Leave.EU apologises for calling calling Merkel a ‘kraut’ and tweeting about 'two world wars'

Leave .EU apologises for calling calling Merkel a ‘kraut’ and tweeting about 'two world wars'

10/9/2019 9:45:00 AM

Leave .EU apologises for calling calling Merkel a ‘kraut’ and tweeting about 'two world wars'

Leave.EU has made a rare apology for a tweet the organisation posted which showed a picture of Angela Merkel with the words: “We didn’t win two world wars to be pushed around by a Kraut.” Co-founder

Wednesday 9 October 2019 07:44{{^moreThanTen}}{{/moreThanTen}}Leave.EU has made a rare apology for a tweet the organisation posted which showed a picture of Angela Merkel with the words: “We didn’t win two world wars to be pushed around by a Kraut.”Co-founder of the organisation Arron Banks admitted the tweet “went too far”.

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Anti EU rhetoric is getting out of hand, we voted to leave not alienate a group we want to trade with. Kraut = cabbage, which is what this lot are Too late! The damage is done. Many may have screenshot it as well. He knows he’s already done the damage he wanted, I’m surmising.. If only I would believe them. This was a dog whistle for their supporters to stir up more anti-German feelings. The idea that Germany runs the EU and that fighting the EU is like fighting in WWII was part of their campaign from the beginning.

So they should. We not at war with Germany. The are our friends and neighbours. Oh dear. Truth hurts What about the bus? TFAT s what they think. Why apologies .... theh are like that....fact Shows them in their true light ,a racist, extreme right group. But they're not racist or xenophobic reeeeally. Honest!! 😂🤦‍♂️

What did was unforgivable, not only will it sully their already questionable reputation it will stain the reputation of every single British person for creating the climate for this rabble to flourish, the seal is broken. The world sees you as you are. Nothing wrong with calling a nation by national dish.

Why? That was funny Remember it was the Germans who started the war Disgusting she is wor the ten of our lot ..a rower ing stateswoman unlike our rabble and the right wing thugs that are ruining our country and creating division Their account should be deleted and they should be punished for inciting hatred.

Do you think they may have had their fingers crossed behind their backs. Let me guess, it went something like this... Has the word ‘sorry’ or ‘apology’ actually been used? I may have missed it. Banks and his band of racists are cu87s I suspect that even the people the tweet was meant to appeal to would feel patronised and talked down to by it.

Of course they do.... What is the point? As usual, it’s already out there being retweeted over and over again while Aaron Banks smirks the smirk. They should do more than apologise. They know they have achieved their desired effect, so an apology means nothing. vile group They started it! Cummings, Oakeshott, Johnson, and Gove are all still part of the Leave EU cabal that writes this sh*t and because the Torypress are desperate for Brexshit they are not being called out as narrow minded reactionary tw*ts.

Tweet xenophobic meme, get brexit supporters frothing, enjoy extra publicity, offer token apology, get even more publicity, repeat and repeat and repeat..... So they bloody should. Disgusting behaviour. Leave .EU are liars. 2019: 'Nissan cancels plans to build X-Trail in UK, citing Brexit...' 2016: LeaveEUOfficial: 'Project Fear claims Nissan would scale back UK operation could not have been further from the truth! ...'

KitdeWaal But they did it in the first place. Shit sticks to a blanket. 'The company believes that Brexit will cause disruption' There is no breaking news story here. Wake me up when apologies and thought and prayers are recognised as not enough and real action has been taken. That appalling tweet shows what leave and Brexit are about fit it’s cult adherents B igotry R eactionary E xeptionalism X enophobia I gnorance T wats RevokeA50 GetBrexitGone StopTheCoup FilthyPieceOfToeRag

JohnSemenowicz Have they been banned from Twitter or are they immune? So they should Easier to apologise than to seek permission has a lot to apologise for it’s wrong doings. Totally Irresponsible . These are the people who claim that they are not racist ! It’s so easy to say “I’m sorry” after the damage has already been done!

She's a bloody ugly bugger too, let's not forget that!!! Should hope so, damage is done however. 🤨 don't mention the war! i mentioned it once, but i think i got away with it alright. Too late - it’s all over social media being shared and hailed as brilliant by every knuckle dragging waste of a air already.

The damage is done

Leave.EU under fire for 'racist' advert calling Angela Merkel a 'kraut'Independent Group for Change MP Chris Leslie raised the tweet in the chamber, describing it as “frankly racist” Racism is hostile religious rival groups and subsects with differing ancestry terrorising psychologically,socially,politically individuals,groups made vulnerable by their doing. Religopolitics presumes dominance over thefree civilised societies, individuals they consider wayward. People 'outraged' by a tweet but not by the EU trying to annex NI. 🙄

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