How my mum fell for conspiracy theories

Sebastian’s mum has grown a big online following by spreading dangerous Covid conspiracy theories.

10/26/2020 3:54:00 PM

Sebastian’s mother has become one of the leaders of Britain’s conspiracy community, denying coronavirus exists and blaming the symptoms on 5G radio waves He is worried about the impact of her campaign on public health

Sebastian’s mum has grown a big online following by spreading dangerous Covid conspiracy theories.

Coronavirus: How my mum became a conspiracy theory influencernoCloseSebastian’s mum has become one of the leaders of Britain’s conspiracy community, collecting tens of thousands of followers with false claims – including denying coronavirus exists, blaming the symptoms of Covid-19 on 5G radio waves and likening the NHS to Nazi Germany.

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Sebastian is worried about his mum’s impact on public health and reasoned debate. And, closer to home, their relationship has broken down.He spoke exclusively to the BBC’s specialist disinformation reporter Marianna Spring. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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It marks a significant moment in the pandemic for the UK, which has been one of the countries hardest hit by the virus.

ALL SHE SAYS ITS TRUE! Covid has failed 'Koch Postulate', aka, was never isolated & identified in laboratory! Covid is a flu-like virus with a survival rate of 99.7%! Microwave radiation coming from '5G' is deadly, it greatly damages our immune system!! 'We have provided the Government with case-specific scientific and medical evidence to support our claim, and have gathered witness testimony from people who have suffered serious adverse physical effects in areas where 5G is present.'

BBCtrending I am a university student. I want to buy a laptop who can help me to be thankful. أنا طالب جامعي أريد شراء لاب توب من يساعد ني أكون شاكرا له. The poor lass gets about 20 likes a tweet I don’t think it’s too much of a cause for concern outside of her families worries for her mental health 😂

Simon_Vessey Why are you airing this dangerous nonsense? So many individuals and families are going to suffer from this. It is going to be seen as a generational issue, huge swathes of society have gone down a wormhole and into the conspiracy Q cult and it is social media we will thank for its proliferation.

Regardless of the context, this video reminded me methods of Iranian intelligence services. They pressure families of pro democracy activities to discredit them in front of the camera. So little appreciation goes into how terribly sad all of this is, our species is alone & lost in the darkness. James__Crossley

How much did you pay Him ? TO talk about his Mother? She’s got a lot in common with yourselves then, consorts, or should that be perhaps be contorts, with right-wing libertarian bellends.... Farage Hopkins TheKnownLiar, you gave all of them the attention they craved. Sebastian at 21 you are young & still wet behind the ears when it comes to understanding life. I know this to be true bcoz I was 21 too! Turning against your mother you have caused a HUGE ripple within your KARMIC life & the road will be a rocky one to tread! Best wishes 🙏🏻

Reading through these comments I can see exactly why we are in such a mess. Too many fools would rather believe TV programmes (Understand that word) and throw labels around than face the reality that their handlers do not have their best interests at heart! I don’t believe the 5G conspiracy, but your coverage of Covid has been a disgrace. Make no mistake, you will be defunded.

He should be more worried about his mother’s mental health. She needs help in making contact with reality wheezylouse DanielJHannan “Absolutely nobody is talking about threatening our place in the Single Market” miffythegamer Will she become part of the BBC editorial team? POLL which is worse for public health? A - Listening to Kate Sheminari B - Gov. LOCKDOWNS + BUSINESS STRANGULATION/SHUT DOWNS + NO HUMAN CONTACT + BEING FORCED TO SPEAK/BREATH THROUGH CLOTH MASKS + BBC SPREADING FEAR PROPAGANDA 24/7

JaneyGodley If I was her I’d be more concerned about the long term effects of the Botox injections to her face and the silicone in her lips “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win”- Ghandi An entertaining drama of cognitive learning notions of why people distrust news media sources portraying contradictions in global health.

nar, I AM THE LEADER, lol SteveSayersOne How sad for this young man having to live with a mother like this and how brave of him to go public with it. You may or may not agree with Kate Shemirani. But to use her own son to fight a culture war against her is a despicable act. Just one more reason to hate this abominable, disgusting organisation.

Sorry to say but the Lady needs some SERIOUS help. Why are you platforming actual conspiracy theories? This isn’t balance, this is misinformation. night ....😐 a ...story, about someone's Mum? Couldn't you take a different angle on this? I really hate to be insulting on social media but I just heard of the death of relative of a friend. COVID is real and Sebastian’s mother is an idiot.

mariannaspring BBC bullshit night What an embarrassing son to have. Apart from 5G, nothing else in the report is crap - there is a global conspiracy with coronavirus - our 'conspiracy theories' have all been coming true. But that's not how mariannaspring made it sound in (repeated) BBC news reports. newsnight

night She's plainly lost her marbles. Time for the men in white coats. Wow 😳 JaneyGodley bigdk100 JaneyGodley His mother sounds needy and narcissistic. He seems like an intelligent grounded young man. JaneyGodley I wonder how much the BBC paid her son to vilify her on TV? Anyone who thinks this COVID is down to 5G needs locking up because they are nuts

JaneyGodley scared of 5G but not botox As Peter Hitchens said on talkRADIO this morning, the BBC is now the propaganda arm of the British government, and should therefore be disbanded. Very powerful Absolute garbage Fish Lips..!!!! 🤬🤬 Poor lad Gender Critters are the same . Yet the BBC give them tons of airtime. Perhaps stop platforming cults as an opinion BBC?

DefundTheBBC Economically well off in a nice big house in a nice town: “It was hell.” FFS. bbcnews lies every day, spreads misinformation & fear, Far-Right BS constantly (even a dig here!), climate myths, and now disease porn about a mild seasonal virus. It is so pathetic. DefundTheBBC Your heart would break. Brave brave fellow.

And some conspiracies are definitely real, not crackpot theories . Like the blackmail in to accepting big tech solutions through draconian lockdowns. Big Tech failing anyway generally eg doublsepeak for eg on sustainability. Poor laddie having that as a mother. This woman is Sebastian's mother. He is a brave young man.

UKzareen She may be wrong on a lot but no doubt the BBC are pushing a party line and not questioning enough policies of lockdowns. Belarus no lockdown only c 100 deaths per mill & YOU represent THEM as authoritarian? And she's right as hell on the health services staff fucking about Seems a few of her crackpot followers have commented on here

What a brave young man 👏👏 I’m more worried about the impact the unrelenting nonsense put out by the BBC on a daily basis is having in public health homelesshorse Feel bad for him. Also quite concerning, could this woman be suffering from delusions of some kind? Must have been so difficult for him to talk about this but so pleased he’s making efforts to dispel her brainwashing

Stay strong Sebastian. My thoughts are with you Thank goodness he's an adult and isn't in her care. I fear for the children of such conspiracy theorist. I’m sure a psychologist would know why some people fall for conspiracy theories? I have relatives who believe what she believes, and who believe the myths about the EU. The rest of the family are scratching their heads. I feel sorry for this young man; brave of him tbh.

And I'm worried that you have not reported this story yet, it's getting old now. Dr Reiner Fuellmich: You reported on the VW & the Deutsche Bank scandals, and that's the lawyer that exposed them, so why not? The 5g thing, No. but you've seriously got to question this covid 19. Nobody I know or anybody they know from all areas of the UK still hasn't come across someone with so called Covid-19. If it wasn't for the news you wouldn't even suspect there's a new virus wiping people out

Oh Sebastian, you poor lad, I'm sure you have the support of many good friends, but what a courageous young man you are. Respect. Another government narrative endorsed by the BBC. Of course - if you disagree with the current state of affairs surrounding Covid you are a conspiracy theorist. You should know better than to politicise an obviously delicate family circumstance to the masses. covid hysteria

Social media is giving a uncritical platform to some clearly disturbed people, as well as cynical grifters, and unfortunately there are far too many credulous people out there waiting to be taken in. This is a very sad film, but Sebastian is to be applauded for doing it. This is propaganda not what the video says

“There’s no evidence for her theories...” Cannot be genocided lmao Fair play to the bloke for doing what is right This is what happens when idiots get the internet. What`s more concerning for me is the fact this scatty bitch as 40.000 followers, I mean WTAF? Are there really that many unstable people in society?

Brave man of great intelligence I have to say that if she was my mother I’d cut her out my life for good. Such a shame. He seems like a decent guy, despite what she did to him. He's a literal son of a bitch, no insult towards him intended. Give up mate, she fucking loopy. She needs to move to USA , would fit right into certain groups. Give me strength !

5G Corona. Imagine throwing your mother under the bus for likes on BBC Twitter. he is so getting a new 5G phone off his mum now 😂 Only way they’ll twig the virus is actually real is if they get it . Tell her go volunteer for vaccine trials if she believes it’s a hoax !! Dear o dear. I found this item extremely disturbing, whatever the context. This is a direct quote from Orwell's 1984,who incidentally worked for the Beeb during the war.

To anyone unsure about 5G, see below: Blue/White is not dangerous to humans, Pink is. If you multiple the 5g frequency by 500,000, you will still only reach the frequency range of visible light, not even UV Light. I'm no expert, but even I can figure that much out This young guy is a brave one. That must have been difficult for him, but it needed saying 👏👏

Just respect for this guy´s doings... It takes a massive amount of courage to go against your own family for the sake of greater good. Wow man. Fucking cranks She's obviously getting narcissistic supply from her followers. How could a mother put her desperate need for attention before a relationship with her son, even if she still believed her own paranoia.

Using an estranged member of a persons family to attack someone's character, about sums up the BBC The problem with this narrative the BBC is peddling is that it’s aimed at destroying the argument of those of us who think the handling of Covid is disproportionately wrong. It assumes that any disagreement is equal to those conspiracies!

Poor lad. I feel really sorry for him. I personally think these conspiracy theorists and especially the anti-vaxxers are the most dangerous people out there right now. BBC tactics 101. To oppose something they disapprove of, find the most extreme example to ridicule. Meanwhile, they pretend MichaelYeadon3 doesn’t exist because they can’t find anything to challenge him on. Most ‘cases’ are false positives. Go on, prove him wrong.

This is news . Don’t give the conspiracy theorist any air / news time load of nutters It is the BBC which is promoting the very real lie that this is a highly dangerous disease. It is the BBC which is presently Britain's foremost conspiracy theorist! She shouldn’t worry. The little green men will rescue us.

She's a nutter.. Crazy is as crazy does! What a brave boy. The trouble is there are vulnerable people out there who latch on to people like her and her beliefs. That’s what she is banking on. COVID-19 is most certainty real, but it isn't the pandemic it's being made out to be. I have seen highly educated people get all excited about cellular signals. It's bizarre and based on nothing. I assume that this person has no idea what 5G is.

Sebikqt control ur mother More fantastic journalism 😂 DNR's for EVERYONE OVER 45- DOCTORS TREATENED INTO SECRECY... They are in on it together. He has helped her double her following. Great lady, that mom. I want to follow her. Please can I have some details about her social media handlers? She is spot on.

What MSM PANIC looks like... It’s a fact not a conspiracy. Wait till bill gates gets his tracking vaccine out and the chem trails vaccination by stealth. And 6G too joenottoofussed tattle tale. He said it right at the end....'She's too far gone' So sad, but what if she is right in the end?🤔 Typical of the propaganda outfit to select the most outlandish wing of those who are sceptical of the official narrative on Covid in order to smear the opposition...

SamRobinson_33 nuts this 😂 Conspiracy is what happens when the MSM don't report the whole truth He’s worried that much about his mum , he’s now sold himself out to the bbc 👀 His mothers young She is right. Need to stop watching TV and using mobile phones. The router is the principal danger!!! Don't forget electricity and the radio in the car!! Waves attack!

Social media has done to our parents what they thought it would do to us: corrupt, manipulate and destroy. Look at Sweden no lock down things going on as normal You have got to trust people to make their own minds up on conspiracy theories....🙄🙏 He's not fully informed but probably a plant just to undermine belief in the real conspiracy.UN2030 Agenda21

I’m worried about the MSM campaigns impacting public health! Quisling How embarrassing to have your mum acting stupid in public. if 5g tower's are not responsible for spreading problem's in society why do we only have problem's now that 5g is here

'Fake Melania' conspiracy theory re-emerges as photo goes viralSome have claimed her smile is different to normal and her teeth structure isn’t the same as in previous pictures 🤔 If you can't see they are 2 totally different women, you need to take a trip to Barnard Castle for an eye test. She's smiling and holding his hand, she is 💯 NOT Melania 🤣 The tweets had me crying laughing 😝 The real giveaway is this one smiles.

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