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Man arrested after 'throwing water bottle at California Gov. Newsom

Governor Gavin Newsom was in Oakland promoting small businesses when an 'aggressive' 54-year-old man approached him and allegedly threw a water bottle.

6/19/2021 7:35:00 AM

'Aggressive homeless man', 54, is arrested and charged with assault for 'throwing a water bottle' at California Governor Gavin News om in Oakland during tour to promote small business

Governor Gavin News om was in Oakland promoting small businesses when an 'aggressive' 54-year-old man approached him and allegedly threw a water bottle.

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Gofundme link? 🤔 Awwwww, too bad he didnt deck his ass! We need a fundraiser for this upstanding citizen! Get him out of jail! I wish the thousands of homeless would stop complaining about the economic conditions in California, it sets the wrong tone Smart ...government housing from on If he is not really like this, he has the right to throw stones at him. Every poor man he meets is a thief who stole his right, a ruler who covered him up and a judge who didn't do justice to him.

Well at least he will get a bed for the night. Well done that man. Damn karma a bitch Well, now he will have a roof over his head I'm sure when they find out he's a dem voter he will be released, same as all rioters and looters were. Homeless man/former small business owner Well-intentioned & generous guy in Newsom, but utterly clueless in solving homeless problems, just like Pelosi, just like Democrats in New York city in elsewhere

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