How more than HALF of Sun readers are helping save the planet

How more than half of Sun readers are helping save the planet - here's how you're doing it

10/25/2021 11:45:00 AM

How more than half of Sun readers are helping save the planet - here's how you're doing it

MORE than HALF of Sun readers are significantly changing their habits to help save the planet. Our exclusive survey revealed three quarters — 74 per cent — of you buy fewer new clothes and 51 per …

12Natalie Ward has cut down her car use and taken up cyclingCredit: Oliver DixonMUM of two Natalie Ward, 35, from Chobham, Surrey, founder of Latched maternity and postnatal activewear, has swapped her car for a bike.She said: “I was spending two hours a day driving my children, Harper, three, and Ethan, two, to and from nursery. We’re trying to teach them about saving water and recycling, but we felt like hypocrites using my gas-guzzling 4x4.

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“As I now work from home, it made sense to move them to a closer nursery.“My husband, David, and I spent £1,200 on a double trailer. As I was spending £40 a week on diesel, it was less than the cost of fuel for a year.“Cycling the mile journey to their new nursery has improved my mental health and I’ve lost a stone and a half.

“We’re now thinking about replacing my car with an electric one and getting solar panels to power it.”'I can drive up to 160 miles for just £1.50'12Anthony Hibbs has saved thousands by switching to an electric carCredit: Paul TongeGRANDAD Anthony Hibbs, 59, a retired technical operator from Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffs, has switched to an electric car – and it saves him thousands of pounds every year.

Anthony said: “I decided to go fully electric two years ago to help the environment.“With advice from New Automotive, a transport research organisation, I opted for an electric VW Golf, which cost £23,000. I also switched to Octopus Energy, which has a low overnight tariff of 5p a unit.

“It was a big initial cost but now I can drive up to 160 miles for £1.50, so I’m saving in the long run and it’s good for the environ- ment. It’s win, win.“I wash my clothes, charge my car and switch on the dishwasher overnight to save money.“I was spending £100 on fuel each month plus £38 on a vehicle service plan, which is now £16, and no road tax.”

'We all need to help drive down green costs'12Katy Holman was inspired by her daughter TallaCredit: Simon JonesMUM of three Katy Holman, 43, from Winchester, Hants, who runs food business Nutritional Nosh, was inspired by her daughter Talia to make eco-friendly changes at home.

She said: “When Talia was eight she watched Sir David Attenborough’s Blue Planet and was so moved by the section on plastic in the ocean she gave a presentation to her school about looking after our planet.“When I saw how much the issue affected Talia, I decided we needed to do more at home.

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“We now have thermo solar panels on our roof. We’ve swapped clingfilm for reusable sandwich wraps and plastic straws for metal.“I make sure all the packaging for my business is biodegradable, ­recycled or recyclable.“But I have realised how much more it costs to be eco-friendly. We all need to demand change to help drive down costs.”

'I'm eating less meat and love the meals'12Daniel Humphrey used to eat meat in nearly every mealCredit: Damien, has gone from eating meat at nearly every meal to four days a week.He said: “Cost was part of the reason, as was the health benefit of eating more vegetables, plus the environmental factor.

“If we all ate one fewer meat meal a week it would make a big difference. Reducing the number of animals we eat by five per cent would reduce our carbon emissions by five per cent, too.“I’ve discovered some really tasty and easy meatless meals, like halloumi wraps, falafel and chickpea curry.

“And I now choose to buy quality meat from a local butcher, which has been farmed locally so has a far smaller carbon footprint than meat that is imported.”12COP26 kicks off in Glasgow on SundayA switch will make tea greenBy Emma JamesTHE UK could cut 225,570 tons of carbon emission a year — if everyone boiled only the water they needed when they made a cuppa.

Measuring out water for the kettle would save the equivalent of 547.5million miles of car journeys. It would have the same impact as planting 7.4million trees and save £166,353,960 on energy bills.The figures, calculated by sustainability experts Carbon Intelligence, are behind a new “Smart Boilers” campaign by the UK Tea and Infusions Trade Association.

Members include PG Tips, Tetley, Twinings, Pukka and Yorkshire Tea.Chief executive Dr Sharon Hall said: “Small changes can add up to a significant impact.”Love Island star Lucie Donlan says discarded face masks are killing wildlife and backs Sun campaign

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help save the planet and trees, do not buy a paper More than half of Sun readers.. So 5 people then.... That few, hardly think that's going to make a difference! 🤣🤣🤣 Part of Informed consent is freedom to chose, with low mortality of Covid 19 there is no justification best on urgency. How does coercive tactics like Vaccine passports prevent informed consent from occuring ?

It needn’t cost the earth to help save Earth…there are things we can all doPRINCE Charles today writes for The Sun as our Green Team ­campaign urges YOU to help save the planet. We are encouraging you to commit to just one of our six pledges below to make a difference – w… MrHarryCole If he becomes king I become a committed Republican. I like how TefalUK make their products to be repairable. I would like to see more businesses do this. While we won't have petrol or diesel cars in the future, it's ridiculous we know gasket heads go on cars but they are hard to replace. Many things are unnecessarily hard to fix Erm.. It is over £53,000 to replace my current car with an electric version.. Cloud cuckoo land if he thinks we can afford to go 'Green'

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