Harry Enfield uses racist slur 'c**n' while defending blackface on Radio 4

6/11/2020 11:29:00 AM

Enfield said he didn't regret dressing up as Nelson Mandela.

Harry Enfield has come under heavy criticism for using a racial slur while defending blackface comedy.

Enfield said he didn't regret dressing up as Nelson Mandela.

supports HTML5 video Harry Enfield has come under fire for using the word ‘c**n’ in an interview defending blackface.will be sending their wishes over a video call.expecting her first child with Orlando Bloom.Harry Styles like to keep the world guessing.

The Kevin The Teenager actor appeared on Radio 4 with Nick Robinson to debate TV shows like Little Britain and The League Of Gentlemen being removed from streaming services due to their use of blackface.And while arguing his stance with comedian and writer Ava Vidal, the 59-year-old used a racial slur when harking back to older, offensive comedy routines.The royal correspondent revealed the Queen and Prince Philip will celebrate his birthday together before marking the occasion in a very different way with his family.Enfield said: ‘Obviously, Al Jolson or GH Elliott who played the Chocolate Coloured C**n, in the thirties, they perpetuated the myth of the happy negro, who was very happy to sing under the crack of the whip."I saw him on a plane, it was so funny.Obviously that’s deeply offensive.Lorraine asked: “Now we know famously he doesn’t like a lot of fuss and a lot of bother so what do you think they’re going to be doing today, they’re in lockdown so there can’t be a giant family occasion, of course, what do you reckon they’ll be doing?” Read more: Meghan Markle will mark Prince Philip's birthday with a video call (Image: GETTY•PA) Prince Philip's birthday celebrations were discussed on Good Morning Britain (Image: ITV) Prince Philip birthday: Tributes paid to Duke for pivotal role played Roya revealed: “Well it’s going to be very very low-key, pretty much like every other day they’ve spent in isolation at Windsor Castle.’ Advertisement Advertisement Robinson pointed out that many listeners would find the slur offensive, saying that Enfield was using it in inverted commas, with the comedian continuing: ‘Well, that was his name on stage.She was looking for a Pepsi.

’ The comic then claimed that he wasn’t happy that he could ‘would not be allowed’ to satirise a non white Prime Minister.“From William and Kate, almost certainly from Harry, Meghan and Archie in the States, from Charles and Camilla, the wider family."He was so happy for me, he actually, you know what he was so sweet.Harry Enfield has come under fire for his comments (Picture: Ian Gavan/Getty Images) He said: ‘But I’ve played Margaret Thatcher, John Major, Tony Blair, David Cameron – four Prime Ministers.Say if Rishi Sunak became Prime Minister.Prince Philip will have a low-key lunch with the Queen (Image: GETTY).I would find it difficult that I would not be allowed to play him because of the colour of his skin." Honestly, we wouldn't expect anything less.’ Vidal hit back: ‘I’m sure you can take the mickey out of the Prime Minister without blacking up, if there was a black Prime Minister..

’ Earlier in the conversation, Enfield defended himself dressing in blackface to play Nelson Mandela on Ruddy Hell! It’s Harry and Paul.Claiming he wanted to play his ‘hero’ Mandela by riffing on a stereotype, he said: ‘At the time, there was a lot of things in the paper about drugs, so I made him a drug dealer, or a peddler of alcopops to children and things like that, which I thought was so wrong it was alright..I wouldn’t do it now, but I don’t think I regret it.To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video ‘I definitely think there should still be a conversation about it.’ Vidal, however, hit back at his reasoning, saying: ‘If you’re going to do comedy, why wouldn’t you subvert the stereotype, why wouldn’t you challenge it, why would you reinforce it?’ She also questioned that by Enfield’s reasoning, he would have played Margaret Thatcher as a ‘hooker’.Harry and Kendall were first romantically linked in 2013 and it seems the chemistry is still very much alive.

The writer explained why blackface was so offensive, saying: ‘You have to look at the origins of blackface.It was distorting black people’s features, it was done for the entertainment of white people and it was done promoting negative stereotypes, and it normalises dehumanisation.’ Robinson asked: ‘Isn’t comedy all about poking fun at all kinds of stereotypes, people who are ginger, people who are Scottish?’, with Vidal replying: ‘Comedy is about being funny, and punching down and picking on oppressed people is not funny.’ The segment has been widely criticised on social media, with people also calling out Vidal’s name being mispronounced by Robinson and the comedian being given less time to speak than Enfield.Advertisement Advertisement One person tweeted: ‘Oh god.

Car crash on @BBCRadio4 with 2 white men cutting over black woman, mispronouncing her name & telling her why blacking up isn’t always offensive.‘@BBCr4today this is what people mean by embedded racism.Harry Enfield got far longer to speak.’ Journalist Anita Singh tweeted: ‘Listening to Harry Enfield saying ‘c**n’ on @BBCr4today(“but that’s what he was called!”) is not really how I wanted to start the day’, while another tweet read: ‘Harry Enfield just *unironically* explained that he blacked up to portray Nelson Mandela as a drug dealer to demonstrate how ridiculous the stereotyping was.I think he just won the race to the bottom.

’ Others expressed that they would be complaining to the station over Enfield’s use of a racial slur.MORE:.

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Actually I heard the interview and he came across well but I don’t suppose that sells papers and this is why we dont trust the press nowadays folks, read the article , check on what was said and never read the metro again That's not what 'using a slur' means. Totally misleading headline. PLENTY OF BLACK COMEDIENS ARE RACIST ALL THEY EVER GO ON ABOUT IS WHITE PEOPLE IN THEIR SHOWS

Yawn. This is getting boring now.l. Let's not forget he had a part in the upbringing of Lily Allen. He should be banished from civilised society for that alone. I don't think too many are offended with Goodness Gracious Me and they are escaping scrutiny with a lot of their stereotyping of White British people in their sketch show

Of course they don’t like him because he is funny, if it was the unfunny as fuck Frankie Boyle there would be no problem

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to mark Prince Philip's birthday in this heartwarming wayMEGHAN MARKLE will celebrate Prince Philip's 99th birthday by joining Prince Harry and their son Archie on a zoom call with the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh sometime today. Hydroxychloroquine could be bought over the counter and is fairly inexpensive. But its purchase and use has been severely restricted ever since it was named as a possible treatment for COVID19 coronavirus A real present for him would be not to be embarrassed by his layabout grandson and not to have the hag constantly slagging off the British people and the RF. It's okay, Sunshine Saxx... 🙄🙄.

Vidal sounds like a knob

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