Kurdish woman is first victim of Channel tragedy to be named

Kurdish woman is first victim of Channel tragedy to be named

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11/27/2021 2:23:00 AM

Kurdish woman is first victim of Channel tragedy to be named

Maryam Nuri Mohamed Amin from northern Iraq was messaging her fiancé when dinghy started sinking

d 17 men, six other women, one of whom was pregnant, and three children. The disaster was the biggest loss of life by drowning in the Channel in years.The survivors, an Iraqi and a Somali, have been discharged from hospital in Calais and will be questioned about what happened.

Amin, nicknamed Baran, had been trying to cross with a female relative.She had been exchanging messages with her fiance on Snapchat just before the dinghy started to lose air and passengers began to try to get water out of it. He also said he had been following her position using GPS tracking.

Amin was from the town of Souran in the north-east of Iraqi Kurdistan, near the border with Turkey and Iran, according to the Times. Her family in Kurdistan are awaiting the return of her body for a funeral.A relative said: “Her story is the same as everyone else – she was looking for a better life. One of her uncles was one of the people closest to me. He cared for us when my father was a political prisoner. But the family have had such a tragic life.” headtopics.com

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Not standing by the Kurds and allowing Erdogan and the Turks to batter them caused this. Kurdistan is the safest, most sophisticated, modernised area in Iraq. To the Vetted on board that vessel and MY allotted: Condolences... Vet what YOU want in the next incarnations but din be angry and attest their actions!!! Deepest condolences to my loved ones. Listen to Loreena McKinnet, she'll give you strength...

She was leaving that place to be a Free Dragon. She probably had her family on board... Apologies... Why don’t you try journalism for a change? You know who she is; you know what was behind her journey. Tell us her story. Show us her pictures. DoSomething A foolish woman who paid with her life. Sad news rip

weird that her fiance in the uk cant bring her fiance to the uk legally jeez kurds everywhere: belarus-poland border, lampeduza, the channel... 😔

Channel tragedy: Whose lives were lost off Calais?At least 27 people died trying to reach the UK by boat. Officials are trying to find their identities. Without world peace, the geopolitical balance ends, nations either collapse or turn authoritarian to counter the paradigm shift. Anarchy or Oppression aren't very comforting options, the worst hit will flee, but eventually there will be war, and no escaping. we all are, we are all victims....... You operate on this presumption that open economic borders is a boon, it isn't: there are 10 economic sectors, it is a boon for two, the others may initially do well but they hit a logistics limit and level out. It means the two that thrive end up cannibalizing them, no balance.

Is France not a safe place ? Why risk your life and others including children crossing the English Channel when you already in a safe European country 🤔 Kurds will always be associated with 'safe haven' in my mind. Not so much now. Sad but yet another one who was not an asylum seeker. Plus anybody who takes children on that journey is criminal.

Migrants deaths in Channel: Boris Johnson calls for British police patrols along French coast after 27 die in ChannelBritish patrols along the French coast are needed to prevent migrant boats from attempting to cross the Channel, the prime minister has told France after 27 people died near Calais

‘Exasperated’ Boris holds late-night talk with Macron after ‘distressing’ migrant tragedyBORIS JOHNSON has shared an emergency late-night call with French president Macron after another tragedy happened on the Channel with at least 27 migrants dead including women and children.

Newspaper headlines: 'Horror and despair' after 'tragedy in Channel'Thursday's papers report the deaths of 31 people making their way to the UK via the English Channel. The migrant will come from Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Afghanistan like locusts and swarm the British Isles and if unchecked will strangle the so called multicultural society to death. Most tragic part is the proliferation of money thirsty smugglers . It’ll be like a jazz mag for gammons. 😡 What a surprise this was a disaster waiting to happen. The BBC have been just like the British and French governments at sweeping this problem under the carpet. Laws need to be changed to stop these illegal crossings.

Editorial: Each and every death in the Channel is a human tragedyEditorial: The people who make these journeys need our help – we are not at war with them Immigration out of control in France, says presidency hopeful Michel Barnier Macron, should have acted on these illegal crossings & the left in the UK backed the UK Govt. I’m not trying to convince you or promote anyone, but sincerely speaking maricela_J_zim is one of the bitcoin trading expert so far. I got returns of $25,000 in just two weeks maricela_J_zim is a life saver, you won’t regret trying his service

Channel drownings: UK and France trade accusations after tragedy at seaBoris Johnson renews calls for France to agree to joint patrols along its coast, while Emmanuel Macron urges UK not to politicise the flow of migrants brexit changed nothing there, but britons were robbed as needed horrible