Editorial: We must show that lessons were learned from the first Covid outbreak

Editorial: We must show that lessons were learned from the first Covid outbreak

11/27/2021 1:10:00 AM

Editorial: We must show that lessons were learned from the first Covid outbreak

Editorial: Social distancing, regular testing, extending vaccination to younger people, restricting access to care homes – all desirable measures that now need to be implemented

suggests that at least one member of the government has been paying attention, and is determined to avoid past errors. In stark contrast to the lackadaisical response to the original coronavirus – repeated, unforgivably, with the later emergence of the delta variant – action has been taken immediately to prevent, or at least delay, the arrival of the latest, highly worrying variant,

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B.1.1.529, or omicron as it’s been dubbed.Imposing quarantine on visitors arriving from South Africa and surrounding nations is the minimum that needs to be done at this point. This will buy time, though thevirusseems to have already made its way from southern Africa to Hong Kong, Israel and, apparently, Belgium. The signs are that it is outcompeting the Delta variant, and it may be more resistant to vaccines and treatments, though much remains unknown. The scientists need to do their research, and the drug companies will need to adapt the existing vaccines to combat the latest variant. The more time they have to prepare new defences against a possibly more deadly version of this disease, the better.

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First case of new Covid variant confirmed in EuropeBelgium has confirmed a case of the new, more transmissible Covid-19 variant, a virologist says. The new variant is feared to be more transmissible and more resistant to vaccines The reason why most of us do not make any beneficial remarks in forex trade and bitcoin investment is because we are quick to give up. Have you tried Miss Stella? Well if you have you won't leave or look for another, she's real stellafxjeffrey Thanks anti-maskers, anti-vaxxers, and insider traders

First case of highly infectious new Covid variant confirmed in EuropeIt comes after the Government put a number of countries back on its travel red list. Here we go again. We're all going to die news... It's over!

UK block on South Africa flights pushes thousands of travel plans into disarrayBA and Virgin cancel flights and review schedules as fears grow over new Covid variant Scientists detected B.1.1.529 variant in South Africa but also in Botswana, Hong Kong and Israel. Airlines to from USA to those locations going strong so good luck UK. Shut down be all for not. Need to know if pfizer vax protects or not read nope. Lots articles on Google

What are the Covid variants and will vaccines still work?A new version of Covid looks different to the virus vaccines were designed to fight. We need to keep getting boosters and staying away from each other, hospitals and all that we once knew even if it means stopping football because of the players collapsing. Stay safe, Stay away! Still work They have not been working at all thus far. Unless you consider Covid transmission, blood clots, heart failure, seizures, neurological disorder & death “working”. Do you? Fear control fear control watch Coronavirus explained netflix this things nothing to ebola