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'I'd suggest Spirit'- Passenger gets kicked off plane after insulting crew over face mask

'I'd suggest Spirit'- Passenger gets kicked off plane after insulting crew over face mask

7/23/2021 11:36:00 PM

'I'd suggest Spirit'- Passenger gets kicked off plane after insulting crew over face mask

A TIKTOK video showing a passenger insulting the crew after she was denied boarding the plane for not wearing a face mask has gone viral on social media.

“We don't tolerate that crap."After that, the woman tried to deny what she said without realising she was being filmed.''Don't lie.“You already did that once, when you took your mask off and put it in your pocket,” said the crew member.

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Over 100 cases of unruly passengers were reported last week alone.(Image: Getty)British expat ‘isolated’ in Spain due to travel restrictions“If you don't follow procedure, it's end of discussion.”In a statement, American Airlines said the customer “was not allowed to travel after failing to comply with the federal mask mandate and addressing one of our team members using profane language.”

This comes after another passenger ended up in prison last week after she refused to wear a mask.A woman was arrested after spitting on several passengers and refusing to wear a face covering on board a Delta Airlines plane in Florida. Read more: Daily Express »

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