misogyny in order to belittle one black woman. Imagine how they treat other black people in that country. Pathetic bullies blaming the victim That's funny. Boo friggin' hoo. They did this to Diana too. The establishment is clearly rattled about the Oprah interview.

This all smells of a hit job. Its as if these wretched people want to kill her. Why are they hurting her especially now during her pregnancy? The lazy functional illiterate racist staff seem to have been given permission to harass her. How evil are these people? Prince Andrew fucked minors. Bottom line: they said they left because they wanted privacy and escape the press. I completely understood. It was brutal. But now they won’t leave the spotlight.

Da In other news, Queen has no interest in seeing her grandchilden. The “palace” can’t seem to leave these two alone🤦🏾‍♀️ At this point it’s starting to sound like harrasment. They’re salty that Prince Harry and Meghan clapped back w/ 'We can all live a life of service. Service is universal.'🤣 princeharry MeghanAndHarry meghanthebully

I hope this kicks off another East Coast/West Coast beef. This smacks of pre-emptive muddying of the waters prior to the release of the interview. Such bs - can u imagine Harry marrying a bully? Especially after the c**p his mother put up with? Times and Mirror are both super conservative-Murdoch owns the Times

Nope. This Oprah interview is now on my schedule. The more you “hate” on Magyn the more popular she will become. I can't imagine what it is like to be born into a family where you can't be yourself 100%. Appearance is everything to them. When they have tried to do things that normal people do, they are stalked and photographed by the press. We should all try it before we pass judgement.

Bullies are always upset when their bullying is AGAIN put out for all to see. Ask her Dad. The penchulant princess. Will you just stop reporting on the Royals, grow up, remember when you were a newspaper that actually stood for something? For reporting on actual news? I used to believe the UK was a great example of a nation that has learned the lessons of its past. Between Brexit and the British reaction to Meghan Markle, I understand now this is not the case.

Another royal smirk during Michael Curry's sermon at Meghan and Harry wedding. I watched the Meghan Markle and Harry wedding and loved Michael Curry's sermon. I was appalled at the smirks of Kate and others. Racist and awful that they couldn't withhold their smirks while the black pastor spoke. So we don’t know the content of the complaint and the complaint was made by someone who was not the victim of whatever said terrible behavior was? ... Ok. So has Prince Andrew been arrested yet.

The allegations sound very planned and scheduled to coincide with hers and Harry's Oprah interview. Let's say it like it is. You've thought it. Stop beating around the bloody bushes. You've whispered it among friends. You all hate it that a member of royalty married a dark skinned woman, especially a divorced American.

Who gives a shit either way. There are real problems in the world When is this hatred towards meghan going to end? right before their Oprah interview, what a coincidence... But no denial? “Shes doesn’t smile” “She has an attitude problem” “She’s not a team player” “She hostile” “Shes resentful” “Shes aggressive” Right out of the classic “How Do We Destroy A Black Woman When We Have Nothing Else” White people are so fucking tired and predictable.

The only way they can get back at you is to lie! Cheap shot! Expected better from you Guardian A dysfunctional royal family closing ranks. I don’t understand why anyone cares 🤷‍♂️ F*ck that royal family. I don't believe one ounce of this. That royal family is toxic and the only bullying that was done was toward Meghan, and Harry for marrying her. Everyone who has known and worked with her said she is a kind compassionate woman, but now she's a bully. GTFOH

All I'm gonna say is that the employees and outlets that ran with this story better have rock solid evidence to support claims of 'bullying' because the way the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been winning defamation/privacy cases tells me they aren't the ones to be tried... I'm saddened that Prince Harry fell for her. I'd hoped that it'd be a happy story, but was mortified that leaving the family in England sounded reasonable. For all of the complaints about the media, seems she's not happy no matter how much/little they cover her.

She is of a most unpleasant character. Phoney to the core. Harry & Megan really sound like grifters. If you're working to 'better the world' & you're a 'charity' (Archewell), how do u get 2 spend over $3,000 on a dress (and God knows how many more) & drive Caddy Escalades plus live in richest section of CA. Where is the charity $ going?

people like to throw around the bullying label when they can't handle a strong woman being straightforward. the royals and their aides have done her dirty, not to mention the media “The louder someone screams sainthood, the bigger the horns they are hiding.”-S. Maraboli It's not attacking her character if it's true, saying she's been bullied before isn't a get out of jail free card. She seems to be playing the poor little princess card a lot recently, time will tell how accurate her accounts are, there's a lot of smoke & mirrors with the royals.

The ultimate abuser move by the palace & British media - blame the victim. WHAT AN ABSOLUTE PUSSY HE IS. SHE'S GOT HIM BY THE CHESTNUTS Not a denial She bullied Harry right out of his home! Just saying! Look at her attitude, her facial expressions. She played her Princess card very well.👑 Given Jason Knauf's years of investment in the Royal 'brand' I would imagine that he did not take kindly to Megan's determination to be her own person. Not buying this story at all.

Loving* everyone gunning for this woman instead of the dodgy Prince who is still in the palace. (*not). Check yourselves. một người hết sức bình thường ^^ I wonder if her skin color had anything to do with this. I'll say it again, the blackamoore pin was their signal to Meaghan. 2017 👇 I’m sure her father was saddened by how she treated him too, how about they talk about that

Saddened they went public more like Her rebuttal reads like the sleek work of a PR team and has no ounce of personality or humanity in it. Which is exactly why it serves in no way to rebuke the accusations, but rather shows she does not care enough to even give a statement of her own. Very sad....anyone associated with this vile excuse of royalty should walk away.

She's probably wondering why there's a witch hunt again her when the press barely say a word on Prince Andrew. Obvious click bait to a recycled story. It was then & now is a smear campaign.The royals are obsolete, the paparazzi forever hounding! Best advice leave Harry and Meghan alone to live thier lives as they wish. FFS! Unless you were physically present in the room ,you dont know.

On point! Notice how daughter of Prince Andrew the pedophile, Beatrice & her foreigner DIVORCEE w a KID now husband are never disparaged in the filthy British press. Why? Simple cuz her Italian beau is WHITE. oh dear, how sad, never mind_ I think only the media cares about Harry and Meghan. The rest of us would like to treat them any other couple in America and ignore them. The media keep pushing them on people and I don’t know why.

The Murdoch & Tory Royal Ruling Class Establishment Cabal of Smearing Tactics in Class Ridden UK. Disgusting tactics. She is the only decent woman ever step out of Kensington Palace since Diana. Trolls don't bother as you'll be gone in a click Harry needs to grow balls. Be a man. She called it out as saddened by the hit piece from buckingham palace. Why are you twisting her Words

Another gutter shot aimed at the Duchess of Sussex, it seems there is nothing she can do right in the eyes of white racist bigots. You might want to proof read this and remove the reference to the fuchess. Saddened? Why? Because the truth came out? A conspicuous absence of denial though😂 ...are we going back to court? More publicity for this famously shy woman?

investigate this and then put it to bed, this was mentioned a long time ago, and yet nothing until now has emerged, surely if staff were being bullied and were upset, then something should have been done about this It’s been relatively quiet now with the two of them out, and yet they choose to go public again. What do they expect?

These morons trying to bring a pregnant woman down should be ashamed of themselves , saying she was a bully is disgraceful when from day one at arriving in the U.K. she has been under the cosh from all quarters. But couldn’t care less about the victims. Of course. The truth coming out is sad for her. And bad. Haha

She wants to take down the monarchy Racists frequently imagine themselves persecuted when they have to deal with a POC as a superior. nastyracistbirds What happened to PrinceAndrew ? Right before the Oprah interview. And the false narrative against Meghan continues. We have Andrew who is accused of sexual abusing a child! Followed by his interview and pizza alibi. Meanwhile there is upheaval when Meghan is having an interview. The palace should be ashamed and get your press office in check!

Way some1 treat those closest show how they treat others: Men closest to Meg was treated like stepping stones to get what she wants. Used her dad & uncle, used ex bfs (especially her ex husband) to gain fame, & once done, she dumped em all. Harry's an idiot to think he's special Oh dear dilemma for the G and the new left wing royal supporters.

They have gotten desperate, lashing out like the racist devils they are. She could maybe have Priti Patel's sensitivity training ? Bet she’s not surprised though! I’m sure she is, nevertheless the claims have been reported in a fair and balanced way and the sources appear to suspect the organisation UN women may have had similar issues with her.

I have a simple question: Why is Meghan Marke still worthy of headline news after she decided that public life is not for her? Yes, The Times hit piece was disgraceful for adding stress to Prince Philip's recovery by attacking his grandson's pregnant wife before we have heard one single word from her interview.

This is an independent family no one should curse them people can learn from them through difficult time don't tire apart they love each other and stronger together let nobody put asunder cause they made the right choice for themselves everyone can live as same... Godcomment... This is taghuts agent trying to fool the people snakes and pythons of Zions. Your girl was making tea who drinked it same thing was with keralites they prepared and drinked tea but blonde hair was the proof they produced that might be the star buck tea.

When H&M married I told my wife in 2 years they would divorce and M would be on talkshows with 'my royal hell'. Just a year out and didn't see Harry being just as classless. Republic NOW. considering the stuff we've heard about Andrew and Charles' bad tempers and the number of staff kate has been known to lose ...... but the way this is being reported feels different for some reason

Yea wait till there long gone then accuse them . I hope she destroys the guardian in court . Maybe she’s actually a successful educated woman who actually had a career and wasn’t impressed by staffers in the hidebound imperial palace bureaucracy. You will never a High Tea Brit. Stay in an Espresso machine ....!

Habits die hard with some people. And when some people experience a surge of power immediately thrust on them, they go haywire with vanity. yet it seems like such an unlikely environment for bullying Can you provide the HR report on this? If I don't like my colleague or I am trying to set them up , I would put in a HR complaint. Says nothing but spite in this case when in HR there is usually mediation prior, non? I hope they sue Knauff for defamation.

Video Duration: 1:45 - One minute and 45 seconds) My dear friends, Here is my second Shakespeare's sonnet number 2 video. What is In this video: the audio of my interpretation of the sonnet with the words on the video screen at the same time, as well... Plz,the world has more grave issues to confront abt- like for example;Covid and its deadly variant,unemployment,etc,etc, etc.. so we the National are not in an apt mood right now to read abt some petty domestic problems of the royals!

We are used to this angry black woman leveled to her. That’s what they do to all black women in senior roles. They call them bullies, difficult and what’s the one they gave MichelleObama? Yes an angry black woman. So we expect this from the likes of the British media and Palace. Not as sad as the people she bullied I suspect.

Notice she not saying nothing to them since they called her a racial slur and she left. It’s the yt ppl who can’t leave her alone but nothing on the pedo prince. I saddened by seeing her at Twitter. But she doesn't deny bcos she is an asshole and bully. Shame she wasn't saddened when she was bullying her staff. No wonder they all kept quitting on her.

Who cares? good luck Fed up of her the eternal tragedy queen. Whereas she can go around blaming everyone and everything All the games are mind boggling.