Face masks in classrooms expected to be scrapped

Face masks expected to be no longer required in classrooms in England from 17 May

5/10/2021 5:56:00 PM

Face masks expected to be no longer required in classrooms in England from 17 May

Ministers expected to confirm face masks not needed in England's secondary classrooms from 17 May.

Leaving lockdownWhen schools returned during last term face masks were expected to be worn in secondary schools, where social distancing was not possible - in a safety measure intended to be temporary.The next stage of relaxing lockdown measures, to be announced on Monday, is likely to see the withdrawal of advice to wear masks in class, as part of a package of changes being implemented from 17 May.

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image copyrightimage captionAbout half of students have been taught online since the Christmas holidaysSchools minister Nick Gibb has already signalled to the education select committee that if "the roadmap is going in the direction that we expect it to go in, then we hope that face masks will not be necessary after that date".

Although there could be some more details about wearing masks in other areas of school, outside of lessons.Geoff Barton, leader of the ASCL head teachers' union, said: "It is obviously better for communication and learning if we don't need to have children wearing face masks in classrooms. headtopics.com

"But we know there will be concerns among some staff and parents about the risk of infection," he said.The heads' leader said any change should be kept under review, depending on the safety advice, and that it was vital that the decision on masks should have "clarity" so that schools are not facing "grey areas left to negotiate".

But a group of scientists and unions, including the National Education Union, last week wrote to the Department for Education to say they were "extremely concerned" at the prospect of face coverings no longer being required in secondary schools.

They argued that masks were still a required safety measure in shops and public transport and there was a lack of evidence that it was time to withdraw their use in schools.The letter, signed by more than 20 scientists and health experts, suggested that a change in wearing masks in schools should not be considered until the next stage of ending the lockdown, due on 21 June.

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About time too. What an awful, draconian measure by headteachers who can't think for themselves.

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