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Longer childhoods help young birds become more intelligent, study finds

Longer childhoods help young birds become more intelligent, study finds

6/2/2020 8:06:00 AM

Longer childhoods help young birds become more intelligent, study finds

Study of corvid populations highlights ‘vital role’ parents play in allowing young minds to develop

’ lengthy “extended childhood” is unusual. But could it be the key to the success of our species?Scientists have long believed the years of childhood and adolescence, in which parents provide and care for their offspring, and give us the time and opportunity to explore, create and learn, allows us to learn complicated skills we otherwise would not be able to develop.

Pubs close after drinkers test positive for virus Woman donates masks to help deaf people lip-read Coronavirus: Boris Johnson under fire over claim care homes 'didn't follow procedures' Read more: The Independent »

What does the coronavirus do to you? ❓❓

Coronavirus 'no longer clinically exists in Italy', top doctor saysA study conducted at a hospital in Milan found that the number of viruses present in people who tested positive has decreased. Lies. You should take away what she is smoking.

Coronavirus: Face masks and social distancing do work, but are not foolproof says studyThe report analysed data on COVID-19 prevention measures from 172 studies in 16 countries. They work Nothing is foolproof but not to use them is far more foolish, so reduce the odds Please post a picture of people wearing their face masks properly. Both of these lovely people do not have their noses covered. This renders the face mask pointless.

Cluster headache sufferers face years of delay in diagnosis, study showsResearch shows misdiagnosis of ‘suicide headaches’ as migraines is delaying treatment for patients Also Trigeminal Neuralgia mixed with Cluster Headache!!! As a migraine sufferer, I know that headaches are fairly taken seriously by the medical profession!!😠

Risk of infection could double if 2-metre rule reduced, study findsComprehensive study supports government’s current physical distancing guidance Risk of infection of what?! Vaguely recall your organ stating the two metre rule was something pulled out of the hat instead of a bunny. ScumMedia

Reducing social distancing to one metre would double risk of coronavirus infection, study suggestsResearch comes amid calls from hospitality and leisure sector for UK to ease distancing guidelines Seriously Noted! nothing in the report suggest we use 2m you did that in the story so 1.5 m is okay so are meeters and gretahs you're soul, be objective man this government is a sham

Staring at your phone at night could be linked to depression, study findsExposure to artificial light at night has been found to induce depressive-like behaviour in mice, a new study has found. The findings could help with the understanding of how exposure to excessive No sh!t Sherlock. I hope that wasn’t tax payer paid research. Or you're a night owl