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‘Hollow’: how the Australian government’s 2050 net zero pledge was reported around the world

‘Hollow’: how the Australian government’s 2050 net zero pledge was reported around the world

10/28/2021 12:27:00 AM

‘Hollow’: how the Australian government’s 2050 net zero pledge was reported around the world

Some of the harshest criticism came from CNN, which labelled Australia ‘the rich world’s weakest link at Cop26’

Last modified on Wed 27 Oct 2021 10.25 BSTThehas been met with scepticism overseas, with major international media organisations labelling Scott Morrison’s announcement this week “hollow” and “hard to believe”.Some of the harshest criticism came from CNN, which

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labelled Australia “the rich world’s weakest link at Cop26”. The broadcaster contrasted the Morrison government’s “defiant” climate plan against the US, UK and EU’s efforts to legislate net zero and cut greenhouse gas emissions.“It should be a moment to celebrate,” CNN’s analysis stated. “But in reality, Morrison will go to Cop26, reluctantly, with the weakest climate plan among the G20’s developed nations.”

Photograph: CNNThe BBC’s coverage was also cynicalof how Australia – as a “massive exporter” of fossil fuels with “some of the highest emissions per head of population” – has “long dragged its heels on climate action”.Morrison’s promise to “strike a balance” between investing in low-emissions technologies, avoiding climate tax, maintaining the coal industry, while still reaching net zero by 2050, was received with scepticism by the British broadcaster’s Australia correspondent, Shaimaa Khalil.

“While this is a big moment for Australia, the details are still murky and potentially problematic on how net zero will be achieved,” she wrote. Read more: The Guardian »

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It should be reported as it is. Pure throwing to the crowd, pure bullshit. Net BS Someone from Canberra saying that we must develop our electrify from nuclear sources. Are we going to import the nuclear reactor, the turbines, the tools, the controls, the talent and the waste management? That’s an easy and very stupid way to dodge accountability

Point the finger to any industry in our country, we’re importing everything, even construction industry doesn’t skip this trend. We’re so dependent from overseas supplies, our carbon footprint is ridiculous. Despite the yellow bin, our recycling industry is unsustainable Australia is a net technology importer. We don’t develop our own gas turbines, wind turbines, PV panels, inverter… We’re waiting for silver bullet developed by others. Giving grants for PV cells on roofs aren’t enough. Australian politicians haven’t done their homework

Didn't know the media and in particular CNN were experts at the environment. Fact is they've steered us and continue to steer us in a completely daft direction! I think that’s generous. Dangerous, deceitful, dog-ate-my-homework non-plan

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