Man spends £31,000 transforming double decker bus into luxury accommodation

Who knew we'd be adding a bus to our travel bucket list

6/1/2020 5:00:00 PM

Who knew we'd be adding a bus to our travel bucket list

Richard Barton gave the 30-year-old vehicle a modern makeover.

When you think of aLondonbus, the word ‘luxury’ doesn’t usually spring to mind.But a man has transformed a 30-year-old double decker – which was used in London in the 1990s – into an extravagant place to stay.Richard Barton purchased the bus three years ago for £2,000 – but his initial intentions were simply for his family to use it.

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Richard said: ‘Originally I wanted it for my family. I have restored five VW campers so I just thought “wouldn’t it be neat if I could convert a double decker bus?”‘It just progressed from there, my partner and my two daughters were giving me ideas and then all of a sudden my daughters suggested turning it into an Airbnb.’

The 61-year-old got to work on the 74-seater bus, removing all the original seats (apart from one) and cutting the middle part of the bus to create a ‘mezzanine look’.The Wild Atlantic Bus (Picture: WILD ATLANTIC BUS/CATERS NEWS AGENCY)The sitting area at the rear of the lower-deck (Picture: Wild Atlantic Bus/Caters)

In total, Richard has spent £31,000 transforming the ‘Wild Atlantic Bus’ – which is now equipped with hardwood floors, a toilet, a shower, three bedrooms, a fitted kitchen, a seating area, a wood burning stove, an outdoor shower, a fire piece, a cottage garden and a deck area.

AdvertisementAdvertisementRichard explains he did the majority of the practical work, while his partner Helen and daughters helped with the interior design.The upper-deck (Picture: Wild Atlantic Bus/Caters)He added: ‘The first thing was to check the integrity of the bus and the strength would not interfere with what I was doing.

‘Then I had to remove all of the seating which was a big job and strip any interior, leaving the bus with the shell and the windows.‘I had to come up with a new concept for the downstairs part of the bus where there is the seating area because I needed it to convert into a very large double bed- I had to build that by hand and come up with the design myself.

‘I wanted an area where people would be comfortable, I didn’t want them to feel as if they were in a bus.‘I kept one of the original bus seats, it’s upstairs and it’s facing the seating area, overlooking the lake.’ Read more: Metro »

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