I'm not the Grinch, says union boss ahead of Christmas train strikes

11/23/2022 1:49:00 PM

I'm not the Grinch, says union boss ahead of Christmas strikes

I'm not the Grinch, says union boss ahead of Christmas strikes

RMT boss Mick Lynch defends strikes that will cause major disruption in December and January.

The boss of a rail workers union has said he is "not the Grinch" ahead of fresh strikes in the run-up to Christmas and after New Year.The strikes will be staged across four 48-hour periods on 13-14 and 16-17 December, and 3-4 and 6-7 January.

Hospitality businesses will also be hit, with the strikes happening in the busiest week of the year for the pub industry.Michael Kill, boss of the Night Time Industries Association, which represents bars and nightclubs, said the disruption would be "catastrophic" for businesses at time many were hoping for bumper Christmas trade to help them through the start of 2023.

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Will he be supporting his members this Yr or jetting off on holiday like he did before Union bosses still get paid big bucks whilst strikers struggle Fully Support this man, I’m sure a lot of you would want someone like him fighting for you at work. When benefit Britain get a 10.1% pay rise then shouldn’t we all have this at least. If you’re Union or employer is too weak then enjoy your pay cut!

You may not be the Grinch but you are making a lot of peoples lives worse by your actions Oh yes you are….. No he isn’t but their are a lot of our things he is, none of which are complementary. Mick Lynch God is money and cares not for anyone but himself. You will face God one day but you will not be able to take your money with you, you cannot strike in hell. The bible says the wicked will not be able to rest in hell, you care not for the poor. Jesus loves the poor

The rail bosses may seem him as a bit of a Grinch, but the rail workers see him a bit more positively. Pity us working people haven’t got a lot more leaders like Mick Lynch! He’s a great workers champion! You totally are... With things so bad, for you to try and blackmail people is inexcusable and shameful

Shame private sector can’t bully the govt into Pay rises . You are the Grinch. Screwing the country over on our first Xmas since Covid! You've lost my support. Your pay offer is a lot higher than mine. We need a break.

'I'm not the Grinch': RMT union boss Mick Lynch defends new Christmas and New Year strikesMore walkouts are planned on the trains - this time over the festive period - as two weeks of talks fail to produce a deal. Maybe stop trying to trick Lynch (can’t be done) or paint him as a villain, and report the news instead? Time to increase automation of the railways. No u r nastier

Christmas is the 24th-26th of December He’s no Grinch, on the other hand we know who’s thieving us of our hard earned low wages. Let the disruption commence 🤷🏻‍♀️ come what may He is mad with power. He does not care he just wants to upset the apple cart at a time when people are struggling because he does not feel it with his huge wages.

He’s on a crusade to bring the government down He’s a labour stooge . He cares. But only about himself, his overpaid, underperforming cronies and beating the Tories whilst fecking the workers and the traveling public. The guy is beneath contempt. scum The new Scargill. What a pathetic question to have to answer! Journalism? It’s a joke!

BBC Shame on you ...again Legend! Go back to your mind numbing news

Fresh rail strikes to hit peak Christmas travel, RMT union announces'We're sorry to inconvenience you but we urge you to direct your anger and frustration at the govt and the railway employers during this latest phase of action' says RMT general secretary Mick Lynch. 📺 Sky 501, Virgin 602, Freeview 233 and YouTube Solidarity. Thick Mick! All of them need a sack. Wait until the run up to Xmas to strike... Let me just add, no one sympathises when you are obstructing the economy for Xmas. Even the corporate world.

What ridiculous amount of money is this guy paid to disrupt so many lives? You're a bastard Labour Party hurt society kind of guy. Resign so someone good can help the country. You're a failure Mr Grinch. BBC propaganda on behalf of the profits for private pockets brigade, again!! Classic BBC 'impartiality' here I see. No better than right wing comics like Daily_Express

Does the Union boss, lose any of his 6 figure salary when his members are on strike? If people are constantly going on strike then should they even be employed, to be employed means going to work! Hes fighing for people's rights and why the hell have I still got 2 pay for BBC staff wages .. get a job you lazy ...........

But he is. It’s time the government stopped playing games and get round the table and don’t leave until a deal is reached. We the public can see the government is trying to kick the can down the road costing taxpayers millions paying the train companies . This is the most important fact you took from the exchange? EMBARRASSING.... might withhold my fee until you grow up or at least grasp the mood of the licence paying public.

I'm not Mick Grinch: Union boss insists strikes won't ruin Christmas and calls for more talks to avert walkoutsUnion boss Mick Lynch told LBC today he wasn't a 'grinch' who was out to ruin Christmas, after the RMT announced a string of 48-hour strikes in the middle of December. 🥱🥱 No, but you do have an overtime ban over Christmas miserable 🔔🔚

Mick Lynch: OH,YES YOU ARE! They’re NOT Christmas train strikes BBC. Get it right will you ! Holding the country to ransom just like they did in the 70s. These unions won't stop until the systems and business fail to exist and 100s thousands are claiming benefits. All just a voice for militant people to feel powerful and bully others.

No worse, he’s a criminal if you ask me. Think of the impact to shops at one of the busiest times and impact to people. Shame on you! Boring baldy. Moan moan moan. Grinch …no ugly,self righteous, pompous Grinch…yes But you are …. Well they had to do something to get listened to.... Time to invest some of the monster profits in the workforce instead of in the management.

Agree, the Grinch cares and has a heart you do not Lynch

Rail strikes: No trains in Northamptonshire on Saturday with more disruption to follow in December and JanuaryNo trains this Saturday from Northampton as drivers walk out, 48-hour strikes announced in December and January — and engineering works just after Christmas .. all you need know here 👇👇👇👇

He makes the Grinch look like Santa Claus BBC doing the tories’ work for them. The strikes are not over the festive period. But you know that. Could have fooled me! He is loving the power and attention, if not then to what end did he appear of have I got news for you ect? Definitely the Grinch, bears an uncanny resemblance!🤪🤣

Union boss? Members instruct the union they need better pay & conditions with good reason. He is not a boss. It's a business boss that created this. Follow the money. Shareholder dividends & boss salaries are the destination. The wages? As low as they can get away with. Strike! I'll tell you what is ruining Christmas, corporate greed. It's meaning nobody can afford the essentials, or to heat their homes if they're lucky enough to have one.

You need to have a balanced take on this. What are you doing? You are the BBC. What a pathetic headline. Typical Daily Mail, scum bucket journalism that seems to be all the rage at the BBC these days. I watched that press conference and to use an insult against a principled man as a headline is beyond contempt. Mick Lynch is a top person and I wish him well

And they all said “oh yes you are!”

RMT confirms strike dates for December and January with 40,000 train workers to walk outRailway workers have announced a new series of 48-hour strikes in December and January, throwing Christmas plans into jeopardy ⬇️

Poundland scargill!!!! He’s not. Now try quizzing the company heads instead of smearing his name. Bbc has become tabloid ‘Oh yes you are’ 😆 This is not objective journalism when you’re using a headline like that. Not many manufacturers left for unions to destroy I bet he gets paid a fortune. Onlooker: ‘Yes he is’

Should of trained soldiers up for train driving for this purpose. Then see if drivers want to strike without pay.Train drivers are no different than HGV drivers. Except they are about £30,000 pa better paid. Oh yes you are 😁😁 One is screwing you with food & fuel bills, the other is trying to get you money to pay for them?

RMT announces wave of 48 hour strikes in December and JanuaryRMT has announced they will stage a series of 48 hour strikes in December and January in an ongoing dispute over pay, jobs, and conditions.

This article is in poor taste... Why are the energy companies not condemned in the same manner by the controlled media? Working class people wanting to save their jobs and get a pay raise many of which were directed to their bosses is hardly a crime. Numerous days of strikes showing workers cannot be that badly paid if they can afford 8 days off at Xmas , this is a political strike supported by labour to damage the U.K. economy and try and force a general election

I think you might be No attack on the people from the other side then ? People wonder why the bbc are called government puppets 😂 Why not go after the DFT minister who’s to blame or the rail delivery group or the tocs maybe even network rail lol Already having train drivers saying they are not in the RMT, the strikes are nothing short of blackmail, this is not negotiation it’s entrapment, give them nothing.

Pathetic journalism by BBC. Recycling an insult from another journalist in order to construct an attack on union leaders is a political act by media. MickLynch Yrs you are jobs lost like the 1970 s you keep your 125K a yr while they loose there jobs abc private firms go bust 😡😡😡😡 LynchtheGrinch Oh yes you are! (said in festive panto spirit!)

What a way to infantilise such an important issue.

What are you then? You’ll be drawing your salary no doubt while your members get north for striking. Says the Grinch tweeting utter bollocks 🙄 Imagine if the government had settled this with reasonable wages months ago, when the strikes first started. Tory governments love ruining Xmas, just look at the last couple of years of mismanagement.

It's the corporations that are taking advantage of the people that make them ALL their money, it's the corporations who are the grinches, today tomorrow & everyday you missed the bit about Mosley for some reason and went with what the Daily Mail journalist wanted to get out there. Of course your not the grinch, he has some intelligence. No idea how you can be confused with someone like that.

Did Mark Twain write this headline, because it's almost not half-witted of course he is, watch and see how Brian tickets will rise in January, the only losers here are the general public, time for those in strike to take a reality check and realise now is not the time. Because he isn’t, the government is. Always has been. They stalled the talks, they failed to heed our warning. Now they have three weeks to do the honourable thing or we shall enact our warning.

Media playing a narrative to make working people look like villains, typical Britain not looking after the working class. He’s not a union ‘boss’, he’s an elected union leader.

Mick Lynch is the general secretary of the RMT union By Michael Race Business reporter, BBC News The boss of a rail workers union has said he is "not the Grinch" ahead of fresh strikes in the run-up to Christmas and after New Year.voting to continue striking for another six months .Strikes "Yet, Network Rail have failed to make an improved offer on jobs, pay and conditions for our members during the last two weeks of talks.Train passengers hit by severe travel disruption despite RMT calling off three days of walkouts Mr Lynch said the string of strikes would send "a clear message" that rail workers want a better deal on pay and working conditions.

Mick Lynch, general secretary of the RMT Union, said the latest walkouts would "show how important our members are to the running of this country". Passengers are expected to face major disruption over the festive period. Strikes planned for the start of November were previously cancelled by the RMT after it said it would enter a fortnight of"intensive negotiations". The strikes will be staged across four 48-hour periods on 13-14 and 16-17 December, and 3-4 and 6-7 January. Emerging from those talks, the rail operators were due to make written proposals for the union to offer to members, the RMT said. Some 40,000 workers will walk out and there is likely to be disruption in the days around the strikes due to trains not being in the right places. Image: Many travellers are set to face a travel headache if the new strikes can't be averted Reacting to the new strikes, Network Rail's chief negotiator stressed there was a"precarious financial hole" in the industry, which striking only made worse. The walkouts will affect people travelling to see comedian Peter Kay's comeback shows in London and Birmingham on 16 and 17 December, as well as singer Paolo Nutini's gigs in Glasgow on 13, 14 and 16 December. Mr Lynch had previously said: “I will be recommending that we set out further phases of sustained industrial action in support of our members.

Hospitality businesses will also be hit, with the strikes happening in the busiest week of the year for the pub industry. "And while progress has been made over these last two weeks, we still have yet to find that breakthrough." "This is on top of Network Rail failing to make a new proposal at the end of last week. "Customers will be cancelling bookings and staying home, whilst staffing shortages will be exacerbated by a lack of transport options," said Emma McClarkin, head of the British Beer and Pub Association. When are the next train strikes? Michael Kill, boss of the Night Time Industries Association, which represents bars and nightclubs, said the disruption would be "catastrophic" for businesses at time many were hoping for bumper Christmas trade to help them through the start of 2023." The prime minister's spokesman said the strikes risked"putting the future of the rail industry in jeopardy", and called on the union to"come to an agreement that is fair to passengers, taxpayers, and workers". "Our industry is already suffering heavily from rising costs, as inflation reaches a 40-year high, and consumer disposable income is at an all time low. Striking makes that hole bigger and the task of finding a resolution ever more difficult. Coupled with rail strike action feel we are revisiting Christmas 2021 [when the country faced pandemic restrictions]," he said. However, it said the walkouts would disrupt people's first"normal" festive season post-COVID and damage hospitality and retail businesses. 40,000 Network workers are set to walk out throughout December and January.

Members of the RMT Union are taking action after workers at Network Rail, which maintains the railways across Britain, and 14 train companies voted in a ballot last week. Mr Lynch said the latest strikes would "send a clear message that we want a good deal on job security, pay and conditions". Other sectors taking or considering include postal workers, nurses and civil servants. "We will not give-up and hope that the RMT will return to the table next week with a more realistic appreciation of the situation. "I'm not the Grinch," he said, referring to the children's book character who tries to cancel Christmas. "I'm a trade union official and I'm determined to get a deal." Image source, Getty Images The RMT union, which represents workers such as guards and signalling staff, has already held eight days of strikes since June which have caused widespread disruption. "We owe it to them to stay round the table. The key disruption includes: No services will start or terminate at Liverpool Street from December 25 until January 2.

Along with other rail unions, its members want pay rises in line with the surging cost of living. Inflation - the rate at which prices rise - hit 11.1% last month." The RMT is just one of many unions having organised and currently threatening industrial action. The rail industry is under pressure to save money after the pandemic left a hole in its finances and bosses say reforms are needed to modernise the railway and make pay rises affordable. 'We can see a deal' The RMT announced its recent strike dates after claiming Network Rail had failed to make an improved pay offer during recent talks. Cannon Street station will be closed on Christmas Eve (December 24) and some services will start or terminate at London Bridge.

The Rail Delivery Group, which represents train companies, said that before negotiations broke down there had been "real progress" towards agreeing the "outline of a credible deal". On Wednesday, its spokesman called on the union to come back to the negotiating table for the benefit of passengers travelling or shopping during the festive season. The Department for Transport has criticised unions involved in the strikes, saying they put "the very future of the entire industry in jeopardy". "We once again urge union leaders to work with employers and come to an agreement which is fair for passengers, taxpayers and workers alike," a spokesperson said on Tuesday. Earlier this month, Rail Minister Huw Merriman estimated that strike action had cost the railways about half a billion pounds so far this year.

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