Dominic Raab said ‘I don’t support the Human Rights Act’ ahead of overhaul

Dominic Raab said ‘I don’t support the Human Rights Act’ ahead of overhaul

9/17/2021 12:42:00 PM

Dominic Raab said ‘I don’t support the Human Rights Act’ ahead of overhaul

Fears grow of more radical changes to landmark 1998 Act than planned by justice secretary’s sacked predecessor - after footage emerges

“The spread of rights has become contagious and, since the Human Rights Act, opened the door to vast new categories of claims, which can be judicially enforced against the government through the courts.The Act had allowed UK law to be trumped by the European courts, Mr Raab claimed, while the boundaries between parliament, government and the judiciary had been blurred.

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Both Labour and senior legal figures have raised fears that Mr Raab’s appointment is to allow him to drive through more dramatic changes to the HRA than planned by his sacked predecessor,Robert Buckland.“We will do all we can to defend the fundamental rights the public depends on from attacks by the Conservatives,” said

David Lammy, the shadow justice secretary.The legal blogger David Allen Green said: “One would not be surprised that one stipulation made by Raab in accepting the position asis that he gets another crack at repealing the Human Rights Act.”AndBob Neill

, the Conservative chair of the justice select committee, criticised the way Mr Buckland had been sacked by the prime minister to “make way” for Mr Raab.“The position of lord chancellor is crucial. It is not some sort of sweetie to be handed out by the PM,” Sir Bob said.

There has been criticism of the high turnover in the role of lord chancellor over such a turbulent period for the justice system, hit by huge spending cuts.It was also reported that Mr Raab responded to Mr Buckland seeking views on the government’s proposals for the HRA shake-up, earlier this year.

His officials suggested that ministers should be “more ambitious”, a source told Read more: The Independent »

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I don't support DominicRaab I guess he doesn't support the UN charter of human rights for consistency. And thus he is against laws on genocide and crimes against humanity since they are all interlinked, or is it only in the UK that human rights shouldn't be protected?

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‘Unconscionable’ universal credit cut breaks human rights law, says UN envoyMinisters under pressure to reverse decision to end £20-a-week uplift introduced during pandemic It's not a cut!!!! It was announced as a 'temporary' measure + no one in govt ever said it was anything but!

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