Liz Truss warns EU she may have ‘no choice’ but to alter NI protocol

5/12/2022 2:52:00 PM

Liz Truss warns EU she may have ‘no choice’ but to alter NI protocol

Liz Truss warns EU she may have ‘no choice’ but to alter NI protocol

Foreign minister repeats threat to scrap parts of Brexit deal, saying it is a matter of ‘peace and security’

Thu 12 May 2022 11.The Foreign Secretary warned Brussels if they do not show “requisite flexibility” over the Northern Ireland Protocol the UK will have"no choice but to act".Protocol after giving up on Brexit negotiations with the EU.Liz Truss said some proposals put forward by the European Union during months of discussions on the post-Brexit treaty would “take us backwards” as she argued against introducing “more checks, paperwork and disruption”.

50 BST First published on Thu 12 May 2022 08.51 BST The UK foreign secretary has reiterated her threat to scrap parts of the Northern Ireland Brexit protocol, telling the EU’s Brexit negotiator it was a matter of “internal peace and security”.and.Liz Truss warned Maroš Šefčovič in a phone call that unless the EU showed the “requisite flexibility” in talks over the trading arrangements she would have “no choice but to act”.Importantly, the bill would override the protocol agreed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson in 2019 and mean the UK had breached its obligations under the Brexit agreement.It was the first time the pair had spoken since it was revealed the UK was considering tabling draft legislation to override part of the special Brexit trading arrangements for Northern Ireland.The standoff between the two is testing wider relations with the EU at a time when “bigger things” such as Finland joining Nato are happening, Ireland’s foreign minister, Simon Coveney, said on Thursday.“Our preference has always been for a negotiated solution but (we) will not shy away from taking action to stabilise the situation in Northern Ireland if solutions cannot be found.

David McAllister, a German centre-right MEP who chairs the European parliament’s UK coordination group, said the EU was united against renegotiating the protocol.Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, meanwhile, has said that he will not lead the DUP back into powersharing until the issue is resolved, suggesting the prospects of any quick return of the devolved powersharing Executive at Stormont are diminishing.“The protocol was signed and ratified by both sides.Nobody here in Brussels is interested in starting these new complicated discussions and political fights,” he said.Truss said she had told Šefčovič the protocol was “the greatest obstacle” to forming a new Northern Ireland executive following last weeks’ elections.Šefčovič told her there was “no room to expand the negotiating mandate or introduce new proposals to reduce the overall level of trade fiction”, according to a Foreign Office statement.He also said that the balance of the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement was being undermined and the recent elections had further demonstrated that the protocol was not sustainable in its current form.

“The foreign secretary noted this with regret and said the situation in Northern Ireland is a matter of internal peace and security for the United Kingdom, and if the EU would not show the requisite flexibility to help solve those issues, then as a responsible government we would have no choice but to act,” it added.In a statement after the call, Sefčovič said it remained of “serious concern that the UK government intends to embark on the path of unilateral action”.Referring to a set of ideas to cut customs checks issued last October, he said the EU had proposed “a series of wide-ranking and impactful solutions” that would “substantially improve” the way the protocol was implemented.“Unilateral action, effectively disapplying an international agreement such as the protocol, is simply not acceptable,” he said, warning it would undermine trust and compromise “our ultimate objective”, the protection of the Good Friday agreement.Coveney has said the threats to introduce legislation to unilaterally disapply parts of the Brexit agreement were counterproductive as such a move would be met with legal action.Mr Varadkar told RTE: “We can’t have any unilateral action from the UK.

But he also told RTÉ it was right that the UK wanted to ensure there were no checks on goods that remain in Northern Ireland, suggesting there was a landing zone if the UK withdrew its threats.The attorney general for England and Wales, Suella Braverman , was said to have approved the scrapping of large parts of the Northern Ireland Brexit deal, according to reports.The move came as a leading US congressman, Brendan Boyle, described the government’s plans to move away from a treaty it signed two years ago as a “very frustrating” and “counterproductive” pattern that was causing concern in Washington.The Washington ad hoc committee to protect the Good Friday agreement described the UK’s plans as “neither strategic or wise” and said it would not have the support of Joe Biden.We look forward to meeting.So the British Government has to have regard to that.

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And by 'no choice', she means a situation she and her government are unilaterally causing risking the ire of the EU and the US.

Liz Truss Issues Warning To EU During 'Tetchy' Call Over Northern Ireland ProtocolThe Foreign Secretary warned Brussels if they do not show “requisite flexibility” over the Northern Ireland Protocol the UK will have 'no choice but to act'. And all hot air. constipatedstare.jpg

Liz Truss ‘will scrap parts of Northern Ireland Protocol as soon as next week’The protocol effectively creates checks on goods flowing from Great Britain to Northern Ireland to allow an open border with Ireland. 996al Hey Muchas... 'the hot potatoes in mouth' are making troubles again. Blimey she is hot!! 😜 Absolute nonsense. Neither the hapless Truss or anyone else in Johnson's corrupt dictatorship can scrap 'parts' of the Protocol. A legally binding international treaty isn't something that can be edited by one of the signatories. She knows not what she does.

Liz Truss ‘will not shy away’ from taking action on Northern Ireland ProtocolIt is understood the Cabinet minister is poised to take further action in the coming weeks if negotiations with the EU continue to stall. Same old, same old. ToryCriminalsUnfitToGovern Sternphoto1320999.jpg The sooner we have No deal the sooner we'll get back in

Boris gives EU last chance over hated Brexit deal as Truss warns UK will 'take action'BREXIT BRITAIN gives talks with the European Union 'a last chance' as Boris Johnson prepares to tear up parts of the Northern Ireland Protocol, reports suggest. BorisJohnson needs to get his arse in gear, it is possible for him to make huge improvements to Brexit 'if' he really wants to, feels like I've wasted my votes on him, all the empty promises inc less immigration, when we've got more+tens of thousands of illegals per year What is the point of an endless all encompassing trade war with our closest partners? Brexiteers did not know what they voted for brexitdisaster Hated deal? You mean the oven ready deal that Boris negotiated so triumphantly!

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Liz Truss’s plan to revoke NI protocol ‘splits allies and risks trade war’EU sources say threat to abandon parts of agreement risks undermining alliance against Vladimir Putin But hey, stupid is as stupid does. Is the new hair color “means business brunette”? Corporate mafia domination Only create poverty and they make governments as their slaves PMOIndia narendramodi KremlinRussia_E RT_com NHKWORLD_News AFP POTUS BBCNews CNN BorisJohnson rtenews AFP TimesNow aajtak ThanthiTV IndiaToday CNNnews18 NHKWORLD_News