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How the 'great reset' of capitalism became an anti-lockdown conspiracy | Quinn Slobodian

How the 'great reset' of capitalism became an anti-lockdown conspiracy | Quinn Slobodian

12/4/2020 11:56:00 PM

How the 'great reset' of capitalism became an anti-lockdown conspiracy | Quinn Slobodian

Though a poor diagnosis of global events, this implausible theory offers a grim insight into the public mood, says history professor Quinn Slobodian

Photograph: Andy Barton/SOPA Images/REX/Shutterstock‘Although we may scorn the ideas of anti-lockdown protesters, we ignore the unequal reality of the pandemic at our peril.’ Anti-lockdown protest in Manchester, 8 November 2020.Photograph: Andy Barton/SOPA Images/REX/Shutterstock

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Fri 4 Dec 2020 13.47 GMTLast modified on Fri 4 Dec 2020 16.50 GMTAanti-lockdown protestin London, thousands of people gathered to oppose what they saw as a clandestine power grab taking place under the cover of a pandemic. Some protesters carried cardboard signs bearing the name of the alleged takeover: “The great reset”. “They thought they could easily get their great reset,”

. “Little did they know! The pandemic’s a hoax!”The great reset, both the title of anairport bookby the creative economy guru Richard Florida and a slogan favoured by corporate do-gooders, is also the term for a web of ideas that has become increasingly popular among the anti-lockdown right. In its most implausible version, this conspiracy imagines that a

global elite is using Covid-19as an opportunity to roll out radical policies such as forced vaccinations, digital ID cards and the renunciation of private property.Though a poor diagnosis of the causes of global events, the great reset offers a grim insight into the public mood. An unlikely source provided its initial spark. On 3 June, as the UK’s Covid death toll reached 50,000, the

royal family’s YouTube accountposted a video about a new sustainability drive headed by the Prince of Wales’s Sustainable Markets Initiative, in partnership with the World Economic Forum (WEF). Titled #TheGreatReset, the initiative called for “fairer outcomes” and the redirection of investment towards a more “sustainable future”. It had all the slick branding one has come to expect from the WEF, with a cinematic video of ice floes and beached whales, and a sonorous monologue by Prince Charles.

The initiative joined a line of similar proclamations riffing on Karl Polanyi’s 1944 urtext, The Great Transformation Read more: The Guardian »

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Why is the Guardian publishing this garbage from an obscure WOKE culture academic in the US? It is because most of us are waking up to the agenda behind the excessive measures. We are not stupid. Everyday ministers are announcing Great Reset initiatives inbetween Covid briefings. They wrote a book and said it many times on video. Wake up

Trudeau addressed UN on national TV 2 months ago. Should've thought about that before going on air When MSM and govt brand something as conspiracy then you know it's more than likely true. Luckily for us plebs the global elite appear to be as thick as pig shit so a conspiracy of this magnitude isn’t very likely.

Completely ignores the confluence of 'anti-establishment' leftism with corporate syndicates cashing in on wokery. BLM is a fine example of this. Name a single major corporation that doesn't support BLM. Protip: You can't. The massive increases in various govt interventions is not a conspiracy. A conspiracy? They have literally told us it is a great reset