Jack Monroe's Lockdown Larder: How to bake bread without yeast or a bread maker

Plain flour works just fine for baking bread. I promise you.

4/1/2020 4:00:00 PM

Hurray for BootstrapCook's brilliant bread-baking advice! 🍞

Plain flour works just fine for baking bread. I promise you.

One of the most common queries that I am asked on#JackMonroesLockdownLarderon Twitter, is whether you can make bread with plain flour, self raising flour, spelt flour, no yeast, or whatever else disparate array of dusty baking ingredients people are desperately filching out of the backs of their cupboards in these straitened times.

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So I’m going to put a few myths to bed here, and possibly aggravate some food purists in the process, but as I said to one ‘bread truther’ online late last night, you can come back to me with your patronising defence of strong bread flour when people can get it in the shops again, but now is certainly not the time, nor the place.

A caveat. I have used strong bread flour in baking once or twice. It worked well. But certainly not well enough to justify the quadruple price tag to that of supermarket ‘basic’ plain white flour, which I have been using to bake bread for a decade, seven cookbooks, and thousands of recipes.

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BootstrapCook lizarevell BootstrapCook This was my soda bread toasted with homemade hummus and a nice cup of tea with Oatly. BootstrapCook May I just add to this a Twitter thread about yeast cultures. With a little care you will not run out of yeast. There is also a guy making bread with yeast from ancient Egyptian urns, using the sort of flour they did. The dough shall rise again!

BootstrapCook Go Aldi .. buy bread. Easy peasy this bread making malarkey. 🤣🤣🤣 BootstrapCook Jack is always amazing. Sadly I spent hours trawling to about page 100 on Google search for flour yesterday, but there is none to be had. Nor in supermarkets, of course!

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