Keira Knightley tests positive for Covid as ‘smug’ husband has no symptoms

Their two young daughters also contracted the virus.

11/28/2021 3:00:00 PM

Their two young daughters also contracted the virus.

Their two young daughters also contracted the virus.

Keira was struck down with Covid recently (Picture: Invision/AP)Keira Knightley and her family have been battling Covid but, as if she wasn’t feeling ‘pretty rubbish’ enough, her husband is asymptomatic.The Love Actually actress was hunkered down at her north

home recently battling the virus with her daughters, Edie, six, and Delilah, two, who also tested positive.During an interviewwith The Times’ Stella magazinevia Zoom, Keira said: ‘Do you mind if we don’t turn our cameras on? It’s just that I’ve got Covid and I’m feeling pretty rubbish…’

She then explained her husband, James Righton, was asymptomatic and boasting about feeling OK. ‘[He is] being very smug about it – he is convinced it’s because he’s one of those cold-water swimmers and I’m not,’ the actress said.Keira also revealed that her daughters were faring better than her despite her receiving both vaccine doses.

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The 36-year-old is returning to work in new film Silent Night, her first major project since shein October 2020.The actress’ husband James Righton was pretty ‘smug’ about being asymptomatic (Picture: Getty Images)Keira decided to no longer take the lead part as she didn’t want to risk being locked down in another country away from her youngest daughter, who was just one at the time.

Spending so much time with her family during the pandemic made Keira consider quitting acting for good, as she revealed: ‘There’s a part of me that went, this is great, maybe I should never work again. And another part of me that was like, whoa, I need to get back to work very quickly.

‘But it felt lovely, because we’re a family that had, up until then, moved around the whole time.‘I feel frazzled right now because we’re trapped in the house with Covid, but if you talk to me in about two weeks’ time, I’ll see it with rose-tinted glasses again.’

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