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I’m sick of explaining the real Brexit story to ill-informed foreigners

I’m sick of explaining the real Brexit story to ill-informed foreigners | Robert Taylor

9/22/2019 4:45:00 PM

I’m sick of explaining the real Brexit story to ill-informed foreigners | Robert Taylor

Vanishingly few outside these islands have ever been exposed to the Leave point of view.

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Home Office seeks navy help over migrant crossings

It comes after a record number of unaccompanied children crossed the Channel to the UK on Friday.

The ill information was spread in 2016 I’m sick of explaining it to friends and family So go fishing, please I was actually hoping that you might have actually written something, anything really, that would explain why Brexshit is a good idea. Perhaps you can tell me how many EU laws the U.K. has had a problem with over the years and the reasons why? Glad you didn’t repeat all the lies

Is it because brexit is a soul destroying nonsensical concept that's the equivalent of shouting yourself in the foot ?🙄🙄🙄 We're all Europeans aren't we 😁😊👍 revokearticle50 this man is a PAID actor. PS I don't pretend to grasp the Brexit controversy in its entirety. I'm open to learning. I do see, from a political science background, behaviors that are common across Europe and in the U.S.: rigid non-compromise, fear of immigrants, conflating race &national identity.

Corbyn's Brexit fence-sitting will end up alienating Leave and Remain votersWHAT’S Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit policy? Is he for or against it? It’s not really clear – and that’s his problem. The Labour leader set out the latest version of his approach this week. He said a Labo…

Opinion: The Brexit Party would leave me to rot in an Iranian jail, and their poison is spreading through TwitterIf you can wade through the bile, it isn’t all bad on social media. There are little moments of hope to be found – you just have to look This brexitparty_uk supporter, and retired psychologist considers this acceptable. The Brexit party is an incredibly dangerous vehicle for views such as this Failing to see the problem here? If you went to iran, got arrested and ended up in a jail cell, why would a political party come and save you? 3rd world politics are strange

Sadiq Khan attacks Corbyn’s ‘fudge’ on Brexit as he joins shadow cabinet members backing RemainExclusive: London mayor becomes latest senior figure to insist that party must oppose Brexit, and says Labour MPs must be whipped to back Remain

Have the Lib Dems made a strategic blunder in their extreme positioning on Brexit?Have the Lib Dems made a strategic blunder in their extreme positioning on Brexit? | DouglasCarswell DouglasCarswell are the lib.dems now the equivalent of the Mosley Blackshirts? DouglasCarswell IMO yes DouglasCarswell When you say 'extreme', you mean something like crashing out with no deal leaving the UK in social and economic chaos? Or 'extreme' as in remaining in the EU with the stability, benefits and order that we've had for the last few decades?🙄

David Cameron warns PM: Breaking the law over Brexit is not a good ideaFormer prime minister David Cameron has warned Boris Johnson that breaking the law 'is not a good idea' as the Brexit deadline approaches. Read more here: Why doesn't DavidCameron just p**s of back under the rock he's been under the last few years. His stupid decision to have a referendum has caused all the current turmoil , he pushed of when the vote went the wrong way & now, he's trying to line his already deep pockets. GO AWAY! Did anyone tell him destruction of Libya was a good idea? Says the person who ran off when the vote didn’t go his way 🤣

Margaret Beckett: A second Brexit referendum is the only democratic way to solve this crisisIn contrast to an ongoing Brexit crisis, Labour’s pledge on a people’s vote would be delivered within months. No further renegotiation for years on end, no ifs, no buts Agree, No deal or Remain No it’s not just accept the first, and only, one