Elon Musk says he may vote for Trump, despite climate crisis

Tesla boss waiting until debates to decide his vote

9/29/2020 3:41:00 AM

Elon Musk says he may vote for Trump, despite climate crisis

Tesla boss waiting until debates to decide his vote

— the first of which is slated for Tuesday — will be the determining factor for his vote, he answered,"I think that's probably the thing that will decide things for America. I think people just want to see if Biden's got it together. … If he does, he probably wins."

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Mr Musk went on to describe his political views as"socially very liberal and then economically right of centre, maybe, or center? I don't know. Obviously I'm not a communist".When it comes to Tesla and electric cars, Mr Trump has been"as supportive as he can be", Mr Musk claimed, given the massive support he has from the oil and gas industries.

"I have spoken to the president about sustainable energy many times," Mr Musk said."There are times when he's been supportive, but then, at the end of the day, he has got way more support from the oil and gas industry because it's way bigger. The electric car industry is small."

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WTF You know, I've bought the guy's products, but he is a seriously flawed individual. Let him vote for who he wants to. I choose to ignore him. Beginning to think Musk is a good inventor and entrepreneur but dumb as f ook elsewhere What? A 'libertarian' billionaire might vote for Trump! Shocked. Really 😱

Go go gadget arsehole Elon Musk sells bonds to pollute to other companies, buy alternative energy projects to transforrm them into silly megalomaniac money-sinks. Son of Apartheid slavers. Of course he's a fascist. Oh no! A rich man putting wealth before the greater good? Who could've ever guessed? OttawaNewsToday Who gives a 💩?!

ARampotas ο δικος σου He's a business man, he'll do whatever benefits his company and therefore his wealth. Don't be too surprised. Self serving c*nt. Shocking! NOT. White Kanye hadn’t said anything in a while, we were due. Smart man Elon has been a dbag for quite some time. This is no shocker. And he’s a shit musician too.

Who was gonna tell me that a multimillonaire, who supports slavery and putsch in other countries to steal their resources, will gonna vote for Trump? Elon Musk is a liability Says everything you want know about Mr Musk. Croooks United! Considering he gloated about his major role in the Bolivian coup in the name of GreenCapitalism, why is anybody at all shocked about this?

Nazi ps tell us about the DRC and the destruction being caused for Lithium for your batteries 🤔🤔 Tosser utter tosser , his finances would be interesting to peruse and i may buy a Tesla but the truth is i never will because i hate this stuffed shirt and i hate his business ethics!!! and he will vote Trump the man has just handed him $75billion is six months 😒😒

Maybe he could learn how to design an automobile while he's at it. (original ?) 😡 This is not ok elonmusk I really want a Tesla but not putting my money into an entrepreneur engaged in psyops to support Trump. Who is collecting on their debt in 2024? If pundits actually believed Climate Change was a threat they wouldn't use fossil fuels at all...

Never forget that people like realDonaldTrump and elonmusk don’t care about anything or anyone. They care about themselves. They are not admirable. They are repugnant. They will not ‘save the world’. They are not heroic. They are greed personified. I was going to buy one of his cars, ..... but that looks so far away now. Tesla BidenHarris2020 ElonMusk

He is just a provocateur, take no notice. elonmusk is part of the mafia what is the deal with this guy. one hand electric cars saving the planet even exploring space for back up the other endorsing a fraud. a fraud who doesn't like women. one half of the population wiped out. his daughter had facial surgery to look like him and altered her bustF*ck

Otro cerdo capitalista y nazi. Anyone that doesn't agree with liberal communist ideology has a problem Liberals look in the mirror for what you call others! elonmusk is being idiotic saying he's vote for Trump. The future of his child will not be pretty under another scrappy Trump presidency. Not surprising ... anyone using their brain and not protecting greedy politicians or being bribed by them will vote for president Trump

All Americans should say they will vote for Trump. Build his hopes. Jesus wept nytimes CNN washingtonpost A 'white Jewish' South African immigrant voting for a racist anti immigrant politician. If it's true why doesn't that surprise me. Trump2020 Sell out. Billionaire puts wealth before the greater good, nobody is surprised.

I imagine anyone in US big business favors trump to get out of taxes free card and get payments on reported loses as still already living comfortably. Actual losses are a thing but what's the variance of loss normally outside of pandemics and why should businesses A wannabe businessman who doesn’t understand the economy it’s the messiah of the Uber rich, also, elonmusk has clearly a god complex, and wants everyone just to give him our money and watch how he single handily saves the world.

So Musk doesn’t actually care about the planet. What a sellout. Maybe he's just a horrible person Billionaires need to be eliminated as a class. Tax breaks are more important than the climate crisis Can't take that guy serious anymore. But that has become clear since the outbreak of the virus. But this. Is actually arguably worse. I don't even believe him about this. But just to state it is nothing less than reckless.

Musk has always been a wanker. 😂🤡 Nobody takes him seriously anymore anyway. Apart from a few weird neckbeards. .ElonMusk doesn't have enough information yet. Debates2020 He is a numpty then. Then he's an even bigger idiot than I thought Wait, so he’s in it just for the money and doesn’t actually care? What an absolute shock 😳🙃😂

Is that not a pic of your drunk uncle doing karaoke at a wedding? Business are business. We don't need a billionaire class. Climate change is false flag conspiracy created by china to control the global elite and unleash mass 5G surveillance and veganism!! What a massive Bell End! Another laymans genius feeding off of state institutions.

A typical Afrikans natural world low taxes cheap labour and care less for people Money is the goal no A Gates as many who support the sexpest crook just for insecurity and fesr China = 40%+ global CO2 emissions. They have weaponized GHG just like everything else. Stop fighting each other and relise Xitlers Chinazis are the enemy of the whole world.

I never liked him. The worst Republican is better than the best Democrat. It should be clear by now for anyone that knows either economics or history. Money makes the world go round... Shameless Muskrat Another reason not to vote for Trump I'll never be wealthy enough to buy anything made by Musk's companies so I won't have to boycott his products. What a massive tool he is.

Wow. Blows my mind that anyone will vote for Trump now, who is clearly a traitor and cheat. Just goes to show, you may be very, very wealthy but still oblivious. Elon musk also name his son using numbers and a hyphen I’m pretty sure.... 😂😂😂. Too much dope? Good now I know what not to buy. Drugsssss Musk proves on a weekly basis that having wisdom and being academic are vastly different things.

Electric cars to help in the climate crisis and on the other side voting for a person who doesn’t believe in it!! How do you categories such a person? Tesla is just a product to him, like PayPal. He has no core beliefs about the future of the planet. It was just a market niche to be exploited. If you truly believe in preserving the planet, there are now plenty of rivals out there.

One hateful pig/emotional toddler will vote for another, big surprise there. IDIOT!!! No morals, no personal integrity, driven by money. Sad elonmusk Nut job... he’s just another fraud... Abolish elonmusk. Abolish Tesla. Bizarre elonmusk you are mad. What a bad example to set. You vote for Trump and you vote for instability, risk of war, and a ruined world for your children and grandchildren.

This guy is more punchable than most 😡🤬 And what's wrong with him now? That’s b/c he keeps adding digits to his net worth How much does Amazon owe the UK in tax now? Nothing he says in this interview makes sense but it does say a lot about him I think he has proven for the last year or so he is quite 'eccentric'

And I had such high hopes for him, so disappointing. Maybe a few spliffs will clear his cluttered mind. Well, then.. good thing he only has one vote. Only, because he's apparently good for the Stock Market. You know, that thing Elon keeps throwing a wrench into? His money is more important to him obviously.

I don’t care what shitty timeline iron man says How is that surprising? Yeah, what a coincidence, just when Biden has announced he's gonna see to those insanely low taxes the super rich pay, we've got Mr Musk's revelation... Elon Musk is possibly more disgusting than any trump. Tax cuts are sweeett Bond 👏🏼 Villain👏🏼

Well, he has just lost all credibility, in my view! cause elon musk cares more about his bank balance than the planet No he is making a calculated bet on the future, as he wants to be the next Krupps, and get all that cheap slave labour for his factories ...maybe that is why trump is caging children at the border..why let a human tragedy go to waste,it worked in South Africa under Arparheid....

Elon Musk can take a flying leap. Climate crisis? Hahahahahahahhahaha BoycottTesla Dying from climate change is worth the money I save on my taxes Elon Musk is a piece of sh!t. Money doesn't make a man honorable....on the contrary. Imagine he is just sitting on the fence for now so not to poke Trump. You know how he would react if he came out and said he'd vote for Biden.

So sad... If only because trump literally took a dump on elonmusk mission... I understand the hate for paying taxes that both may have but Elon should be above that by now Of course he will, he’s a billionaire, Trump will protect his interests. Elon Musk, By my opinion,all those who vote for Thoughtless Trump are as him in Character and Moral.

I was planning to buy a Tesla. Guess I will cancel my it. Who cares. Put both of them in a potato sack, and they both would be fighting to get out first. Class solidarity is easy when there’s like only 100 of you in the entire US. Rich white fellas, of course. Thought this fella was an immigrant like my family, but no. You can be smart in some ways but really not in many others.

Idiot. fuck Elon Musk.. Musk needs a lot of attention Well Elon Musk is a a complete C**t...? waiting for the debates... cause 200,000 dead, racist surges, a corrupt administration & TAX FRAUD just isn't enough! what a douche! I thought this guy was supposed to be smart? You don't become a billionaire by having scruples and following even a basic moral code.

This guy just wants to be in the news. Don’t be fooled Musk isn’t suffering like the rest of us. Trump will win again May every one of your vehicles come to a dead stop. Forever. This guy has the morals of an alleycat. Please don’t elonmusk May? He always was going to vote for him. If there’s is a new president, get ready for the suck up.

This South African is showing his true color and remember who buy's his cars. because of the tax cuts he is getting with Trump. Cant stand him That’s all I needed to hear. Fuck Musk. Now we know where that $400M money came from, he is the creditor. He better keeps Trump alives otherwise he lost that $400M 😂

He is an environmentalist when he is pushing an environmentally friendly product, but is willing to compromise this position in exchange for a tax cut. And this is why everyone should stop purchasing their autos. Stupidity WeDeserveBetter elonmusk is OG. 🤬🤬🤬🤬 it could be unbelievable!!! But no, coming from him is just normal 🤦🏻‍♂️

A billionaire voting for a fake billionaire. Nothing to see here. Besides joe Biden as good car pressed in junkyard Shame on you BoredElonMusk - ignore that he is racist, misogynistic and vile, his distant association with truth shames anybody that associates with him Climate crisis all weather manipulation geo engineering may be nerd is told about it

Because money is important to getting mars. 💰 over climate. What a deuche! No shit Nothing to do with being born in Apartheid South Africa, I hope. Kanye West needs to end his presidential bid and say “Vote for Trump!” Elon knows he needs to PAY the LEAST TAX to keep his business running and therefore HE WILL vote realDonaldTrump unlike the DEMOCRATS who want to RAISE TAXES and MONETARILY PENALIZE EVERY TAXPAYER on April 15th NIGHT for NOT participating in ObamaSCARE.

What a guy! So glad I never bought a Tesla. Because he loves money more than the environment anyway not surprised Smart guy That's because Elon is one of the smartest among us

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