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From The Sopranos to Fleabag: 10 of the best television finales

From The Sopranos to Fleabag: 10 of the best television finales

9/17/2021 5:40:00 PM

From The Sopranos to Fleabag : 10 of the best television finales

Demons, dinosaur attacks, an inspired advertising pitch … There are many ways to conclude a much-loved show. Here are the most memorable

so special is its very last moment. After the trials of the preceding episodes – weddings, miscarriages, love affairs, gins in tins – Fleabag has a moment of realisation. The fourth wall, the thing she has been confiding with since we met her, is holding her back. And so – with a sad, sweet smile – she waves us goodbye.

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Oil be fine ... Larry Hagman as JR in Dallas.Photograph: Lorimar/Kobal/ShutterstockDallas1978–1991As in It’s a Wonderful Life, an angel comes to Earth to show JR Ewing what things would be like had he never been born. Unlike It’s a Wonderful Life, however, the angel then turns into a glowing-eyed devil who starts screaming about how JR should definitely kill himself. Which, as endings go, is fairly unexpected.

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