Elton John on partying with princesses and pop stars and cocaine-fuelled blowouts

Elton John on partying with princesses and pop stars and cocaine-fuelled blowouts


Elton John on partying with princesses and pop stars and cocaine-fuelled blowouts

FROM stripping naked on drug-fuelled binges to rowing with Princess Diana and sharing a joke with the Queen, Sir Elton John does not hold back in his new autobiography, Me. Coming hot on the heels …

Elton John has revealed his wild past in his new autobiography, Me

But along with his heavy drinking, it also fuelled some extreme and violent behaviour, including the time he stripped naked and punched then-manager John Reid on the set of the video for I’m Still Standing.

for a gardener and offered him an outfit so he could change out of his scruffy clothes.

It was at this point that he realised he would either have a heart attack or an overdose if he carried on.

at the age of 43. It was said to be the first time in his pampered life he had learned how to operate a washing machine.

Over a 50-year career, Elton has rubbed shoulders with pretty much every celebrity going.

Not surprisingly, the tour was cancelled, although the pair did later make up.

But fatherhood was not something Elton had yearned for, especially considering his own troubled childhood.

He writes: “I even found the toddler tantrums weirdly charming.

Elton has admitted fatherhood was not something her yearned for

So much so he is winding down from music to spend more time being a dad. It was when David presented him with their sons’ school schedule, charting their lives, that he realised he could not be an international rock star as well as the kind of dad he wanted to be.

When a subsequent infection left him 24 hours away from death, he prayed to live to see his kids again. It was as he was recovering that he realised he had to stop touring.

Elton first became friends with Princess Diana in 1981 at an awkward 21st birthday party for Prince Andrew, and he recalls how he found her company and thirst for gossip irresistible.

The pair made up in July 1997 after Versace was shot and killed. It was just seven weeks

Elton famously played a special tribute of Candle In The Wind at her funeral, but admits he has only listened to that version once since.

The singer’s huge hits, such as Tiny Dancer and Your Song, might be about love but Elton’s experience with it has been as turbulent as the rest of his life.

He writes: “It was absolutely dreadful behaviour. I’d have one leaving at the airport at the same time as the new one was flying in.”

Yet he says she could also be fun and was supportive of his career and of him when he came out as gay.

She proceeded to moan, snap, storm off and complain about everything to everyone she met.

Towards the end of her life, they had a bitter falling-out, which lasted seven years.

Love Island's Molly-Mae accused of photoshopping as fans spot her tiny hands

The pair reconciled ahead of her death, aged 92, in 2017.

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