Kate Garraway received help from Prince Charles amid Derek Draper's Covid battle

A Royal offer of help and support

10/22/2021 10:30:00 PM

A Royal offer of help and support

She previously wrote about the gesture from a member of the Royal Family.

reached out to her in her book.Still requiring around-the-clock care at the family home, Kate spoke with the Princes of Wales this week about how her husband is still unable to speak or walk.The 54-year-old journalist was able to thank the royal for reaching out and offering some help at a recent ceremony for Charles’ Prince’s Trust Awards.

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She told him: ‘And you, you might not remember but you were very kind to me because my husband got very sick with Covid after the last Prince’s Trust Awards.‘You wrote to me and gave me help from your doctors, so thank you very much … and he did improve.’

Kate spoke with Prince Charles about the help he offered (Picture: Getty Images Europe)Derek spent a year in hospital (Picture: Jon Furniss/WireImage)Keen to hear what had happened, Charles replied: ‘Is he better?’‘Not really,’ Kate replied. ‘He’s got all the damage and all sorts, can’t speak, can’t walk.’ headtopics.com

She went on: ‘Yes, he went down with it just after we were last here (in 2020) and we had the gathering and you did the Namaste, and it was just after that that he got sick and was in a coma for sort of 11 months.’Kate admitted it was ‘ridiculous’ how badly Derek has suffered, as she and the royal also had the virus, but they had recovered.

She said: ‘It’s ridiculous, because I got it at the same time and I’m fine, and you had it as well?’Charles said: ‘Well absolutely.’The journalist had previously opened up on receiving help from a royal, but didn’t reveal who it was.She wrote In The Power Of Hope, which she released in April: ‘One day I received a letter from a member of the Royal Family, offering the services of a Royal physician. How lovely, I thought, although it seemed utterly surreal.’

Kate charted her experiences amid Derek’s recovery in the ITV documentary Finding Derek, which went on to win a National Television Award for Best Authored Documentary. Read more: Metro »

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