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Kate Middleton opens her heart during rare interview on Pakistan visit

Kate Middleton opens her heart during rare interview on Pakistan visit #RoyaltourPakistan


Kate Middleton opens her heart during rare interview on Pakistan visit RoyaltourPakistan

KATE, the Duchess of Cambridge, has given one of her few interviews since marrying Prince William and become a royal.

The CNN reporter said: “You seem like you have really enjoyed the entire visit.”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will head home today after spending five days in Pakistan on their royal tour.

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Why people think the Pakistan tour is a clue Kate Middleton is pregnant againAn unusual decision made about the Pakistan tour has got people convinced Kate Middleton is pregnant

Kate Middleton commands attention in colourful headscarf with Prince William in PakistanStunning woman and excellent representative of the Queen What's with all this cultural appropriation? She's not a Muslim is she? She looks elegant. Wonderful!

Kate Middleton looks chic in crisp white kurta and trouser set as Pakistan tour continuesKate Middleton and Prince William arrive in Lahore on their royal visit to Pakistan . The royal couple step off their RAF plane where they are greeted by a crowd of media.

Kate Middleton and Prince William's plane forced to abort landings twice after terrifying thunderstorm hits PakistanKATE and William’s plane was forced to abort its landing after a terrifying thunderstorm hit Pakistan . The plane was forced to return to Lahore Airport after it made two failed landings at an… Did I just read... Kate and William’s plane ? Shouldn’t they be travelling in a rowing boat or on a couple of donkeys ? No wonder Harry is not talking to them !

Kate Middleton cuts a casual look in oversized kaftan on final day of Pakistan tourLooks sexy on her It's called a Kurti, not a Kaftan... Absolutely Stunning

Kate Middleton stuns in smart black blazer for final day of Pakistan tour with WilliamThankgod she is safe in pakistan. She has looked good throughout she did not let us down . They must also visit AL QUADA world class terror training centre....running in said by Pak PM Imran khan. Same al quada terrorist killed 3000 US and British nationals.same alquada trained terrorists killed hundred of people in LONDON and MUMBAI.attack

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