England will kneel at Euros - Southgate

England players to take a knee at Euro 2020, says Gareth Southgate

6/5/2021 6:45:00 PM

England players to take a knee at Euro 2020, says Gareth Southgate

Gareth Southgate says England's players will ignore any 'adverse reaction' and take the knee during Euro 2020.

Coverage:Full commentary on BBC Radio 5 Live; Text commentary and report on the BBC Sport website.Gareth Southgate says England's players will ignore any "adverse reaction" and take the knee during Euro 2020.Boos circulated around the Riverside Stadium when players took the knee before England's friendly win over Austria on Wednesday.

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Southgate said at the timeSpeaking on Saturday, before Sunday's friendly with Romania, the England boss added: "We feel more determined than ever to take the knee."Players have been taking the knee to highlight racial injustice.Southgate spent several minutes of his news conference before England's final match leading into Euro 2020, talking about the decision to continue.

"Those people should put themselves in the shoes of the young players," he added."How would they feel if their kids were in that situation? We feel more than ever determined to take the knee during the tournament.England's Euro 2020 Group D fixtures (all at Wembley) headtopics.com

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Nature And Wildlife Video– Animal,Nature,River And much more be in or assume a position in which the body is supported by a knee or the knees, as when praying or showing submission. There's the definition of kneel, I'm not submitting to no one or nothing. Fair enough, but don't whine when the gesture gets booed.

Hmu if you're ditching your tickets How silly Ridiculous gesture and is guaranteed to promote racism rather than remove it. England really need a better manager and not just because of bending the knee. Inappropriate virtue signalling. Race relations in UK never been better. UK has proud history of fighting racial injustice.

Stop the racist behaviour of these players, it’s counterproductive. I see a lot of knee replacement operations on the horizon 😁 It will be interesting to see how many other nations have adopted this practice. Off switch......click!!

From Chelsea rejection to England regularWest Ham's Declan Rice hopes to impress at Euro 2020 after overcoming rejection to establish himself as a regular in Gareth Southgate's England side. this is terrible news CANADA US CIA EUGENICS CHURCH. CIVILIZED? THE GREAT DARKNESS THE CHILDREN SACRIFICED

That's upset the racist scum with their union jack profile pics. 😂 Because of their homage to BLM they’ll get booed at every match just before kick off - astounding arrogant decision by Southgate. He could have defused the whole situation, instead by calling the majority of fans out, he’s thrown petrol on the fire! NoToKneeling englandsquad

Pathetic Well done GarethSouthgate So Wilfred Zaha is off the team then Gimme a break. Says Gareth. So the players don't have a choice No Go woke--Go Broke. Funny how corporatists are pulling the strings of these idiots. The knee has lost its purpose now .Zaha has the better handle on this

England fan left paralysed in wheelchair after Russian hooligan attack at EurosWARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES - Andrew Bache, 55, was assaulted while having a drink with fellow England fans during the UEFA European Football Championship in 2016. He suffered brutal injuries

W⚓️s Let's just keep it simple, every time a player gets racially abused they should get compensated, that way black players will over night become way richer than white players. Once racist fans see the abuse is making them rich they will surely stop the abuse. IanWright0 Fucking clowns Absolutely ridiculous.. Shame they can't take a knee to playing decent football instead 🤔😂😂😂😂😂

Top man Southgate! It's now outdated and doesn't have the same meaning as it initially did. Well done, Gareth! king beaten before it's started. Another50YearsOfHurt Then we will boo and they will lose. POLITICS HAS NO PLACE IN FOOTBALL. This is NOTHING about racism-it is bowing to Racist Marxist Black Supremacists who want to defund the police - so who will police the matches? & Scrap Prisons - where will they lock up the thugs? Wot a joke!

Let’s just hope Scotland doesn’t take the knee because they will get my support instead. I will not support BLM ever, I will support kick it out and support standing tall against racism because I am totally against it but BLM are Marxist and should not be supported

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Shameful but if they want to stoke up more racism that’s up to them. I hope they get knockout early on their knees The fans are NOT booing the team Gareth! They are booing the players taking the knee so wake the hell up. This Marxist nonsense is so degrading that now even wilf Zaha has stopped it..it’s pathetic and needs to stop

Is it a good idea for uk to risk seeing / hearing possible boos of this broadcast around the world to billions of viewers. Surely it's best avoided? Can’t think of a better way to piss off the racists 👏👏👏🧎‍♂️✊🏽 Nothing wrong with anybody showing support for race equality The was a reason politics wasn't ever brought in to football in the past...it just causes division

Good for them katedodd3 Good on them, standing firmly against racism & racists! Stupid

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In what way has taking the knee and pulling down statues helped to solve black on black violence in London? In fact apart from stirring up a lot of resentment amongst oridnary decent people what has any of this divisive BLM nonsense achieved? Saps. Looking forward to the replies South Gate has to go Sport isn’t politics

Just here for the Neanderthal comments Sick Dictators,like LEECH,STUCK to Our Life! Let the EU Prove to Us that the Words 'Human Rights' are not Advertising! It is don't turns out Slandered and Poisoned Us.Because of Politics, they can STOLEN us! EU is Waiting for Montonegro to Pack and Send Us home to DEATH!

Misguided pricks! gareth southgate knows nothing about the criminal organisation BLM.or he wouldnt be taking this stance, the man is saying what he is told to say.,he is ignorant just like skysports. Vacuous

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Why not give the players the choice. I wouldnt play if I was a player and told I must take the knee. Southgate is a dick. Taking the knee is a salute to the BLM. Anybody with a brain would boo. It has nothing to do with racism. The FA and Sky both endorsed an extreme Marxist Party and instead of recognising their error they double down.

I was for it, it was a powerful statement, and it made a point, but a year on, it seems to have become a political matter more then against racism, and it has become a bore, we need some thing new a powerful message to put forward That was an expected move Guess he’ll be withdrawing the team from going to the World Cup to make another political point. Exploitation comes in many forms - not just black.

For every need to highlight injustice there is an equal need to highlight justice Abuse of law-n-order versus fulfillment of law-n-order Inequities create riots and violence. Contest the job done by politicians and courts. They poor gas on the fire. These players bring shame to their country. Worshiping a racist cult is nothing to be proud of!

Are there any other teams doing this before their games? The opposition watching this virtue signalling spectacle must fill them with confidence. How long you gonna say sorry? You say it once and thats all UFOs are fake, jokes and camera goofs, not aliens, not threats, not superior tech and just a smoking gun to shame a political party If it had been more and provable the military would have jumped on it for trillions in spending

England’s Trent Alexander-Arnold ruled out of Euro 2020 with thigh injuryTrent Alexander-Arnold has been ruled out of Euro 2020 after sustaining a thigh injury in the closing stages of England’s 1-0 win over Austria Best news I’ve heard all day. Over rated anyway! Can’t defend for toffee!! Ah well, thats what happens when your city begs for you to be in the squad! Instant Karma!🙏 look on the bright side, all those empty players houses just laying empty & ready to be burgled in.Liverpool.Bindippers.LiverpoolFC.alwayswalkalone

BOOOOOOOO MARXISM. England fans to take the Boooo says everyone AngieMcCall09 What marvellous news - gammons hate it cos it is so potent. England supporter all my life but not this year with their pathetic BLM nonsense. Anyone but England, our current team is an embarrassment. Surely it should be 'if players want to kneel.' There are many black players in other sports who aren't kneeling, or are they racist too?

Can’t watch any sport Yep won’t be watching then And rightly so ✊🏽👏🏼💪🏾 Then don’t moan if the idiots boo Good. But we will hear boos from the racists in the stands

Read the website and learn something. “I’m not supporting England blah blah” Get in the sea. One more game not to watch its about time it stopped I was in two minds about watching Southgate’s boring England team but their decision to continue taking the knee has confirmed my decision not to watch. For what? Brexit?

Maybe instead of taking a knee they should stand and do the SashaJohnson gun salute? 🤔 England BlackLivesMatter Ridiculous Glad to see them still taking a knee in remembrance of American career criminal GeorgeFloyd.. 🙄😴 Those still supporting this live in the most binary of worlds. Read the fucking room.


Gareth is talking twaddle & has a very short memory He wants to support this shower of shyte then I reserve my right to boo Playing with fire this will come to a bitter end when fans can fill grounds again. Booing is totally wrong. So is ANY form of racism, not just in football. However, I think taking the knee has outlived its purpose. When George Floyd was murdered, and in the weeks after, it was relevant. But its meaning and symbolism is now blurred

Is it for Lee Rigby. GarethSouthgate is a fool and an embarrassment as are all that appease the black supremists blm. You stand against racism NOT kneel towards it. Racist snowflakes' rage incoming Well done. And the reactions from triggered racists who oppose opposing racism only prove that it's a good decision.

Oh dear, sad twats We'll be booing and we'll be supporting pro-native-European Hungary or Russia. Based. Prepare to be booed then… ignore the majority at your peril.

Who cares let them if they want to if they don’t want to then stay standing Why We Should kick the racist fans out of the stadium I love stories like this it really flags up the a*seholes. Disgraceful take your neo-Marxist BS and shove it up your ar*e, nothing to do with England or the players or Football and while they keep doing it people in the stadium will Boo them

And for the first time in my life I can't get behind my own country😡 Bloody stupidity. All lives matter. SimonFRCox and if you don’t like it, you’re a racist StopHazaraGenocide

Great that gives me more hours to get on with better things in life ! Pathetic. So football is now against capitalism? Won't matter they won't be there that long. Thank goodness the IOC has banned all athletes taking the knee at the Olympics, at least we can watch a major sporting event with no political statements

Why? Are they (millionaire) Marxists Should have followed most rugby teams' stance - stand together, arm in arm, whilst an anti-racism message is played over the PA system. standuptoracism No kneeling. That’s right, kneel down before racism instead of standing up against it. Wankers. Black Lives Matter 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Hopefully the boo’s will be louder than ever

Remember, the people who boo and oppose this only do so because they're anti Marxist...