'Ground-breaking' unmanned combat aircraft project in Northern Ireland

'Ground-breaking' unmanned combat aircraft project in Northern Ireland

1/25/2021 7:29:00 AM

'Ground-breaking' unmanned combat aircraft project in Northern Ireland

The 'loyal wingman' will fly alongside fighter jets while armed with missiles, surveillance and electronic warfare technology.

More than 100 jobs will be supported by production of a new unmanned combat aircraft in Northern Ireland.Work on the aircraft, nicknamed the"loyal wingman", is set to begin after £30m of government investment and Spirit AeroSystems in Belfast has been selected to lead Team Mosquito in the next phase of the project.

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The aircraft will be designed to fly at high speed alongside fighter jets, the Ministry of Defence said.It will be armed with missiles, surveillance and electronic warfare technology.It will be the UK's first uncrewed platform able to target and shoot down enemy aircraft and survive surface-to-air missiles.

AdvertisementTeam Mosquito will aim to produce a full-scale vehicle flight-test programme by 2023.The director of Future Combat Air at the MoD, Richard Berthon, said:"Project Mosquito is a vital element of our approach to Future Combat Air, rapidly bringing to life design, build and test skills for next generation combat air capabilities. headtopics.com

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We will need unmanned combat aircraft against China, where they can swamp you with man power. Lose a good number of men and you’re sunk. Sounds like their engineers got inspired after watching the 2005 movie “Stealth” once too many times. Skynet? think thrice before engaging with hm forces. 🤟 It will be interesting when these get hacked..

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Sounds exciting but a 100 jobs is hardly a lot is it? Waste of money Team mosquito eh. I will email this to my grandmother. She is always going on about unmanned combat aircraft in Northern Ireland. She has dementia. They want independence don't they? Keep a sharp eye on these buggers. The Scottish will have one soon...

Wot. Why don't they use drones instead? A dick contest. Kick them out. Brexit their ass.