Lawyers Bulldoze Boris Johnson On Partygate Telling Him ‘Work Event’ Is Not An Excuse

“I thought that I was attending a work event,' the prime minister said.

Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings

1/18/2022 7:44:00 PM

Lawyers bulldoze Boris Johnson on partygate telling him ‘work event’ is not an excuse

“I thought that I was attending a work event,' the prime minister said.

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Are these the same lawyers who fought against Brexit?

Boris Johnson says ‘nobody told me’ No 10 party was not a ‘work event’BREAKING: Boris Johnson has again insisted he believed a gathering in No 10’s garden during the first lockdown was a ‘work event’. Then why was alcohol involved you don't drink and drive so how are these people allowed to'work' and drink. My works events are restricted to 'teams' as per government advice Does any 1 believe what he says 🙈🙈🙈

Boris Johnson pledges to ‘address underlying culture’ of lockdown parties to save jobPrime minister will overhaul way his top team works, Tory chairman says He is going to lift restrictions to make everyone love him again - and with no restrictions you can party as much as you. Despicable man. Too little too late BorisJohnson Conservatives do the decent thing and resign UK government spent £73,000 on wine in year before Covid

Boris Johnson lockdown parties: Dominic Raab denies Downing Street has drinking cultureA 'running joke' that ministers are saying the same thing is played out in an interview with Deputy PM Dominic Raab - as he mentions Sue Gray and the investigation being carried out into parties at No 10 during lockdown. Latest:

Rishi Sunak Dodges Question Over Support For Boris Johnson By Breaking Off InterviewThe chancellor said he believed the PM's version of events following claims from former aide Dominic Cummings that he lied to parliament. Who on earth would believe anything that DC had to say 🙄 oh the media 😳

Politics latest news: Rishi Sunak breaks silence on Boris Johnson\u0027s \u0027Partygate\u0027 scandal\nRishi Sunak has broken his silence on the "partygate" scandal engulfing Boris Johnson , insisting that he "of course" believes the Prime Minister's assertions he did not know about any parties at Downing Street .

Boris Johnson says 'nobody told me' No 10 lockdown garden party was against the rules Boris Johnson has said 'nobody told me' the Number 10 garden party during lockdown was 'against the rules'. Does he think we live in cuckooland‽ No one told him, he knew what the rules were