JK Rowling donates £15.3m to MS research

JK Rowling donates £15.3m to Edinburgh MS research centre


JK Rowling donates £15.3m to Edinburgh MS research centre

The gift will create new facilities at the clinic which is named after the author's mother.

These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel JK Rowling has donated £15.3m to support research into neurological conditions at a centre named after her mother. The Anne Rowling Regenerative Neurology Clinic at the University of Edinburgh was established with a £10m donation from the Harry Potter author in 2010. Her latest gift will help create new facilities and support research. Anne Rowling died aged 45 from complications related to multiple sclerosis (MS). The centre is an integrated care and research facility focusing on MS and neurological conditions with the aim of bringing more clinical studies and trials to patients. Neurological conditions studied at the clinic include motor neurone disease (MND), Parkinson's and dementias. 'Matter of pride' The university hopes the donation, which includes Gift Aid, will create an global legacy that will have a lasting impact on patients and their families. Ms Rowling said:"When the Anne Rowling Clinic was first founded, none of us could have predicted the incredible progress that would be made in the field of regenerative neurology, with the clinic leading the charge. "It's a matter of great pride for me that the clinic has combined these lofty ambitions with practical, on the ground support and care for people with MS, regardless of stage and type; I've heard at first-hand what a difference this support can make. "I am confident that the combination of clinical research and practical support delivered by Professor Siddharthan Chandran and his exemplary team will create a definitive step-change for people with MS and associated conditions." Personalised medicine Prof Chandran, director of the clinic, said:"Our research is shaped by listening to, and involving, individuals who are living with these tough conditions. "The Anne Rowling Clinic's vision is to offer everyone with MS or other neurodegenerative diseases, such as MND, the opportunity to participate in a suite of clinical studies and trials. "This incredibly far-sighted and generous donation will unlock the potential of personalised medicine for people with MS in Scotland and further afield." University vice chancellor Prof Peter Mathieson said they were"immensely honoured". "This inspiring donation will fund a whole new generation of researchers who are focused on discovering and delivering better treatments and therapies for patients," he added. The university set up a Centre for Multiple Sclerosis Research in 2007, which has also received support from Rowling. Ms Rowling's story of the boy wizard Harry Potter began as a story written in Edinburgh cafes while she was living on benefits. It became a multi-billion pound worldwide franchise based on seven novels describing Harry's adventures at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. According to the Sunday Times Rich List, Ms Rowling has an estimated fortune of £750m. She has already given away many millions of pounds to various charities. Related Topics Read more: BBC News (UK)

B15979129 Probably found it down the back of her sofa. A JuniperFields11 What a wonderful human being ❤️ Seriously So many negative comments on a donation to a disease that killed her mother! Wouldn't you be doing all that you could to help? Respect! sambubbly ***Magic*** I don't use this clinic but this money will support so many MSers and their families in the long-term. To any naysayers, please also put your money whatever you may have to give, into MS charities. It is a very forgotten condition.

I'm sure Caroline Wyatt & all all those suffering with this dreadful illness will thank you. FraserMycroft 👍👍👌👏😁 Talented and kind. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

JK Rowling donates £15m toward research to cure MS after it killed her motherAnne Rowling died from MS at the age of 45 when JK Rowling was a teenager and the Harry Potter author has donated to a new specialist MS centre at Edinburgh University Finally donating to a worth cause Another person who deserves respect My husband in nursing home now,and I m having health issues So Thankyou for trying to help Heart felt or tax dodge

What an amazing situation. To be able and willing to help on this scale is just outstanding!! I bought a homeless person coffee today, that's a bigger hit on my wealth than that £15.6 m is on hers, can I get a story? Our family has been affected by both MS and Dementia. Thank you for your generous donation jk_rowling 👏

Wonderful news, I lost my Brother almost 3 years ago to this awful illness. An amazing donation from an amazing Lady. I could do with a Dicati 959 panigale if she's feeling generous? 😐 jk_rowling I'm so proud of her❤❤❤❤💞💞💞 Fantastic MS definitely needs so much research thrown at it !!! Horrible illness

MOND77 I bet Boris gave much more! How brilliant is that!

JK Rowling donates £15m toward research to cure MS after it killed her motherAnne Rowling died from MS at the age of 45 when JK Rowling was a teenager and the Harry Potter author has donated to a new specialist MS centre at Edinburgh University Finally donating to a worth cause Another person who deserves respect My husband in nursing home now,and I m having health issues So Thankyou for trying to help Heart felt or tax dodge

jk_rowling is love What a horrible disease Wowzer. Well done jk_rowling so proud off you . We are only here for a visit. Can’t take it with you. Look 👀 Matthew 6 , 21 . Pal X I hope she ticked the gift aid option A private donation I see. Could not love her anymore ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Whats that a couple of weeks wages.

Fantastic of her to do this but why £15.3m, why the .3? Just curious as to that figure, anyone know? Probably just my OCD brain thinking too much Thank you JK Rowling for your generous donation on behalf of those of us who have Multiple Sclerosis.

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Woman gives a LOT of hard earned money to a great cause.... Twitter trolls it's a 'tax dodge'. Do everyone a favour and keep your bigoted mouths shut. Well done J K Rowling. 👍 Amazing!! Go on her. How about a dame hood for her instead of tosses like OllyRobbins 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 I saw ‘J. K. Rowling’ trending, and I almost had a panic attack. I’m so relieved that she’s alright and trending for a lovely reason. 😭😭

She's probably got a book coming out Please tell me they won't be using animals in their research Not only has JK ROWLING given us the Harry Potter classics she has written other tombs and as been generous in her gifts to charity, I believe the MS Charity in her Mums name brilliant gift for a much needed cause. I think JK Rowling is the epitome of generosity, I wish he luck!!

You can't take it with you so make someone else's life better. (Hallmark, you can have that one for free.) LisaHelenKelly Love this woman.

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Some decent news for a change. Well done JKR👍 Not sure what the criteria is for the honours list but there’s 15 million reasons there... Another shameless celebrity making a thing of giving to charity. This is the sort of news we want to hear! keepitmotivational Well done!A dreadful debilitating illness.Know first hand losing my lovely mum at 47 from MS over 40years ago which I remember like yesterday.Needs much more emphasis so thanks jk_rowling

Someone does a good thing. Trolls come out to say she is a bad person. Just RT & ignore them. Nice gift, did you tick the 'Gift Aid' box Raphaelite_Girl W💎W what a woman. Another reason to move to Edinburgh my love! ❤️👌🏻 What an incredibly good egg she is.

'Fortune teller' who took £1.3m from depressed student to 'remove curse' jailedSherry Tina Uwanawich convinced the bereaved woman that her late mum had been the subject of a curse

jessphillips Good to see this in the Daily Mail, not. Bless her... I don’t agree with her on her politics and I don’t like HP...but bless her... NeilDrysdale She is a star ⭐️, full of generosity and integrity True philanthropists don't splatter their donations in the media jk_rowling Harry Potter and the sneaky tax-dodge.

On the surface, this seems like a generous thing, however, JK is a billionaire. This is the equivalent of someone on minimum wage giving just £22 per month for a year to charity. Literally nothing, especially because it's tax-deductible & gets free press The things people would do for likes and retweets... I mean fair enough it would cost just as much to buy that many fake accounts and likes so might as well give it to charity and accomplish the same publicity

Incredibly generous. But when the super rich donate, it's always a wierd number like £15.3m. Why not just a nice round figure like 15 or 16? Whats the .3 about? She still owes President Trump an apology for spreading a lie about him to millions of people around the world when she said he ignored a young disabled boy in a wheelchair. He spent more time with the boy than anyone else. She 'apologised'.....to the boy's mother. Cretin

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Now why can’t all multi millionaires & billionaires be like her respect to her pity everyone else loves to look at there bank balance & avoid tax Got to be a tax break in there somewhere 🙄 She can afford it after all it’s the ppls money from going to see her movies 🎥 Pfft. If she really wanted to help people, she’d get behind Corbyn.

mcahill1617 My mum has MS and jk_rowling you are now my favourite person of all time. Thank you so much. Plenty more multi millionaires who could follow her lead. Well done JK Well, another way from the wealthy to avoid pay taxes it's just sorted. Is that it? Tax year isn't for a few months yet. Tax avoidance

Well done Ms R

who cares, means nothing when a rich celebrity gives to charity, means more when the average person does it cant love her more. She's such an incredible person She is one of the 'good guys' This is just so wonderful and generous jk_rowling You are such a good person. Is that what JK Rowling looks like. I always imagined her to be black.

How much Tax will that save her or is she realigning herself for another Independence announcement? And claims for it on her Tax returns Good woman. At last some good news. As a carer for am MS sufferer we both personally appreciate this, 😃 jk_rowling

Thank you x My Mum died five years ago after 40 years of living with MS. I was also diagnosed with MS in 1998. Thank you so much xxx Thank you Jo. Unlike other wealthy people that continue to milk the system for their own reward! What a waste of money, She should use it to build a school or houses, The cure is called cannabis oil she wants to read a few research papers one time instead of listening to politicians . 👎🏻

What a terrific donation! Well Done JK Lord_Sugar this is what a decent human being with money does Well done. Think about it. We have individuals who are £billionaires when most ppl struggle to get by each day. If we taxed the uber-rich and corporations the proper rate and cut out the tax loopholes they use..then we wouldn’t need charities begging for money to provide healthcare.

Nice of her. Thanks jk_rowling! What a woman!

jk_rowling thank you x Fair enough. Good on her. a proper lady. annebonnybook Just a beautiful human being through and through Can someone rich please do the same for MECFS? The UK government are still keen to make this go away, but they're doing that by ignoring it. mariannapaf I hope treatments improve for you and sufferers of MS like you

Amazing 👌 👏 for her mother bless In the midst of doom and gloom, a bright ray of sun shines. Wonderful use of money you can't possibly spend in a normal lifetime.... Well done....

Now there’s a true philanthropist. What a gem jk_rowling is. jessphillips 👏👏👏 I like the way she bullied her neighbour into selling their house to her so she could knock it down (because she didn’t want neighbours) ...... Brexit though, Tories etc etc £12m is a fabulous amount and will help many lives now and in the future. Great example from Ms Rowling. I guess its still sad some of the UKs most disabled rely on benevolent billionaires.

Fantastic...rather than sitting on her millions.. doing good with them..well done that lady! Thank you JK ! News? Reading some of these rotten comments I fully understand why JK Rowling was come of Twitter. More power to your elbow JK, irrespective of your political leanings. Thank you jk and good on you. My dad has ms

First Harry Potter, now this. Thank you JK Rowling for changing my world one page at a time. Your mum would be so, so proud of you!! xx

jessphillips jk_rowling We haves lived with my mums MS for more than 25 years. She’s an inspiration and so are you. Thank you Thank you Thank you 🙏 👏👏 jessphillips Philanthropy is philanthropy. It will be needed more than ever in the UK if the £5billion of EU Funding is withdrawn in 2020 post-Brexit, perhaps sooner with no-deal.

jessphillips The UKs greatest philanthropist in my opinion... jessphillips ZachChipp 🙏🏼 jessphillips Who cares jessphillips Yay...and. Society should be judged on the fact this charity has the need to even exist. Brilliant! But strangely isn’t a fan of socialism ?


I knew Marks and Spencer had financial problems but.... ;) (Seriously - bravo her 👏🏻 Thank you jk_rowling Tax deductible I presume. Self publicist By your deeds shall ye be known. So a bit of loose change in her anorak.fuckoffsnowflakerowling Harry poeter book's author Cough! Splutter! But... but... she’s a Lefty! Surely she only gives her... I mean our money (we’re the ones who buy her books) to immigrants and homosexuals. She should stick to drinking vile vegan tea in Hampstead rather than... whatever she did that’s got me so upset.

What's her net worth Always giving out.. A top class human and she should look down on me too.. 😔😔😓 Not just any donation. Nice gift but is this just a tax dodge That's my kind queen!! She's a real activist and has such a big heart. I'm proud to be your fan, Jo jk_rowling. 🥰❤ She's generous, RIP😇 Good woman 👍

EmmanuelMacron thesnp AmbJohnBolton antonioguterres pomyanmar JeremyCorbyn CharlesMichel AOC MedvedevRussia TalkPoverty Theresa_May TheJusticeDept HRW_Venezuela VenezuelaHunger JMVivancoHRW hrw_espanol hrwdispatches No doubt some will criticise...... Another reason I LOVE JK Rowling. Runs Lumos - focused on reintegrating children into families and out of institutions, wrote my favorite book series, and now has donated to a research centre focused on curing my chronic illness.

We have a lot of very rich people who could be more benevolent, Good on you JK Rowling x

EmilyShapiro1 trump donates nothing. Just profits from his bedbug infested properties. Or the ones that are vastly unhealthy to eat at. US Conservatives: Aha! British socialist donates money so she can skip ahead of the line if she needs care from NHS! A very generous gift for a very worthwhile cause!👏👏

Errr, she's a billionaire... Next..? I thought she'd been cancelled for being TERF-adjacent... Love to JK Rowling! Is that all? Ridiculous how much she made out of those stupid kids books I'd fuck that. Just putting it out there Incredible.. 👏👏👏

AMAZING WOMAN Very nice 👍🏽 queenbpip That is so awesome!!!!👏🙌 🙌🏼 Great to hear. do you jk_rowling level 8 on karma 🙏🏾 Top woman

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