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Duke Of Sussex, Duchess Of Sussex

Exclusive: Charity Commission reviewing Prince Harry and Meghan's Sussex Royal organisation

Telegraph understands watchdog is examining how charity, shut down last July following couple's move to US, was run

3/6/2021 12:48:00 AM

🚨BREAKING: The Charity Commission is conducting a review of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s philanthropic organisation, the Telegraph can disclose

Telegraph understands watchdog is examining how charity, shut down last July following couple's move to US, was run

Well-placed sources have told The Telegraph the watchdog is examining how Sussex Royal was run and whether it complied with charity law.The "regulatory and compliance case" is understood to be looking at concerns about the charity before the royal couple decided to shut it down last July following their move to America.

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A Charity Commission spokesman said: "Our regulatory compliance case is ongoing. We cannot comment further."It came as the latest teaser clip was released from the couple's Oprah Winfrey interview, which is set to air in the US on Sunday night and on Monday in the UK.

In it, the Duchess said it felt "liberating" to be able to speak and accused the Royal Family of effectively gagging her and taking away that choice.She claimed that when Ms Winfrey had first approached her ahead of her wedding, they had not even been allowed to have the conversation without Kensington Palace aides listening in. headtopics.com

Meghan, 39, suggested that now the couple had stepped away from "the construct" of royal life they were free to make their own decisions and said: "It's really liberating to be able to have the right and the privilege in some ways to be able to say yes, I'm ready to talk, to be able to make a choice on your own and to be able to speak for yourself," she said.

Tensions with the Royal Family have escalated in recent days, amid allegations that claims the Duchess bullied her staff were part of an orchestrated smear campaign by palace aides.The Telegraph understands that Buckingham Palace has not been given an advanced copy of the interview.

The Duchess is thought to confirm rumours of a rift with her sister-in-law, the Duchess of Cambridge, by suggesting she was among those who failed to support her as a newcomer to the Royal fold."There is going to be a lot of discussion about how Meghan felt unsupported – including by Kate," a US TV insider revealed.

It is understood that the Charity Commission had not yet determined whether or not there was any wrongdoing at Sussex Royal.A "regulatory compliance case" falls short of a formal investigation. If the regulator finds wrongdoing, it can then issue formal regulatory advice or use a power such as an official warning. headtopics.com

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The charity was founded after the couple decided to break away from The Royal Foundation, the charity they previously ran with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.The Charity Commission first looked at The Royal Foundation and Sussex Royal in July after Republic, the anti-monarchy campaign group, asked it to examine nearly £300,000 of grants, including £145,000 given to the Sussexes' former UK charity.

At the time, the Commission said it was assessing information in the complaint to determine whether it was appropriate to investigate.According to well-placed sources, it examined whether it was appropriate for the Royal Foundation to have transferred the money to Sussex Royal in the first place.

The watchdog is understood to have deemed it appropriate. It is understood that some of the trustees of the Royal Foundation have expressed "disappointment" that the money given to Sussex Royal was effectively wasted on a Foundation that was dissolved shortly afterwards.

A source said it was "very frustrating" and looked from the outside like "rash" decision-making by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, adding: "They might have thought about that before setting it up, but using charitable money to set up a foundation is completely legitimate and it happens all the time. The issue was setting it up and closing it down months later." headtopics.com

In addition to the £145,000 grant to Sussex Royal, The Royal Foundation made grants totalling £151,856 "for the continued development of the Duke of Sussex's Sustainable Tourism programme, Travalyst".It is understood that some money from the Royal Foundation was also earmarked for the community kitchen set up for victims of the Grenfell Tower fire.

It is unclear if the Royal Foundation is also being reviewed by the Commission.Lawyers for the Sussexes said: "Sussex Royal was managed by a board of trustees which made decisions about the charity in accordance with its constitutional document and the requirements of charity law.

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Hey, check us out... we would love to feature your music.... audreybbonbon But she invited Oprah to her wedding! Would she have been allowed an interview then? No, Royal protocol. Why didn’t she tell Oprah that she wasn’t allowed then. Read from someone who knew Diana & her boys: PrimalPolitical Abolish the Monarchy.

This is utterly shameful. I used to be a fan of the royal family but to hell with them right now. It is obvious they are doing anything they can to ruin and discredit this young couple just because they did not want to be a part of an archaic firm. They are bringing it to the Royal Family. So you have to expect the palace to start firing back.

the firm will have them the fight is just beginning Just not interested yankeewally2 Finally! The professional victim actress will be furious! H&M are officially not “Royals” the palace protection goes with it as well unfortunately. So still avoiding this then 👇🏾 In time for the Oprah interview. How convenient. Shows the true POWER they’re fighting against. The ones that controls everything and every organised crimes.

And when they find nothing wrong? Lmaoooo the girls are desperate STOP talking about those good people SHAME on the media 🤢 Dear Meghan - the Queen is a woman and also deserves a voice so can you tell all your fans that they and you should be supporting this. Thank you. Power to all strong women 💪 I think we should review the English media that can find fault with everyone and everything but with Johnson’s Government. Jobs for boys , lie after lie, eye watering Track and Trace (£560 for everyone in the UK) cost of work at number10, the amount of deaths in the UK, bullying.

There’s a chunk of money missing, that rarely gets mentioned. Finally, someone is checking out what’s happened to it. If anyone had any doubts as to just how toxic and mean spirited palace and its aids are...here it is! Pathetic piersmorgan Yep lets see how much the 'dook' an 'Dookess' have creamed off from this charity but please dont stop with these 2

Really? Don't you have other things to report on? sad British press and and many others trying to salvage some dignity by digging every angle of the Harry and Meghans life..it can only make things worse if the couple open up deeper... There is nothing philanthropic about that couple especially when cbs pay 9 million dollars for the Oprah Winfrey interview

And this comes to light just before the Oprah interview? lol another own goal! RoyalFamily will regret normalising the scrutiny on their finances,operations..etc There's now NO DOUBT about them sanctioning this smear campaign on Harry and Meghan When they wanted to step down from Royal duties and start a new life in another country, thought they deserved to be left alone! Unfortunately, MM’s desire to be in the limelight may well be their downfall. If she wants to insult people in the country, they’re entitled to respond

Anything to take the limelight away from Andrew The racist British tabloids are so obvious KensingtonRoyal William is a little bitc🇺🇸 Of course they are, because there are no other charities out there that need reviewing. Nasty, vindictive useless bureaucracy. MeghanAndHarry I believe the royal family initially have tried to protect the couple, and that’s why things have not been in the media before now, but why try and protect them now, they don’t give a sh.t about speaking about the royal family!!

The royal family are doing the most. People are finding anything to attack her. They are doing her like Diana. TOXIC TORYGRAPH! You guys are wasting your time. The more you smear and attack them, the more we love them. For your information, they don’t need to answer or respond to you toxic media. We will handle that for them. So bring it on!!

I guess this is far more newsworthy than endemic government corruption and cronyism. Brexit shambles, what Brexit shambles? Look over there! There’s someone you can hate next. No limit to attack HarryandMeghan reputation and even going after their charities ServiceisUniversal UK 🇬🇧 is disgusting 🤮 RoyalFamily is disgusting 🤮 AbolishTheMonarchy

Roxyferry About time this was picked up again and addressed. I think the Queen and William are working together with the grey suits - Charles has been too weak during this whole debacle, funding their appalling behaviour and defiance! And in the meantime Prince Andrew continues to get off Scot free A family defending a paedophile or Prince Harry. Pick a side.

So what? What’s it got to do with us..or you? Bitter and twisted voyeur, that’s you piers (lowercase on purpose) Maybe the public could start to question the role of Royal charity patrons who donate not a penny to those charities. The Queen’s patronage actually cost Cancer Research money when I worked for them.

INVESTIGATE PRINCE ANDREW!!!!! You really are disgusting telegraph dontbuythepaper stophateforprofit OprahMeghanHarry 'Prince' Harry and Meghan Markle need to lose their titles, without the titles none of their so called Hollywood friends would give them the time of day. It was clear before the wedding that it would end like this, she was never genuine and does not love Harry OprahMeghanHarry

Whew, the obsession Sad sad sad man pursuing a pregnant black foreign woman endlessly for ratings. Oh how the Dowler family must be feeling watching your best work... repugnant as ever Ah, the earrings & bully story didn't work so on to the next. The entire world sees this for what it is, yet some in the UK can't figure it out. You can either learn from past and modernize or get left behind. They choice is yours. OprahMeghanHarry

😴😴😴 Her Maj is calling up the troops. And we thought Britain was a free society with guaranteed freedoms. So that's the fallacy sold to Africa after all. They are fucking with the wrong people About time. Gosh she’s making a mess of everything! Past employees of Kate and Wills have said they were horrendous to work for, but I don’t see the Royals launching an investigation into them. But Kate is White and Upper Class so.....

😱 They really will do anything to tarnish their reputation. Attack after attack from the media. Imagine they all put this much effort into Prince Andrew, we might actually have answers to how involved he was in the whole Epstein events So predictable. Very obvious the Firm is on the ropes and will do anything to save face

it's really disgusting how angry the Brits are at a black woman. The Firm is really pulling all the stunts to destroy them. Oprah vs. useless Royal family. Gutter press guttering. 🤷‍♂️ Shame on you, Telegraph, for saying there was fault on both sides (article by Charles Moore) which gives a modicum of credibility to this vile pair of wreckers who seek only their own glorification.

Fight fire with fire. Well done your majesty. Fling shite at the Royal family, expect to have some thrown back. Lol. I'm actually really curious. Who is Sunshine Sachs going to get to come on Twitter to try to refute this one? Financial experts? Friends that are financial experts? Friends that also run charities? halfadams jameelajamil silvertree77 Any clues dears?

Constant scrutiny by the Media and the court of popular opinion and living under the Iron Hand of the Monarchy and being told how to walk, talk and think. No surprise they moved away to California. There goes all the protection they ever had from the Palace. OMG leave them alone you creep. These bold views of her, falsehood and violence in dealing with people, lies, false feminism and desire for popularity, of any character, is the road to nowhere.

It is bad to have a slave husband who looks at his wife like a hunted rabbit. His brains, in fright, do not work and he cannot save his wife from fatal mistakes. I once wrote that it works for self-destruction. You're in no small part a factor in the lurched into casual racism, exceptionalism, jingopricked flagshagging of my previous tedious but tolerable parent. A review of how and why you're allowed to present as anything other than a big word hate rag is long overdue.

Let’s review Prince Andrew raping young girls, or the fact that Queen Elizabeth married her cousin who had many affairs on her! RoyalFamily MeganMarkle PrinceAndrewIsARapist i cant read the article sadly Yet the Queen invested in a company that stole from poor people Charles doesnt pay any corporation tax, Andrew is a paedophile rapist, they kicked a member of their family out for being gay and they are racists. Not going to report on any of that though i guess?

wow,...pretty meghan I’m going for helicopter crash for this one Did anyone ever find out where that $3 million they got from disney that was said to go to elephant’s with out borders, went Omg yours 🥰 If you turn, on the Crown you will be destroyed! That will have been instigated! Oops! prince_scarf About time. Pay real attention to where their share of the Royal Foundation charitable funds went, and Travalyst, apparently down to a single employee and still not registered as a charity

Long overdue. Those shady organizations need to be investigated. JakeELFC When The Establishment and Royal Household feel threatened.....the bestowed Favours get called in.....and the Shit Spreading is mobilised . Britain's Institutional entrenched racism and societal economic disparity is revealed momentarily and the whiff of change snuffed out .