Ex-pupils of Edward Colston School blast head for 'defending' slave trader

6/11/2020 5:42:00 PM

Ex-pupils of Edward Colston school blast headteacher for 'defending' slave trader

Ex-pupils of Edward Colston school blast headteacher for 'defending' slave trader

FORMER pupils of a school in Bristol have blasted its headteacher for ‘defending’ it being named after slave trader Edward Colston. Ex-students of Colston’s School accused Jeremy McCull…

and will be taken to a museum.A woman's former boyfriend found her dying on the ground after she fell from her flat's window.Why you can trust Sky News A retired Austrian army colonel has been found guilty of spying for Russia for decades.A former soldier shot dead a four-year-old boy at the child’s own Incredible Hulk-themed birthday party, say police.

It is one of several to be targeted by anti-racism demonstrators.Statues of Winston Churchill and Queen Victoria have also been defaced during rallies this week.Her one-time partner, Alan McMahon, was also at the address, at Greenall Court in Prescot, Merseyside.HEADS GONE Mr McCullough’s message said: “There is no doubt that [Colston] was involved and was directly or indirectly responsible for many deaths and many ruined lives.Prosecutors said that in the course of his at least 25-year career as a spy for Russian GRU military intelligence, with which he first came into contact during a foreign assignment in 1987, he was paid hundreds of thousands of euros.“Everyone in Bristol knows that this was wrong.He then looked through an open window in a spare bedroom and saw Ms O'Brien on the floor, directly below, the court was told.“However, in the Bristol of Edward Colston’s time his business interests would not have been thought of so negatively.mirror.

“Indeed, a great many people in , around the UK and all over the world, profited from this dreadful business.Mr McMahon, who had been painting at the flat, tried to save her life with CPR instructions from the 999 call handler, but the 38-year-old's efforts were in vain."The court took into account the recognition of the facts, the (defendant's) advanced years and the absence of previous convictions as mitigating factors," a court spokesman said.“So why is Edward Colston perceived to be such a terrible figure?” Ex-pupils were furious and one wrote a letter to the head for others to sign.So why is Edward Colston perceived to be such a terrible figure? Headteacher Jeremy McCullough She said: “I went to Colston’s school in Bristol, yes that Colston.He said: "Mr McMahon had recently removed carpet from the hallway in the maisonette, there was a mop and bucket present and the floor in the hallway was covered in wet, white, gloss paint.“This was the headteacher’s response to the BLM movement and their removal of the Colston statue.“He openly supports and defends the notorious slave trader."He had paint on the soles of his feet.Enzo’s dad Douglas dos Santos, 37, has claimed the alleged killer gatecrashed the party and he had to pull Pevidor's car keys out of the ignition when he tried to flee after the shooting.

“Myself and a few other former students have written him a letter condemning his words and inaction.Please read it and sign." Ms O'Brien, listed as unemployed, is the mum of Dylan Westall who was convicted of the manslaughter of 17-year-old James Meadows, and conspiring to possess firearms with intent to endanger life.” The open letter addresses Mr McCullough and says his email showed a “disregard for the feelings of the BAME community” at the school.It read: “If you do not understand why this is such a horrific thing, then you don’t understand what slavery was and how it still shapes our society today.Ms O'Brien was certified as having died by a paramedic at 3.” 'RACIST ARGUMENT' The letter also targets Mr McCullough's comments regarding Colston's name only being known "because of the good he tried to do".“Everything happened as Enzo and his brother ran to hug their older sister as she arrived.

It said: "It is not, as you suggest, because other traders were not as philanthropic as Colston.Mr McMahon was arrested on suspicion of murder because of the circumstances of the sudden death and an ongoing restraining order, Mr Martindale said.It is because this IS NOT TAUGHT! "You would not expect students to explain Pythagoras' theorem without having ever been taught it, so why do you ask them this? "You are deliberately setting them up for failure to substantiate your racist argument." Adolf Hitler and Jimmy Saville were used as reference points to argue that the school should not be named after someone whose negatives outweigh their positives.Ms O'Brien's death is currently being treated as "unexplained" by officers, it was added.The letter concluded: “We should not glorify the atrocities that underpin the founding of the school, but instead condemn them.You are deliberately setting them up for failure to substantiate your racist argument.Toxicology results were being awaited.Top news stories from Mirror Online “The killer went to drive off and I stopped him by taking the key out of the ignition and grabbing the weapon.

“Rename the school, give the statue to a museum, teach students the full truth of slavery and how it affects their lives today.“Please support your BAME students in what is still a very racist world.One message said: "Linda, can't believe I'm writing this.” Colston’s School declined to comment but Mr McCullough has since said the school is “looking into” a name change.A statement on the school’s website said: “The name and statue of Edward Colston have been divisive topics in Bristol for a very long time and we are conscious that different people have different thoughts on whether statues should be removed or names changed.Gonna miss you so much.“Many millions of people have been deeply affected by the events in the USA, across the UK and in Bristol these past few weeks and the school was already engaging with its community to see how we could contribute positively to these discussions and the anti-racist agenda.”.

“Events of Sunday afternoon brought this even closer to home." Another tribute said: "So sad, rest in peace, Lin.“We are committed to supporting our BAME students, their families, our colleagues and other stakeholders.” Most read in News Woman makes home unsellable after 30 years decorating and you'll see why SUMMER'S BACK 26C scorcher this weekend starts eight day mini-heatwave after rain storms SCHOOL'S OUT Kids 'may not go back to school until February' as scientists fear winter wave MEAN STREETS 'We're not punchbags' say cops after officers battered in savage street attack SCOUTRAGE Scouts salute Baden-Powell statue and try to stop removal over ‘Nazi sympathies’ TRUE TOLL Coronavirus deaths 'may be less than half official toll', says ex-WHO chief The tearing down of Colston's statue sparked a in Britain..Hundreds could be pulled down and streets renamed after protesters drew up a “hitlist”.A group called Topple the Racists wants statues across Britain removed to support the BLM movement.

4 The statue was torn down and thrown into the harbour during anti-racism protests Credit: London News Pictures It was hauled out of the water today and will be taken to a museum Credit: Jon Rowley - The Sun Topics.

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I wonder how many people knew who Edward Colston was just last week?

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