Local elections 2022: A simple guide to English council elections

Your introduction to the local council elections taking place on 5 May.


5/1/2022 12:40:00 PM

'It's very close across London' Labour MP Fleur Anderson on London's upcoming local elections politicslondon |

Your introduction to the local council elections taking place on 5 May.

fixing potholes on some roadsplanning applicationsbusiness rates - a tax put on properties used for commercial purposeswhich cover an entire county, andIn other areas, one single body - sometimes known as aIn some parts of the country, groups of councils also join together to make a

In some places,operate under district councils or unitary authorities - they can have responsibility for local issues such as allotments and public clocks.National and international issues like the rising cost of living and the war in Ukraine might be on voters' minds - at the same time as local matters like contentious planning decisions, the state of roads and how effectively bins are collected.

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Delivery of manure.

Elections 2022: How are local councils tackling climate change?Local elections are taking place next week, and councils' plans for the environment are under the spotlight. As millions of people are having to choose between heating and eating more and more families are in poverty we are in the middle of a cost of living crisis NHS crisis and a war in Europe don't think climate change is the first thing on people's minds FFS Which one? Why are you not reporting on this?...Conservative Peer Michelle Mone's has been raided by police.

London elections 2022: Spotlight on CamdenLondon elections 2022: Londoners will go to the polls in local elections on May 5. Joe Talora has the lowdown on the vote in Camden 👇

Marginal Bury gives Labour local election jitters as Tories circleDisillusioned supporters and Jewish voters may hold key to keeping council control Oh get a fucking grip, Bury!

Scottish voters prepare to head to polls for local electionsThe soaring cost of living and community issues will be high up on the agenda in Thursday’s local elections - but in Scotland there are wider political concerns at play too. C4Ciaran looks at what will be in voters minds when they head to the polls. C4Ciaran Any reason nobody is covering the Michele Mone story? Just wondering why it's in all the papers but none of the News channels have mentioned it. Is there some kind of gag order?

'Economy is the number one issue in Britain' ahead of local electionsThe economy is the most important issue in a majority of constituencies in Britain as Tory fears rise for Thursday's local elections after they lost their lead on economy trust to Labour. And the lies told to get our votes 🤔… I will give you one clue … LiarAndLawbreaker But would you trust them with your life savings? If not, why would you trust them with your tax money?

Mother jailed for causing death of baby daughter in London flatFartun Jamal, 25, will serve five years and six months in prison for the neglect of 11-month-old Nafahat Jamal Should have been punished for a lifetime. No Matter If the mother was mentally i'll five years ist Not enough Send those unwanted babies to Africa, we'll gladly look after them. Very unfortunate.