How to clean straightener plates using common cosmetic item - ceramic cleaning tips

How to clean straightener plates using common cosmetic item - ceramic cleaning tips

How To Clean Straightener Plates Using Common Cosmetic İtem - Ceramic Cleaning Tips, How To Clean An İron

9/24/2021 11:17:00 PM

How to clean straightener plates using common cosmetic item - ceramic cleaning tips

CLEANING your home is one thing, but what about the appliances you have in each room? Dirt can build up quickly on appliances we use every day, like our straighteners and irons - but how can you clean these ceramic surfaces safely?

How to clean straightener plates using common cosmetic item - nail varnish remover can clean irons(Image: GETTY)How often you should water your houseplants - the FIVE key signsBefore cleaning any heat-emitting ceramic surface like your iron or straighteners, always leave it to cool until it is cold to touch.

Unlike most things that can be cleaned with water, mixing electrical items with a splash of H2O is a big no-no.Luckily there are a number of safe solutions to cleaning these surfaces, with everything fromto biodegradable baby wipes doing the trick.All you’ll need is a few household ingredients to clean up your ceramic in no time.

(Image: GETTY)Nail varnish removerThis strong-smelling liquid is great for cleaning hair straightener plates and is even recommended by ghd themselves.Unplug your straighteners and leave until the ceramic plates are cold to touch.All you need is a cotton ball or pad to dip into your standard bottle of nail varnish remover until it is damp - not dripping.

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Wipe the surface gently or more vigorously depending on how dirty the ceramic plates look.Leave to dry for a couple of hours before using again.

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