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Hedgehogs, Animal Cruelty

Hedgehog killed after firework attached to its head and set off

Hedgehog killed after firework attached to its head and set off


Hedgehog killed after firework attached to its head and set off

‘It comes with great sadness to say that the hedgehog has had to be put down,’ police say

An Aldabra giant tortoise is fed watermelon as a treat at the Malvern Autumn Show, at the Three Counties Showground near Malvern in Worcestershire

Tributes for former Rangers player Fernando Ricksen at Ibrox Stadium. Today, the funeral procession will pass Ibrox Stadium before making the journey to Wellington Church

Fire performer Penella Bee performs before people take part in the North East Skinny Dip at Druridge Bay in Nothumberland, an annual event that marks the Autumn Equinox and raises money for MIND - the Mental Health Charity

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What the fuck is wrong with that people man? I wish someone did the same to them. Sick bastards Whoever did it, deserves the same treatment. Poor thing. Human being is the most desgraceful specie. some people are just filth Despicable 🦔💔 Mother of God Jesus Christ! The future is so bleak Poor babe. 💔🦔 Destruction ofthe family in the UK has led to a creation of a nation of sociopaths


Fireworks disrupt Remembrance Sunday tributeA man who set off fireworks during a silent tribute is rescued from angry veterans by police. Disgusting Good for him..Let him spend a cold nigh in cell Bet he's a lefty.

I am generally against capital punishment. That said, I'd make exceptions 😡 bastards! We keep asking to ban the sale of explosives to the public and no one listens. EVIL HUMANS! Don’t tell me these things 😭 What on earth possesses people to do such cruel things Heartbreaking That’s a sign of pure evil. Poor hedgehog 😢

Idiots. Scum, who if found, should have the same done to them

Squatter sets off fireworks from abandoned pub during Remembrance silencePolice had to come to the man's rescue after angry veterans surrounded the pub shouting 'get him out'. Does the PoppyLegion actually do anything for veterans? Many veterans are homeless. Ile keep it clean for twitter but what a moron so disrespectful

May that person have the worst health, fate, and life possible until they croak. Sick! Very sick people indeed. Who’d a thunk this is news Can people please stop with all this “first step” in the making of a serial killer or domestic abuser or whatever. It’s more than enough to commit this barbarity. It isn’t a stepping stone to something else. It’s this and it’s vile.

The guy who did this, and yes it's a guy should be flagged as future violent offender I hope their heads get blown up. When they find who did this, let the sentence be the same action s/he gave the hedgehog. Attach a firework to his head and set it off. Sick sounds like a democrat joke that went bad N4th4nWW again I shouldn’t laugh, but...

If it isn’t rare mammal already the British countryside is losing hedgehogs a native mammal and UK will not be the same should we lose them altogether SaveTheHedgehogs SaveOurSmallMammals

Fury as man lets off fireworks during Remembrance Day silence in EcclesPolice say a 38-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of a public order offence and taken in for questioning. What law has been broken? That’s almost as bad as this: I refuse to wear one like Celtic fans I think we could have found some middle ground with Germany

People are destructive and evil yvetteshapiro What part of the bowels of hell does someone doing that come from! 33 minutes ago.....5 people have died of starvation. Sick beyond beleif Bastards! What the fuck is wrong with some people?.. Revolting animal cruelty. Guys who do this happily commit acts of domestic violence.

The sick bastards deserve the same thing done to them This is disgusting. There needs to be stiffer penalties for animal cruelty.

Yob ruins Remembrance service by launching firework into vets during silenceA YOB ruined a Remembrance Sunday service today by launching fireworks into a crowd of war veterans during the two-minute silence. Locals claimed the man set off a “rocket” shortly afte… Serías tú santiceballos Disgraceful Please bring out the firing squad

Animal cruelty is awful, & it will only stop when those responsible learn the errors of the ways. I believe in karma, & causation in this life can be quite quick. That's an abuse of the highest order. Oh my gosh, it was killed rudely Not a good sign on how the individual is going to treat humans as well.

OMG! Who is the real animal? Certainly the human that did such thing. I just wish him the same fate. That is how serial killers start, by killing animals. So sick. Anyone who thinks this kind of savagery is just a laugh, or doesn't matter, is a sociopath. Sick society which idiots are liking this? This is heart-breaking, who on earth would do something so cruel?!

I dont know what to say .I dont understand that level of cruelty..😥😔 Bethanne853

KSI v Logan Paul: KSI clarifies after telling Logan Paul he's 'going to f****** die'The British YouTuber has said he doesn't 'intend to kill' his US rival and only wants to 'kill his YouTube career and spirit'. Nobody is interested in this shit! Poor from sky to be marketing this the way they are What a shit show. Sly news...

What is wrong with people?

Professor dragged from river with severed arms of student, 24, in his bagPolice later found the woman's decapitated head inside the flat belonging to military historian Oleg Sokolov. Any accidental death is diminished when you 1.dont seek immediate help..2. cut the body with a saw..3.try to dispose of said parts

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