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Donald Trump, Evangelical Christianity

'He wears the armor of God': evangelicals hail Trump's church photo op

'He wears the armor of God': evangelicals hail Trump's church photo op

6/3/2020 1:31:00 PM

'He wears the armor of God': evangelicals hail Trump's church photo op

The president’s appeal to his base amid protests was derided by some Christians. Others saw a victory in a world of evil

Not every Christian answered the call. The Rev Gini Gerbasi, an Episcopal priest, said police used teargas to drive her and others from St John’s before Trump’s appearance. “They turned holy ground into a battleground,” she told Religion News Service.

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But many of Trump’s evangelical supporters, far from Washingtons political stage, saw the move as a victory in a world rife with evil.“My whole family was flabbergasted,” said Benjamin Horbowy, 37.The Horbowys had gathered in Tallahassee, Florida, to watch live as Trump walked from the White House to St John’s. “My mother just shouted out, ‘God give him strength! He’s doing a Jericho walk!’”

A Jericho walk, in some evangelical circles, refers to the biblical book of Joshua, where God commanded the Israelites to walk seven times around the opposing city of Jericho, whose walls then came crashing down.Horbowy already supported Trump politically – he heads the local chapter of a pro- Trump motorcycle club and is campaigning for a seat in Florida’s state senate – but when Trump lifted the Bible, Horbowy and his family felt overcome spiritually.

“My mother started crying. She comes from Pentecostal background, and she started speaking in tongues. I haven’t heard her speak in tongues in years,” he said. “I thought, look at my president! He’s establishing the Lord’s kingdom in the world.”Did he feel that conflicted with the Gospel of John, where Jesus said “my kingdom is not of this world”?

“Well,” Horbowy said, “that’s a philosophical question.”After watching Trump’s gesture, Horbowy changed his Facebook profile photo to one of Trump outside St John’s, with added rays of light emanating from the Bible. “It was the coolest thing he could do. What more could he do, wear blue jeans and ride in on a horse?” he said.

The catalysts for the protests was the killing of 46-year-old George Floyd by Minneapolis police. Asked about that, Horbowy said, “There’s a Bible verse that says we shouldn’t talk about evil things. We can just say, ‘There’s evil’ and move on.”He couldn’t remember the exact verse, he said.

So how did devotees like Horbowy become such a potent force that Trump would signal them in his hour of need? One answer lies in their relationship with Trump. They have given him their fervent support at the ballot box and in turn they have seen a conservative takeover of the courts and an assault on reproductive and LGBTQ+ rights.

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Their power and worldview is a culmination of trends that started decades ago, according to John Fea, a history professor at Messiah College and himself an evangelical Christian. “It’s rooted in fear,” he said.In the 1980s, Fea said, several forces converged to alarm white Christians: a removal of official prayer and Bible readings from schools, an influx of immigrants from Asia and the Middle East, and the final desegregation of schools like Bob Jones University.

“So came the emergence of the Christian right,” Fea said.Figures like Jerry Falwell and James Dobson started wielding political influence in a new way, followed today by a new generation that includes Franklin Graham and the Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress, one of Trump’s leading evangelical defenders. 

“What seems to be missing in much of the coverage is that a group of protesters had tried to burn that church to the ground 24 hours earlier,” Jeffress said. Jeffress sees no conflict between Trump’s behavior and the Bible he held up Monday evening. “You mean, does he pretend to be perfectly pious?” he said. “No.”

Fea calls faith leaders like Jeffress “court evangelicals”.“Trump has these people around him,” Fea said. “They’re telling him, ‘You need to get your evangelical base on board.People once concerned with piety, Fea said, now crave “an exercise in pure political power”, and the Bible is not longer a spiritual weapon but an earthly one.

When Trump describes himself as a “law and order” president and holds aloft a Bible, he conflates which law he will enforce, and whose order will follow. In a short speech before the walk to St John’s, Trump said he would “dominate the streets”. That is the “kingdom in the world” Horbowy referenced.

“I believe it’s like Ephesians 6:10 through 19,” Horbowy said from Florida. “I believe this is a president who wears the full armor of God.”But one of those verses – verse 12 – says explicitly that “we do not wrestle against flesh and blood”, but against spiritual enemies.

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“Well,” Howbowy said. “He’s fearless.” Read more: The Guardian »

Dear Evangelicals who think that this flaming aberration in human history wears the armour of God, please note that God may not necessarily approve of us simply waving a Bible at a pandemic. He expects us to do something more concrete than that in such times. When Fascism arrives in America it will be wrapped in a flag & carrying a cross.

This is a crazy world we live in! The God of war they mean? He doesn't represent my God, whose command was: 'love your neighbour as yourself' (even if is Mexican, muslim, black, Latin, poor, woman, Chinese...). Maybe he has serious literacy problems and didn't understand the message Lol This is one of the most batshit things I've read all year. Evangelicals live in another reality

So, invisible and imaginary? Evangelicals wouldn't know God if they were staring Him in the face Claiming to be a Christian, Trump holds up a bible outside a derelict church, using the Lord's name for his own vanity. Where are ncccusa (National Council of Churches of Christ) and Oikoumene (World Council of Churches) denouncing Trump? Was Christ a racist? BlackLivesMatter

parabridge2004 Hahaha... This photo is what finally turned the military against him. generalmattis finally compared Trump to a nazi, because of this photo. Aren’t you people paying attention. This is not a partisan issue. AmericaOrTrump This is blasphemy. Mr Trump is a coward who doesn’t have a decent impulse in his body Except for his own personal power and wealth. These so called evangelicals have deluded themselves and ignored the prophets, the Beatitudes, and the teachings of Jesus.

Despite bein* condemned by the bishop of that very church. None so blind as those who will not see. 😅😅😅😅 Donald Trump 'wears the armor of God' like a mall Santa wears a red suit - for show. No he is an ungodly sinner. In your terms, he will go straight to hell. 🤡 He’s channeling his hero. Fools! He's a television personality who knows how to write a script that gets him the ratings he wants🙄.

he was holding the bible upside down and gassed the clergy. how less Christian can you be? Jesus was a protester who stood for Jewish rights. The complete opposite of a man of God. He is the pungent oily discharge from the arsehole of the devil at best. just imagine photoshopping 'the bible' in this picture, with a copy of 'the Guardian', as so many do - would it produce a nicer world ?

just imagine replacing 'the bible' in this picture, with 'the Guardian', as so many - would it produce a nicer world ? Prick He SHOULD be ashamed of doing this, it has no meaning other than he likes publicity. BS BARF They are like eve in the garden of eden. These blasphemers are so far in the tank for Der Trump it's a wonder, no, miracle, they haven't drowned yet.

FFS - beggars belief Someone tell him his armour makes him look fat. Drain the swamp of trump and his gang of criminals in Warshington, lol Those evangelicals actually fell for that crap? SeparationOfChurchAndState Theocracy And Osama bin Laden was attempting to establish the Kingdom of God on earth too. 'She comes from Pentecostal background, and she started speaking in tongues.' 'Look at my president! He’s establishing the Lord’s kingdom in the world.'

What the fuck was he in a bunker for then The original and best ArmourOfGod The armor of God is only there if U walk in the spirit, meaning that U have 2 be a doer in the word & not a hearer. By striving in the mind to be christ minded is the only way 2 shield your self from the fiery darts that causes different principles & powers to control their minds

🤮🤮🤮🤮 Fundamentalists+radicalization, meet your friendly evangelical! Any Christian or religion that supports Trump is not a true believer in the Higher Source. If they support him then they are on the wrong side of the road and are not true believers. God is not racist, God is not evil, God does not push for violence, God does not condone rape.

These people are worshiping Trump not God! We all wear the Armour of god Guardian newspaper 🗞 readers 👩‍🏫 ... even if you don’t believe in the gods 💋because if you think 🤔 about it ! .. you have a belief regarding Mr and Mrs god ... 🧜‍♀️do you not ? Dear guardian readers 👨‍🏫 ? .. so ... ya buggered 😀💋🌹

“When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.' -Sinclair Lewis Todayitarrived. He's literally a paedophile and rapist. Even the devil must be confused by this headline. That photo outside St Johns Church with the Bible. Isn’t that what they used to call Heresy? Having worked on a couple of occasions for evangelical churches I have seen them for what they are...businesses. And a pretty amazing business model it is too.

The cult of Trump. A wolf in sheep's clothing. Beware. I am at a loss to explain the reasoning for the mad fanatical trump supporters. For a man who clearly has little or no faith and see’s chruch/bible as photo opportunity, they still lap it up. It was same with characters like jim Jones, clearly mad but people follow

No, he was just inspecting it .... 😂 Is that how he survived his own personal Vietnam? The man reads the Bible so infrequently that he refers to 'two Corinthians' Any thinking Christian knows he's full of deceit and blasphemy. The rest of them probably have racist or racist leanings. And Catholic priest are paedophiles and rapists. LOL these churches 😂

The devil holding the devils book.. 😈👹👺 Stay away from Hillsong Trump. Brian is no man if God. This creativity in interpreting the scripture is both impressive it's single mindedness, and astounding that believers can be so ignorant of the world around us. Heaven help us. Literally. 🙏 Correction. Cultists not evangelicals.

'Mad godbotherers praise mad pretend godbotherer' Don't these Evangelicals realise that God doesn't exist? More emperor's new clothes. Actually, the idea of him wearing that is just one nasty image. Ffs there just can't be that many horrible human beings 😢 He blasphemes the name of Christ on the daily and allows himself to used as a tool for the devil, it’s so disgusting. But God will not be mocked.

NO.....HE DOES NOT! while he grabs 14 year olds by the pussy, becomes a sycophant for a russian oligarch, and shoots at americans engaged in peaceful protest for the sake of a photo opp. Lust, envy, pride and wrath.. forget attempts at pious he’s damn near the anti christ The Old Testament makes it clear. The Devil will come in a fat suit, his waist size will number 666 and he will don a fake tan, a fake hairpiece and spake inarticulate ineptitudes.

Trump farts and the evangelicals say it’s the Holy Ghost 🤦🏽‍♀️ That’s why I despise religion. Brainwash at its best LOL This is NOT Christianity. Christ wasn't white. This is low even for him. GovHowardDean Of course they do. Since this was political theatre, it’s important to remind everyone that one of the rules of theatre is you never touch a prop that isn’t yours

Rioting and Looting cures Covid-19! Amazing! They are to me the same as Islamic terrorists, only with a different skin color and a different religion misinterpreted. GovHowardDean It was Sickening to watch our own military use TEAR GAS & RUBBER BULLETS against peaceful protesters, all the DISGUSTING WHITE people following Donald Trump to hold a bible for 5 minutes in front of a Church defaming the Church. Shameless

Armor to protect against god. Bible holding in hands is a new hoax Christian here 👋 Nothing realDonaldTrump has said or done makes me think he understands or cares about the love and grace of Jesus Christ. He could take a Bible selfie in front of every church in America, for all I care. He needs my God kicking his ass...

Oh god! & I thought we muslims r thick! I always wondered why some of the Muslims don’t admit that murdering innocents is wrong/anti-Islam? Now I know it’s not limited within 1 religion or being atheist also don’t help. Some people r just stupid & bad, religion is just an excuse. One problem: If you’re the devil, who do you SAY you are?

American Evangelicals stretch the boundaries of what it means to be Christian to the breaking point and beyond. I wonder what these foolish people would say if confronted by John Knox. Or what he'd say to them. They are MAD!!!! Twat He’s not the messiah. They love their Bunker Boy. Sickening. God is love, and this man stands for hatred and division.

Oh no! He absolutely does NOT!! Cloak of Evil, more like! Envagelicals are not Christians they are a Fascism Trumper cult. Let’s separate them. GovHowardDean Evangelicals are extremist Christians. They are cultists, not true Christians. So holding a Bible makes someone a good Christian ?robertjeffress RevDrBarber No need to study? No need to repent? No need for salvation?

He knows absolutely nothing about the Bible or being a Christian!! The mother speaks in tongues because of trump. How many of these people could there be? I assume these are the same 'Christians' that cherry-pick for what supports them and avoid reading Matthew 6. It's not an armor christians. It's orange fake tan

Matt 15:8 - These people serve me with their lips but their hearts are far away. Richard III before the Bishops, Act III Sc.7 His minions are crazy and dangerous As always the does little research on evangelical thinking 💭 and puts together a fluff piece. Since there are close to a billion evangelicals worldwide (1 in 7 of humanity) - it must have been very difficult for them to get more sources.

Come on. The picture was set up to deliberately appeal to his evangelical fan base. The bible borrowed from the church behind him. Try as I may,and I do, I just can't decide whether he's better than Spike Milligan or not. Spike got a damned sight more laughs but Donny----? IKR 🤙🏻 PABB He wears ‘the armour of God’ plus many armed guards making sure nobody breathes the same air as him...

No one cares what evangelicals think in this country anymore. They've become as radicalized as ISIS in their belief system. They've become who they proclaimed to hate. ...and behaves like a devil towards peaceful protesters! Has he actually ever read a bible - I suspect not and anyway was he religious before he got voted into the White House! Church goer? Renown believer in God? Proof if the above?

If their God is Satan, sure. Some people are so delusional. This blind support is as horrific as Trump's own actions. Makes my flesh crawl. Religious symbol is the rightest refuge from moral bankruptcy Evangelicals have shown what demons they really are in supporting this most unchristian and amoral president in history.

Ick! Your taking the Michael now. Evangelicals are 2 issue voters. 1. No gays 2. No abortions You can -be prideful -be greedy -be vengeful -be envious -be lustful -be gluttonous -be indifferent -kill -idolize -be adulterous -be hateful -disrespect -lie -covet -challenge God -murder grandma -Sunday golf -swear

Trump's really done a number on these guys. “Thw devil can quote scripture for his purposes..” And they wonder why people see religion as a joke. I suspect most of those slagging him off for being religious are the same people that get offended if anyone criticises Islam? I'm not religious by the way. Of course. This is what this stunt was all about. The mighty hand of God working his magic through Trump. It won’t make him win in 2020 though. He’ll undoubtedly start his own version of an evangelical network when finally pried from the White House. God loves him so much!

With 666 across his forehead GovHowardDean Trump knows his viewers and exploits them everyday. They are his perfect mark. Only the Tele-evangelists no doubt. Th is monster and the perverted evangelical movement behind him do not speak for Christianity, just as Jihadists do not speak for Islam. Matthew 7:15

🤮🤮🤮 And they cannot spell either - it is “armour” just like “colour” 😂😂😂😂😂 And this is why I don't like Christianity 🤷🏼‍♂️ I can’t believe everyone doesn’t know he can walk on water. Funnily enough he wasn’t aiming at them. He was aiming at his base, the ones with military grade weapons, he even mentioned the 2nd Amendment, and incited them to start shooting.

LamestreamMedia FakeChristian fakereligion 🤔😳🙄😂😂😂😂😂😂 Morally bankrupt hypocrites! Appeasing to the bleach drinkers Yeah, if that god is Aphrodite. But importantly, what do Christians make of it? Definitely *NOT* a bunch of cult members. NOPE Hitler! TrumpDictatorship is nearing its end and it’s gonna be huge

Sure he does. As the antichrist. Satan is rubbing his hands together and laughing. President of U.S. believes in sky fairies. Says it all 🙄 Like hell he does! He wouldn’t even know where to find Ephesians in the book he’s holding. Devil..devil.. Funny how the press are the enemy of the people, unless you want your picture taken.

The Guardian, that illustrious socialist rag, famed for peddling only high quality bullshit! Imagine tear-gassing a crowd just to clear the way for a photo op with a bible and a church. What the hell has happened to America I usually respect all religions but these people are crazy to think he follows the rule of God. He is his on god and answers to no one. His administration is so scared of him that they can’t say no to him. This is not the way in the eyes of the lord.

bunkerBitch This is not all christians! He's spent more time inside StormyDaniels than a church (and I bet that didn't take long). Trump is clearly playing to his base but has possibly misjudged the swing voters who won him the election. They were seduced by sticking it to the establishment and MAGA only to find out that it’s a Trump scam. They will see this crass stunt for what it is.

Nutters. Just like Bishop Gerald Glen, RIP. GovHowardDean Evangelicals want a totalitarian dream world ruled by an autocrat. I don't think I've seen a worse ad for Christianity. Hypocrisy is rife among these evangelicals Well, he wears that and tear gas. What a disgrace! . Not a man of god a man who wants your vote who needs your vote

All this proves is that evangelicals are incredibly credulous and extremely easily impressed! Trump is a charlatan and any decent and rational person can see this. Try to inject the bible and see if You recover! Some Evangelicals are false prophets. We Are Not All Evangelicals and Evangelicals you do not own me!

Why would God, any God, need armour? These soul workers unfortunately are soulless, sad! Actually, he wears diapers. Not in my name! Not my God! Are you religious freaks kidding me? He sends the Police and military to lump up non violent protesters for a photo op and you all say it's OK? Well what do you have to say now.? Hippocrats, just plain and simply Hippocrats.

They all realize hell is coming for the racist bastards I hear he wears depends. Not sure if it's true but a lot of people are saying it. 😏 These particular evangelicals are going to hell. It was a less than perfect imitation of the Statue of Liberty. GovHowardDean Ha Ha Ha .... very funny I think we all stopped believing that evangelicals had anything to do with God years ago

Surely most Americans won't vote for him in again.... There is nothing shocking about this. These people prove they are dumb as fuck by giving money to tv conmen to buy their private jets thinking it’s going to get them into heaven. Can we call them white supremacists and not insult the Christian faith with their hate? They just happen to hide behind bibles...

That's tan spray and makeup poor souls DonaldTrump memes martine69373153 God would have ordered a lighting stroke on him ~ He deserves to be embattled, isolated, ignored, and mocked by the whole World, including the United States. In fact, he & Indian PM Modi deserves far, far worse. Pharisees were rebuked in the bible

Which God is that? There are thousands! He wears the armour of a cowardly BunkerBoy Is that what the orange cheeto like coating on him is? Looks like fake tan to me tbh Is that what they see? Really? There are none so blind as those who will not see. I speak for sane Christians… WE DONT CLAIM HIM! They clearly skipped the parts of the Bible which covered false prophets, the golden calf, the Antichrist, and evidently the Ten Commandments.

GovHowardDean If there really was a god I’m sure he would consider another flood right about now. That wont help you People always build God in their own image. The God they worship is so clearly a misogynistic, 'roided up, gun-toting, homophobic racist who preaches slavery and theft of Native lands in His name. There is no point arguing religion with them. Their God is not decent.

Selective repentance: President uses the Bible as a symbol for a photo op while creating division to 'takes control' of the streets. If you put the Bible in public square how about quoting the Scriptures - they mention the treatment of poor and the marginalised over 300 times? realDonaldTrump hiding behind a bible 😆 What is this? Praying for divine intervention? Or an attempt to gain more voters? The latter I'm guessing. warmonger racist FailedPresident

The man is a Knob. He is using the Bible to con people into thinking that he is right. Luckily, anybody with a brain knows that he is just another Fascist DICKtator. Whaaat?!? They are utter nutcases! The idea of Trump as someone who lives Christian values is astonishing. What do these Evangelicals believe in ?

GovHowardDean If that’s how evangelicals feel, they’re turning me into an atheist. This evangelical sees this man’s actions as hollow and hateful and an embarrassment to Christians everywhere. Beating up peaceful protesters so that he can have a photo op and raise a Bible upside down says everything you need to know about those 'christians'. Devil worshipers are what they are.

One must be pretty naive to believe that Trump ever read the bible but to believe that he is a commited Christian you must be nuts. He’s taking them all for fools. Which, of course, is what they are. They are a means to an end, no more or less. He cares only about himself. If god supports that shit then I’d rather burn in hell...

Oh for fucks sake. the armour of god being tear gas, an AR-15 with red dot sights, Kevlar and stun grenades. Who would have thought that the armour of god was a load-out option in CoD... Gawd help us all oh ok, its not the hordes of SS gorillas around him, sure its the armor of god. lmao. The intelligence level in America is at an all-time low. That’s why we are ripe for a dictatorship and he has it.

While holding the Bible upside down If that was true he wouldn't need to hide in a bunker because no one would be able to hurt him. I would say they’re blind to reason but then....I mean, they believe in a bearded man who lives in the sky GovHowardDean And the diaper of Satan.... Is there no republican Christians who isnt a arsehole they can back instead

These are the evilgelicals who want to hasten the Rapture. Please Rapture come and take them all so we can start healing We live in a world ruled by sociopaths unfortunately & that goes for workplaces as well. They sow discord and are massively destructive influences! Or possibly that of a false prophet

If trump is the best your god can come with, I’ll pass, thanks. Kind of scary how some evangelicals fall fast for a false prophet like Trump. 🤣 I don’t think so! get down vapers and capers raga rasa regimes sounds true get down. god speed watt ever cyberspace is space station space command et down~! I hadn't realized that there is something like voluntary cretinery.

JFC God is death. The MAGA cult leader is a biblical false idol: 'You shall have no other gods before me.' Exodus 20:3, Matthew 4:10, Luke 4:8 GovHowardDean Wow. They’re going to be pissed when they eventually realize they were duped. Suckers That armour must be made of the same stuff as the king’s new clothes? Bunch of assholes!

Zod, more like. Nonsense 😣 What a sh*t and incomplete article; at least one can see the type of voters he gets: he has a cult. Forged in blind fanatismo and fears. Jim Jones had too... If they believe his behaviour is virtuous then they have seriously lost their way. LOL. Y’all wild. GovHowardDean He wears an armor, alright, but it's not quite the one you think......

Trump does not believe in God! He only thinks of himself! Mindless fools 😫🤮 OMG. The 'tard can barely spell 'Bybal.' 🤣🤣🤣 GovHowardDean Are evangelicals even Christians? GUESSING GAME! Which of the the 10 commandments has realDonaldTrump NOT broken? Now he needs to read it. Ivanka Trump carried the Bible Donald Trump posed with in her $1,540 Max Mara handbag in infamous photo-op 'masterminded by Hope Hicks' could anyone who has ever read the New Testament support this hater for even one second? He wears this... Evangelicals are just as narcissistic as Donald Trump. That's why they worship him as their new God. That and Jesus just wasn't white enough to fill the bill. VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020 JoeBiden

Under His eye. Evangelicals: of course better known as the sane voice of reason 🙃🔫 Cool so toss him in the lake and see if he floats 🤮 God in our hearts but hides in a bunker TrumpOut2020 is shameless When hearing 'Armour of god' my first thoughts are: 'So Jackie Chan can help us get rid of that lunatic?'

He wears the armor of racism, ineptness, narcissism, grift, obstruction, manipulation, cowardice, gluttony, lies, and stupidity. aim for the head I know leaps of faith are encouraged in these circles, but these people do know he isn't even religious, don't they? He wears the armour of money Continually amazed, flabbergasted really...people endlessly waiting, contemplating, speculating when Donald John Trump will alter from every stupid, despicable, mean spirited and heinous thought and action perpetrated on America in the name of 'greatness'.

does he f*ck lol When you combine religion with politics cultish things like this happen. Armour of God? More like if God took a mighty dump and colored it orange. 'He wears the armor of God' like the Emperor's new clothes. Totalitarian Tip: Put on the armor of God even if you don't believe in Him. Stop demonizing Christians

🤮 They deserve him They are as crazy as him, I would even call him the devil, or at least what he called himself when elected 'the messenger' The most nauseating picture.... What planet is this man on? 🤮 American Evangelicalism is a Death Cult. Assaulting people for propaganda? Even china feels bad for US citizens

They wear the pisspot of stupidity. KoolAid flowing in Fox Land. Everyone adds to or detracts from one thing or another giving a whole perspective, GOD is not all too fussy when it comes to that. Has to do with that pesky free will clause. he wears a wig This is the beginning of the end- for this brand of evangelicalism

Charlamagne tha God clashes with ‘delusional’ Rush Limbaugh over ‘white privilege’ remarks‘It’s designed to intimidate and make people admit they’re guilty,’ the controversial personality said THAT ALL GAY PROPAGANDA As usual Rush is right At least they were having a dialogue. But journalists prefer to just throw verbal firebombs at people and then close down their comments section

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Trump accused of tear-gassing peaceful protesters 'for a photo-op' at nearby church'The point was the tear gas. Not the photo op,' Democratic senator writes on Twitter Sod off More than an accusation guys. We Americans watched it unfold live on television. IT HAPPENED! Call 911

George Floyd death: Bishop 'outraged' by Trump's photo-op outside church'He was using our church as the backdrop and the Bible as a prop in ways that I found to be deeply offensive,' says the bishop. Absolute scum Grrrrrr I'm outraged!!!! I have no idea why I'm outraged, but because other Twitter users say they are outraged, I feel I must be outraged too. skynew bill of rights decleard war martial lawer state of emagrgency war power act it as go thow house sente congress ALL DEMOCRATIC ALL REPUBLICE GOING TO FEAR ENOUGH NOW FULL ENOUGH ABUSE POWER HOLD BIBLE UP SID DOWN OUT RAGE ALL CITYS TOWN STATE USA CANDA UK WORLD PART2

Steve Bell on Trump's church photo op amid George Floyd protests — cartoonThe Episcopal bishop of Washington DC has said she is “outraged” after officers used teargas to clear a crowd of peaceful protesters from near the White House to make way for Donald Trump My only critique of this caricature is that only his face is orange in reality. He looked pathetic

Protesters brutally dispersed ahead of Trump's photo opportunity with a Bible – videoProtesters brutally dispersed ahead of Trump's photo opportunity at St. John's Church. Non-lethal fascism is still fascism. RT + FOLLOW NOW! This account will be leaking many things the ****** is trying to hide from us and has already started. Follow us to see these leaks before Twitter delete them. We can all work together and end this We are Legion Expect us We don’t forgive We don’t forget Brutally, eh?