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Donald Trump says Kurds ‘didn’t help us with Normandy’ – video

Donald Trump says Kurds ‘didn’t help us with Normandy’ – video

10/10/2019 4:05:00 AM

Donald Trump says Kurds ‘didn’t help us with Normandy’ – video

US president Donald Trump defends his decision to withdraw support for Kurdish allies in Syria by saying they did not help the US during the second world war

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He should of been a history teacher Neither did Trump as I recall. He was nursing his spurs instead of serving his country. Yes, but they did help to stop Daesh. Who did you help, Mr Trump? Gosh, isn’t Alec Baldwin’s Trump imitation getting better and better. But the script? Really SNL you have stretched the absurdity factor too far this time

Seriously... Every time you think that man has hit rock bottom as far as stupid remarks go, he manages to find a level below. 🤢 Old ' bone spits' is a bullshitter! 🙈 Nor did the Japanese Still, at least the cowboy from the Village People got to photobomb the orange imbecile bonkers There is always this , of course. From just a year ago.

Loathsome moron...... And who’s that blert wearing his hat indoors? And where were they in the Crusades? Oh...... F**k Trump, and f*** America for not helping at Agincourt. He is a true trump “Kurds are fighting for their land which is different “, the US wasn’t fighting for its lands, freedoms, way of life? Study history and you may understand all wars are about land to which are connected a way of life, thoughts and freedoms.

The Trump family also did not help at Normandy. The yanks did not help Britain until 1941. So Turkey help to America for Korean wars. Congratulations America for this Nazi 🤡 Disgusting Did turkey help? NO! Oh, please dont let Germany hear that.. Trump’s grandfather was German, did he support the Allies in World War 1? Turkey was neutral in World War 2 so they didn’t fight alongside us either.

The devil incarnate Brings WWII into it with the same level of absurdity as Brexiters. Oh ... boy ! ... 'did the Hitler's friend Turkey help us with Normandy' ? ? ? Neither did the French!!! 🤦‍♀️ Idiot Wow, what a genius, quite apparent he has spent many countless hours studying American history. The destruction he is doing to the American reputation and status is irreversible.

He is a cretin. Leader of the Free World - I think not - just a monied idiot who has bought himself the Oval Office Damn those bone spurs again Well, he knows his history, that Donald 'what have you done for me lately' Trump. The USA troops must hate him. The Kurds didn't help at Bannockburn in 1314 either, the shits.

When Trump sells out the British, he'll say 'They didn't help America in the Revolution.' You know what I am too really starting to enjoy what trump does Turkey, however, did, by declaring war on Germany in February 1945. And in The Great War, well.. Who really cares about Kurds? So we’re gonna make mozzarella with them And create 500,000 more jobs this quarter We want to corner the mozzarella market with these Kurds Said President Trump

Kurds? What can you say. They also didn't turn up at Bunker hill in 1775, Gettysburg in 1863. Famously in 1836, Davy Crockett specifically commented on their absence at the Alamo as Santa Anna tried to advance from Mexico but couldn't find a way around the wall. Normandy Did the Egyptian President promise to investigate the Femicrats ?!

I've really heard it all now! Kurds fought bravely in WW2 as part of British & Free French Forces, including Italian Campaign which was far longer & bloodier than Normandy. They were fighting too while US still sat on the fence. Next he'll tell us he didn't like lemon curd anyway But I think I recall that in 1776 - during the War of Independence - the Kurds seized airfields from the British. 😏

Why is he takings medications which don't work? Is it not time for change? He didn’t help when th Vietnam so what’s his point? ... What!!! Use ‘em and lose ‘em, that’s how America treats its allies under trump Please, please, let's hope that the impeachment come close enough for this man... TrumpBetrayedTheKurds

lol Just before WW2, want this the last time Turkey tried to commit genocide on the Kurds 🤔 How relevant is that? Disgusting President. Neither Turkish who prefered Hitler. Celia3D And where were the Americans in 1066? Disgraceful corrupt Person, disgraceful corrupt Administration now Regime like in functionality and motives. A despicable President. We are taking about the White House and an American President not some Despot. ImpeachTrump KurdsBetrayedByTrump

Celia3D Says it all! Seem like someone survived the ice age The Turks were not at Normandy either, but Trump seems content to aid and abet Turkey and Erdogan with their genocidal tendencies towards the Kurds. Maybe Putin has ordered “Agent Bone Spurs” to intervene? Think they actual fought in Iraq during WW2.

Couldn’t make this up. WHAT? Von Papen I love the faces on the left! So, you shouldn't fight 'over land' except it was fine to do so in Normandy and we should forget the Kurds, because they're fighting for land, because they did not do that in the past with us. I hope that is an accurate summary! Why would they want to help a nation that could produce turds like Trump.

This is Trump at his best. He was never loyal to no human kind. Just himself and the almighty dollar. So why even surprised that allies don't count. He never participated in war games or his family. Again this is Trump. The 🇺🇸 President. What a downfall. If BorisJohnson doesn't give the US a trade deal favourable to them, including access to the NHS. realDonaldTrump will throw the UK right under Boris's Brexit bus without a second thought.

WTF!!! What will this pratt come out with next!!! ScottWapnerCNBC Ashamed. Well..... if you can’t find somebody with previous military or political experience, I guess the next best thing is a historian. Didn’t anybody tell him that the Turks didn’t help either?! 😳 Neither did the Germans, yet we haven’t abandoned them.

Fuck him! He needs to be removed amicably or forcibly! I say forcibly. ImpeachTrump Technically the truth... A first for him. pontification stance or poncification? Everyone saw how the Kurds deserted camp during the Japanese invasion of Pearl Harbour. Plus they can't volunteer any dirt on Joe Biden so they're toast.

jerk Unbelievable that WW2 comes into the equation or has anything to do with the Turks, Kurds or Syria except for the moment it enters the draft dodgers tiny mind & escapes from his huge mouth. It’s Trump’s feeble idea of an excuse for treacherous abandonment of Kurds to the Turks. He knows who the Kurds are.....right? And where they have lived for thousands of years...... right? 😓

What an odd chap this man is. He seems to have no real gasp on situations, but equally does not care. His reactions and comments are childlike, providing an obscene image reminding me of the Haribo advert. Oh yes Turkey remained neutral until 1945 and don’t even go to WW1. ScottWapnerCNBC Donald Trump, you are a disgrace to the office of the presidency. You are fake news! wouldn't have made a difference if they had. TraitorInChief They didn’t help in Vietnam either but then again nor did realDonaldTrump The Guarding is a JOKE Neither did south Korea is it now US policy to walk away from allies and renegade on its duty One man has brought the USA to this point You can't b trusted you have no honour and are a rough nation in the same sense as China and Russia The world is infinitely less safe with him

He has scrambled eggs for brains. Or is that an insult to scrambled eggs? NeverTrump But draft Dodger didnt help us in war smh Did Turkey participate in World War II ? It was not until late summer 1944, as a direct result of realizing which side was winning the war, that the Turkish leadership decided to cut the friendly ties to Germany.

🤔 The Turks didn’t help us at Gallipoli. there was no quid pro quo for you.. Where do you start? Yeah they should have crossed the desert, pumped up a few dinghies, rowed to Britain just in time for the publicly announced embarkation day set for 6 June 1944... The Kurds were not invited to Normandy, dumbf*ck Donald. And it was decades ago. This is NOW and You, dumb*ss Donald, are the one screwing it up

More excuses...and to think the Kurds helped us curb the barbarians that brutally raped & slaughtered the Yazidi's- Christians...yet, the majority of Christians are not only supporting him, but consider him to be God sent. What in God's name is going on here? What an imbecile he is. The Germans didn’t “help us with Normandy” or WWII either, but they are our allies. Turkey and Syria wouldn’t say it‘s “their land.” If he thinks it’s “their land” then we should help them establish a Kurdistan 🙄 - certainly not what we’ve ever done

realDonaldTrump Looks like the Japanese are no longer our allies. Let’s walk back that trade agreement. Sorry Japan. And Germany, well you know what this means. Turkey Just when you think trump is stupid and then....boom! He’s even more stupid! Lt Bonespurs speaks Pure comedy gold from the leader of the free world 😂😂😂

Disgraceful And Ronald McDonald is missing, smarty pants. ScottWapnerCNBC The Kurds also didn't help us fight for independence from UK establishing the United States of America. I don’t mind this man expressing his opinions about things that others wait with bated breath to criticise. F**king over people whose numbers include many who have died assisting you is a step too far even for me. Turkey is a murderous dictatorship.

...and I have ultimate confidence in the skill and fortitude of the ISF. Friends, I was a consumer of MNF-IRAQ dispatches and took them before many with an interest. I'll single THE Black Watch for their assuming a US position while our troops needed elsewhere. He is right: we have no allies in the middle east and we never did. Get USA out and keep us out!

An incredibly lame excuse for betraying our allies. Trump is bringing shame on the United States before the world. PennyRed Nothing weong with being “lefty” if you are human! He is not!! 💩🤮 are we talking about the same Kurds the U.S. had to train and subsequently supply with the most basic weaponary!! ... these are the ppl you wanted help from in Normandy😒

'During the war, did we notice a lot of whales rallying around saying, 'Save England?' I didn't notice any down my part of the world. I didn't see whales coming up with the Union Jack saying, 'We'll fight the bosch'...' Maybe they had BONESPURS. Nor did they help at Gettysburg Gordon Brown! We have a President realDonaldTrump under extreme pressure at the moment. The Kurds helped US keep it in Iraq, and did their share to fight ISIL while the Iraqis Gathered itself then took Ramadi, Fallujah and Mosul with US help, yes, Iraqi Bravery and Blood!

I can’t watch him say that - he’s gone way too far for me - horrifying and incredibly sad Inarticulate, illiterate, ignorant. Or in one adjective scary. What’s even worse, the facial expressions of the sycophants behind him. I’d be surprised if they own a passport and ever left the country ScottWapnerCNBC Guess what? He didn’t either or Vietnam.

XadrezVerbal Is this coming from the “stable genius who went to elite schools” 💩🤮 only a fool can speak like this Seriously this is embarrassing .. Why aren't you after NATO? Why is it always us? Really, WTF!!! How does someone get so old & have ABSOLUTELY NO GRASP of world history?!!!! WTF! Maybe they couldn't help in Normandy because they had 'bone spurs'

And they aren’t likely to vote for him. Apples and ignorant oranges Can someone give that man a smart tablet. Neither did Fred Trump! Where are the brexiters today? Where's their bleatings about a free trade deal with the honourable and so trustworthy D Trump? The fought and died next to us on the battlefield. We don’t leave people behind. Out there it’s about who’s next to you.

He just praised Kurd for helping America in Syria few months ago. OMG! The man is clearly deranged and unfit for Office. They didn't help us take back the airports in the revolutionary war either. Kurds... more like bigly turds. Clinically insane! How can those chumps standing behind him and hanging on every word retain a shed of self respect? The rest of the world learns exactly what having the USA as an ally means... The UK is going to be royally shafted by this man if Brexit happens.

They also failed us at the airport battles in The Revolutionary War. ScottWapnerCNBC They also didn't bomb Pearl Harbor. How the Kurd could help you in Normandy🤣🤣 But they did help defeat Isis which he seems to have forgotten Neither were they at Bunker Hill...... And nowhere to be found at the Bowling Green Massacre.

Are you stupid or what mister, or you joking 🙃 Trump also is upset that the Kurds did nothing to help defend our airports during the Revolutionary War. 🙄 Who's the phuckstick in the background with a cowboy hat on? We shouldn't have destroyed Syria to begin with. Let Syria have their country back. 45’s Daddy didn’t help with Normandy nor the whole of WW2.

Because that happened in 1944. Neither did he Bwhahahahhaha Unbelievable news. Neither did Japan, Germany or China Actually I think Trump is mentally challenged. Maybe all his life who knows? Aborginal Australians didn't help us with Turkish Independence War. What a complete fool and maniac.Why did those people standing behind him just smile ? Those people are the real probelm.

Un-fucking-believable There is an Astana peace process set up for Syria. Syrian Kurds, and any other aggrieved party of Syria, ought to participate in the process. Idiot Can anyone reading this say Trump is in his right mind? They didn’t help us out in the Battle of Hastings either. Turkey cannot take it upon itself to create anything in Syria, a separate country, it would be against UN charter. Turkey wasn't invited by Syrian govt to do that nor to assist in any action within Syria. Considering Turkish intent, Syrian Kurds must join up with the Syrian govt.

But it was the Kurds that helped you in the invasion of Iraq against Sadam, the fight against Isis in Iraq and in Syria. So many innocent lives will be lost. KurdsBetrayedByTrump TrumpGenocide oh sweet Jesus! Orange-level Outrageous Menudo subnormal de los cojones! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Lately, I find myself only able to utter the word, 'wow.' 😳

I’m never quite sure if the quotes are from realDonaldTrump or some parody account. It’s not a good question to have to pose regarding a world leader. Apparently they had bone spurs I've voted for 20 years as a Republican. No More party line vote and I LOVE cleaning house. Didn't help us with Normandy? Go &^%$ yourself. Do not let this man sacrifice the Kurds. Wrap him up, get him out. R-NY GOP gopnys RepublicansForImpeachment

No, they gave their lives for the US to stop ISIS. They were the ground forces. Now we turn our backs on them. Today, I am ashamed of being American. Really, Normandy. I’m not sure you even know what you’re saying. You’re a dunce. Trump is 100% correct in decision to withdraw all USA troops from Syria & ought to do this quickly. In terms of Turkey. There are extremist elements in Syria which are a threat to Turkey, some set off bombs in Ankara in the past. Safety in Syria needs to be created by Syrian govt

”Normandie, .... Names... different battles... they didnt help us” Come again? Who in jiminy cricket’s name is that to his right? Is he taking advice from a Custer impersonator? Its difficult to comprehend if this guy (Mr. Donald J. Trump) is joking or is serious. Trump like money. KurdsBetrayedByTrump

It sounds like music to my ears: Being an 'American ally' is a DANGEROUS business, isn't it Your completely hors context He does not even know what Normandy is. Well that pretty much sums it up . Well that’s kind of an improvement as it’s at least not a lie 🤷🏻‍♂️ Come to think of it, I bet the Kurds weren’t at Bull Run either. Muthaf**as

Imbecile-in-Chief. And almost no one thinks you're doing the right thing. Totally batshit crazy. USA created an illegal situation in Syria via its illegal presence, in contravention of UN charter which USA signed. USA must withdraw from Syria's territory, which obviously includes northern & north east Syria. Syrian Kurds must join up with the Syrian govt & Syrian govt forces

Genocide is ok if they didnt help you in all of the wars apparently. US is dead as the leader of the west. DraftDodgingCoward IllegitimatePresident Or War of 1812! KurdsBetrayedByTrump He also doesn’t know how to drink water. Nothing surprises us anymore. Pkk=YPG Only understands quid pro quo Wait, what?

What a muppet Did they help us with ISIS? GFY!!!! *Inside the mind of MendacityMan our cartoon president* GreatAndUnmatchableWisdom realDonaldTrump KurdsBetrayed

Donald Trump isolated as Republican allies revolt over US withdrawal from SyriaMitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham lead condemnation of foreign policy move that could prove ‘disaster in the making’ He suckered all of the NeverTrump fools. Because the deepstate wants war, they hate peace Who exactly is surprised here?

Donald Trump: We will speak to US woman involved in car crash death of British teenager'We've got no answers.' The parents of a teenager killed in a car crash involving the wife of a US diplomat say they felt 'strange' after meeting Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, adding it left them feeling 'perplexed, angry and confused'. Read more: We're not going to do a dam thing. The woman who killed their son has got away with it. How to get away with murder, marry to a Diplomat go run over your ex. Coward.

Turkey ready to send troops into Syria after Trump abandons the KurdsTanks have arrived at the Syria n border 24 hours after President Trump revealed that US forces would pull out of the area. Read more on this story here: realDonaldTrump the blood is on your hands FakeNewsMedia

Turkish troops advance into Syria as Trump washes his hands of the KurdsCivilians flee as airstrikes and artillery hit border region as Trump says about Kurds : ‘They didn’t help us in Normandy’ 'They didn't help us with Normandy.' Trump definitely has a whey with Kurds. Not right. Dear Lord, what a fiend.

White House refuses to co-operate with Donald Trump impeachment inquiryThe White House believes that the move is politically motivated and constitutionally wrong.

Joe Biden: Donald Trump has betrayed nation and should be impeached Donald Trump quickly replies, tweeting it was 'so pathetic' to see Mr Biden calling for his impeachment. lol All the demcrats sons have been ripping off the Ukrainians too. What crooks. HOPE YOU GO TO JAIL YOU CRIMINAL POLITICIAN. TAKING MONEY FROM UKRAINE AND THINKING WE ALL DONT KNOW , YOU REALLY ARE THE SON OF A USED CAR SALESMAN. YOU CROOK IMO