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France halts more migrant crossings after Patel threatens to pull 'conditional' £54m deal

France halts more migrant crossings after Patel threatens to pull 'conditional' £54m deal

9/18/2021 2:35:00 AM

France halts more migrant crossings after Patel threatens to pull 'conditional' £54m deal

FRANCE has stopped more than two thirds of migrant channel crossings since Priti Patel threatened to withdraw a £54 million deal to control the migrant issue, reports suggest.

(Image: PA)The £54 million aid package would help fund a network of asylum reception centres in France to accommodate migrants before they attempt a crossing to the UK.However, the number of crossings halted by the French has increased by more than two thirds since the Home Secretary mentioned pulling the money.

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According to the Home Office, there have been 2,923 attempted Channel crossings in the ten subsequent days after The Times revealed Patel was considering withdrawing the funds.In those ten days, the French have stopped 1,777 of them, which is more than the 1,115 people who made it to the UK.

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I hope she is taxing imports from France to pay for this....

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