Greg Clark: no-deal Brexit would destroy 'thousands' of jobs

Greg Clark: no-deal Brexit would destroy 'thousands' of jobs


Greg Clark: no-deal Brexit would destroy 'thousands' of jobs

Business secretary’s warning comes as peers back bid to stop new PM proroguing Commons

Clark told Sky News on Friday that the disruption of a no-deal departure would lead to job losses. “It’s evident that if you have the disruption that comes from a no-deal Brexit there will be people that will lose their jobs. It’s many thousands of jobs. Everyone knows that.”

A cross-party group has laid down amendments to the Northern Ireland bill that seek to build on a similar measure introduced by Dominic Grieve in the Commons on Tuesday.

Dominic Grieve’s amendment passed by only one vote, but Hayter felt that there would be enough support for it in the Lords.

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Thousands is a huge understatement. Direct job losses will be hundreds of thousands and the knock on effects after a year or two will be above a million, as the interest rates, lack of investment and bankruptcy work through the economy. Pathetic nonsense for the weak & gullible Boris is going to lose Since joining the EU we have lost hundreds of thousands of jobs. In ford Dagenham gone, Corby steel gone, avensis pharmaceuticals gone, coryton oil refinery gone.and many more, All before 2016

Tens of thousands of jobs, overnight. Then a hundreds of thousands or more over years. Meanwhile, population would continue to grow, children would graduate and many, many new jobs would simply not be created. More mouths to feed, fewer jobs. Not a formula for success. There is one problem with this headline which is nobody knows what will happen because no country has left the EU before. I am sure their are other countries that are thinking of leaving just waiting to see what the result would be.

Brexit will destroy lives. This is not 'Project Fear' it is based on many, many analytical reports. Jobs, rise in food prices, medical shortages, shortages of medical staff the list goes on and on. Brexit will bring nothing but misery. No kidding?.... well if Greg says it then it must be true Yeah. But it's only for about 30 years.........

If not tens or hundreds of thousands of jobs. Give Jefferson_MFG a follow for positive jobs and investment news that doesn't fit the narrative, and therefore doesn't get a minute of airtime from the MSM

MP's fury as Cabinet pair warn against no-deal BrexitCABINET duo Philip Hammond and Greg Clark infuriated Brexiteer Tory MPs yesterday by urging Britain’s next prime minister to avoid a no-deal Brexit.

On both sides of the channel, is that putting it into perspective! 3 years of this bullshit and people aren't buying it no, hundreds of thousands Nick_SE6 Obviously. More Project Fear Lest We Forget! The 17.4 Million Voters! Duh.

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