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First-grader didn't remove mask for school photo because of his mom

First-grader, 6, refuses to remove his mask for school photo because his mother told him to keep it on

9/26/2021 3:45:00 PM

First-grader, 6, refuses to remove his mask for school photo because his mother told him to keep it on

Mason Peoples, 6, of Las Vegas , Nevada, became an internet sensation after he refused to take off his mask on picture day at school because his mother told him not to remove it unless he's eating.

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Chris Packham: Fire attack on New Forest home will not sway me

The broadcaster vows to continue campaigning after a suspected arson attack outside his home.

Since when is it ok to make a spectacle of a 1st grade child. Why is this news. Certain kind of precious!❤️ At last a child who listens to his mum! FBAvoices Is this child adopted or mixed is the big question here What a great little boy, and what a great job his Mum's doing 🙏 And also, the photo was taken during a pandemic, so why Wouldn't the pictures reflect that?...

Good looking young man there What a great demonstration of future character! We can only feel sorry for him. When the mask-vaccine madness ends (and it will surely end), this child will have to undergo a long treatment in a psychiatric clinic. How does this become a story? Who could possibly care? This is what fear and misinformation does to people.

Well done kiddo.

We've got our first glimpse at the new Kardashian reality show and we're *excited*Kim Kardashian gave fans a glimpse into the KarJenner's new reality show when she shared a snapshot of the first day of filming to her Instagram Story.

🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ how embarrassing Good for this kid! Parent’s choice, right? Leave the kid alone and let him do his part in stopping the spread of COVID-19! I feel sorry for Parents and Children, whose lives & mental health have been ruined by the constant FearPorn of this Fakedemic, played on Media and by Politicians, funded by Pharmaceutical industry!

He's clever Aunque más adelante tendrá que aprender que crecer es incompatible con una obediencia extrema a sus padres.

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China must be prepared to strike first using nukes, top diplomat saysSha Zukang, China's former ambassador to the UN, has called on Beijing to drop its policy that means nukes can only be used in retaliation in response to America's growing Pacific presence. Who made the mounster? The East.

Margaret Keenan: First UK person to get the Pfizer jab gets boosterMargaret Keenan, the first person in the world to get vaccinated against Covid outside of clinical trials, receives booster jab If ethics didn’t exist, we could host clinical trials to figure out what could make humans immortal. Casualties acceptable. AFTER Joan Collins!