Macron privately called Boris Johnson a ‘clown’, says French magazine

Macron privately called Boris Johnson a ‘clown’, says French magazine

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12/2/2021 3:34:00 AM

Macron privately called Boris Johnson a ‘clown’, says French magazine

Report follows French president’s complaint about PM’s behaviour after they discussed sinking of refugee boat in the Channel

Photograph: Murdo MacLeod/The GuardianMacron reportedly said of Johnson: ‘We have discussions like big people, and then he gives us a hard time before or afterwards in an inelegant way. It’s always the same circus.’Photograph: Murdo MacLeod/The Guardian

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Thu 2 Dec 2021 00.18 GMTLast modified on Thu 2 Dec 2021 00.21 GMTThe French president,Emmanuel Macron, referred to Boris Johnson in a private conversation as a “clown”, according to reports in France.The political magazine Le Canard enchaîné, often described as the French equivalent of Private Eye, reported Macron as saying the British prime minister has “the attitude of a vulgarian”.

It came as Macron complained about Johnson’s behaviour after the leaders spoke by phone after last Wednesday’s sinking of a refugee boat in the Channel.The French president was angered after Johnson tweeted a letter outlining a five-point plan to tackle the issue of Channel crossings. “I spoke two days ago with prime minister Johnson in a serious way,”

Macron said at a press conference on Fridayafter the tweet. “For my part I continue to do that, as I do with all countries and all leaders. I am surprised by methods when they are not serious. We do not communicate from one leader to another on these issues by tweets and letters that we make public.”

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But according to the magazine, the president was even more damning in private. It quoted him as saying: “BoJo talks to me at full speed, everything is going fine, we have discussions like big people, and then he gives us a hard time before or afterwards in an inelegant way. It’s always the same circus.”

It added that Macron told his advisers that Johnson apologised privately for makingFrancea scapegoat publicly over issues such as the Channel crossings and the “sausage war”.Macron reportedly said: “It is sad to see a major country with which we could do huge numbers of things being led by a clown.”

It came as former French ambassador to the UK Sylvie Bermann told Times Radio that relations between France and the UK had “never been as bad since Waterloo”.The French president is also understood to have blamed Johnson’s attitude towards France on the shortcomings of the Brexit deal.

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Macron allegedly said: “Brexit is the starting point of the Johnson circus. Very quickly he realised that the situation was catastrophic for the British. There was no petrol in the pumps, there were shortages of a whole pile of products.“He is positioning himself as the victim and making France the scapegoat. He tries to turn simple situations into complex problems. We’ve been in this position since March. He’s done it over the ‘sausage war’, over fishing, over the submarine affair.

“In private he says he’s sorry to behave like this, but he says that he has to consider public opinion over everything else.”Asked after Bermann’s comments if Johnson and Macron were friends, the PM’s spokesperson said: “The prime minister’s been asked about this on a number of occasions and has talked about his close relationship … working relationship with President Macron.”

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Dems fighting words. We will thrash those dastardly frogs. He's not wrong is he! Oui. We call him that openly in the UK. Wonder if Macron has an election coming up Not far wrong, Big Mac. And? No, Johnson is un putain d'imbécile Just a clown? Remarkable restraint on Macron's part We’ve all done it at some point. Out loud. You have to wonder what BJ has said about Macron “in private”.

Well he’s not wrong is he?

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🤡 In other news, water is wet If the shoe fits Along with the conscious population of Britain Well he obviously is I publicly call him much much worse. Wish he’d say it publicly- especially in Latin so Johnson understands. JohnsonOut JohnsonLiedPeopleDied Im sure we all have said the same...privately...and publicly.

The bigger picture is that world leaders in general see Boris Johnson as a clown. You only have to look at photos of all the leaders together to see the body language and make your own mind up. There are other MP’s in the government’s large majority, perhaps it’s time he went. MON DIEU DE LA FRANCE!

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Takes one to know one. .that’s ok most of U.K. public call him that publicly He’s not alone let’s face it! Well he’s not wrong I would rather call him Coco As a professional clown I object strongly to that comparison Je suis Macron Truth hurts! Everyone does so what ? And if it is private it remains private. Not sure whether the Guardian should compete with Tabloids like DE or The Telegraph

He's not wrong

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Who cares he said it PRIVATELY,we all say thing's about people privately,another no news story PoliticiansAreNotAlwaysLying Boris is an olímpic idiot! realjahwobble If the shoe fits... Ce mec est fissure ... I don’t think he’s the only one😂 just imagine it for the first time In political history! he of started knocking the crap out of him! like some hardline protesters would given the chance! it be a medal of honour to justice and socialists! around the world not just himself

Is there anyone who doesn’t? See Johnson is a self-confessed liar! And someone that tiptoes around the tabloid readers and rednecks of British society! HE ADMITTED IT! UKpolitics Conservatives 10DowningStreet

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Quite polite really, omicron is an anagram of moronic so yes, think Macron was being polite. ....well there's nothing wrong with Macrons perception......... Problem is , are the Brits aware that he is a clown. Seeing how the Brits vote leaves a lot of questions about the level of common sense the English have.

Yet another insult to clowns🤡 Where's the lie? And he’s not wrong. Whomst among us That’s not exactly news, we are pretty much all aware of that. But as Cold War Steve shows, he isn’t a funny clown. He’s a dangerous clown. OMG, Even French...

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Problem is one speaks French other English.. He’s not wrong! I like that guy! Description parfaite mon pote 🙌🏼 No lie detected. Privately? People call him worse publicly. To his face As much as it pains me to say. The French guy is right. And? He’s not wrong… Well, at least Macron isn't a liar...

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Macron isn't wrong. Must of us do it publicly and daily. __FMB_ Oh well , he has been called a lot worse in public, or at least by the public. Clowns To The Left Of Me Jokers To The Right He’s not that good macca I was expecting Macron to be a bit more creative than that. ShapeShiftingCreep Only privately? In the UK we say it publicly.