'I lose my equilibrium, my throat closes & I am certain that I can't breathe': Meghan Trainor powerfully reveals what a panic attack really feels like

The latest episode of GLAMOUR UNFILTERED.

4/9/2020 10:27:00 AM

Meghan Trainor: ''I'm just trying to get that message out of you're allowed to love yourself, be your favourite person and be your best friend' 🙌

The latest episode of GLAMOUR UNFILTERED.

Ali PantonyI went to every doctor I could asking for help, but the psychiatrist told me, "Your chemicals are off, you're like this and we got to get you back to this." That was the first thing that's ever made sense to me. I went on medicine and I asked for a very low dose, it didn't change me at all, except for helping my panic. I haven't had a paid panic attack since. I think everyone has this little stigma against it, but my doctor said to me, "Why can you use an inhaler for your lungs, but you can't use medicine for your brain?"

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Have you learnt there's a lot of power in talking and sharing about your experience?I know for me I heard Carson Daly explain what happened to him in a panic attack. My parents haven't really had one or they couldn't really understand. They were like, "Don't go to the emergency room, that's so much money. Just come over here and we'll rub your head." Whereas I was saying, "I need an oxygen tank or I'm going to die tonight." Carson Daly explained it perfectly, I sent that video to my mom, she was balling and was saying, "I didn't know this is what you felt and now I understand." You can't explain what's happening except for, "I'm dying, I'm dying. I'm pretty sure I'm dying." So that was so helpful and made me not feel alone at all. People have this every single day in every kind of career, and this is what people are going through all around the world. He helped me so if I can speak up about it and tell people, so they don't feel alone than, superb, I'm down to talk about it.

AdvertisementWhat does it feel like in that moment when you have a panic attack?Death. We were on a boat the other night and we were all dizzy and I said to everyone around me, "this is the beginning of a panic attack." For me what happens I lose my equilibrium, then my throat closes, then I'm certain that I can't breathe, and I think, “This is how I'm going to die, right here, right now." I remember in the very beginning when I would try to learn about it, I watched this video, and just hearing about it, I fell over and was in a full panic. I just triggered myself and then I learned you could trigger yourself. The world was a terrifying place and now I can talk about it.

I was trapped. I couldn't sleep in my bedroom because that's where I had panic attacks so I would change up my whole house and say, "We're sleeping in here now because it's a new day, a new room. I'm fine!" I had to help Daryl, my husband, I had to teach him and say, "Here's what I need you to do in these moments. Just tell me that I'm breathing, that everything's fine and rub my back and shut up." He's great now!

What has also helped you apart from the medicine?I'm talking about it and my husband and I are trying to be very positive, we're very grateful, and we used to write down five things we're grateful for every day. He would also sing to me out of key, this terrible song we wrote that says, "We live the best life." And we would try to sing it with each other and, yeah. So, I think having my best friend with me and my family with me everywhere I go is mandatory. My mom's my assistant, so it's great!

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