Face masks make people look more attractive, study finds

Face masks make people look more attractive, study finds

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1/13/2022 8:14:00 PM

Face masks make people look more attractive, study finds

Images of men wearing a blue medical face mask were perceived as being the most attractive

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This seems to be true in the canine world also. Oh i thought because it sets off the eyes 😍 Always found a brown paper bag would have same affect very often. 😂 Face masks also mean saving money, if, like me, you normally spend a small fortune on lipstick. Ok, perhaps not a habit you have cultivated. We’re still in the ugly category then as hardly any people wear them here 😡

How was beauty defined in the research ?just curious! There must be some pretty unattractive people out there. Final reason why governments keep promoting the myth they are effective though. COVID19 Covid_19 Covid19Uk Mask masksdontwork WearAMask 'Ugly is beauty' -- Newspeak Ha, yes! And, not wearing them when you shpuld and yelling and swearing about your 'rights' and your 'freedoms' does the opposite ;-)

'China and the US Competition over Africa'. Stupid science

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