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White House, Afghanistan

Joe Biden 'went against advice' of top staff on withdrawal from Afghanistan

Legendary journalist Bob Woodward has provided a behind-the-scenes account in his latest book

9/17/2021 2:41:00 AM

The US President's key advisers wanted a slower drawdown of troops, legendary journalist Bob Woodward writes in new book

Legendary journalist Bob Woodward has provided a behind-the-scenes account in his latest book

Antony Blinken, the secretary of state, and Lloyd Austin, the defence secretary, pushed Mr Biden to conduct a slower drawdown, according to Peril, a forthcoming book by journalist Bob Woodward.Mr Blinken and Mr Austin reportedly believed that would encourage negotiations between the Taliban and Afghan government. Mr Blinken had previously staunchly backed Mr Biden's plan to end the 20-year war.

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But, according to the book, his view changed after he met with Nato allies in March. Mr Blinken was said to have then telephoned the President from Brussels, telling him he was hearing from Nato allies "in quadraphonic sound" that the US should use its withdrawal to make progress on a political settlement.

The book said: "Previously, he [Mr Blinken] had been foursquare with Biden for a full withdrawal. His new recommendation was to extend the mission with US troops for a while to see if it could yield a political settlement. Buy time for negotiations." headtopics.com

However, Mr Biden was said to have been determined to avoid "mission creep".He reportedly told a national security meeting the mission was "not to deliver a death blow to the Taliban".Mr Biden reportedly felt generals had forced former president Barack Obama to keep troops in Afghanistan, but would not do so with him.

The withdrawal turned into a debacle as the Western-backed Afghan government and army collapsed in days and the Taliban took power.The book also portrayed Mr Biden as a reluctant president. In 2019 he was said to have told his future White House chief of staff Ron Klain: "I just feel like I have to do this. This guy [Donald Trump] just isn't really an American president."

Mr Biden was said to be "not comfortable" in the White House and to have referred to it as "the tomb". When he arrived, he reportedly found Mr Trump's golf simulator still there and said "What a f---ing asshole". Read more: The Telegraph »

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Biden went against top cabinet members in chaotic Afghanistan exitIn the new book Peril, Woodward details how Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin tried to get President Joe Biden to slow down the pullout from the war. Big balls Biden doing what trump couldn’t accomplish! Leaders take tough decisions. Joe Biden did just that on US military withdrawal from Afghanistan and most Americans will thank him. The 'fog of war' is unavoidable and it was messy, but staying longer was not an option.

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Trump signed memo to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan by Jan. 15thFormer President Donald Trump signed a secret memo calling for the withdrawal of all US troops from Afghanistan by January 15, 2021, according to the new Bob Woodward book. Amazing! Did the memo mention leaving Americans, service dogs, 90 bill in military weaponry to the Taliban, and people falling from planes? Why are we not surprised by this another thing he will blame on others or as false news

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