Diplomat's wife 'devastated' by Harry Dunn's death

Harry Dunn crash: US Diplomat's wife 'devastated' by his death

10/13/2019 12:35:00 AM

Harry Dunn crash: US Diplomat's wife 'devastated' by his death

Anne Sacoolas says she wants to meet with the teenager's parents to apologise.

Image captionHarry Dunn died in hospital after his motorbike was involved in a crash with a VolvoThe US diplomat's wife granted immunity after the crash which killed teenager Harry Dunn is"devastated by the tragic accident", her lawyer has said.

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Anne Sacoolas' legal representative, Amy Jeffress, said she would"continue to cooperate with the investigation".Mrs Sacoolas left the UK under diplomatic immunity despite being a suspect in the crash with Mr Dunn, 19, in Northamptonshire on 27 August.

A statement said:"Anne is devastated by this tragic accident."It continued:"No loss compares to the death of a child and Anne extends her deepest sympathy to Harry Dunn's family."The statement, issued by law firm Arnold and Porter, said Mrs Sacoolas had"fully cooperated with the police".

'Deepest sympathies'It added:"She spoke with authorities at the scene of the accident and met with the Northampton police at her home the following day. She will continue to cooperate with the investigation."Anne would like to meet with Mr Dunn's parents so that she can express her deepest sympathies and apologies for this tragic accident.

"We have been in contact with the family's attorneys and look forward to hearing from them."Earlier, the lawyer for Mr Dunn's family, Radd Seiger, appealed for anyone with information about Mrs Sacoolas' return to the United States to come forward.

Mr Dunn's parents, who have previously said they are considering civil action against Mrs Sacoolas, are set to fly out to the US on Sunday and will visit both New York and Washington DC.Mr Seiger said they would be"engaging with the media and politicians as they reach out for support from all Americans and to ask them to put pressure on the US administration to do the right thing".

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Yeh I bet.. so devastated she ran away and hid! Not devestated enough to return to England though. Apologising is insufficient. She must voluntarily return to the UK and accept the full weight of the law. Just think of those parents, their child is dead, for God's sake! If you are that devastated think of the family that has been effected! So come back to the uk and face the judicial system as crime and punishment is vastly different from the U.S. Therefore stop hiding behind politics and grow up and face up to your alleged actions.

So much that she had to instantly go through duty free. What gets me is that she is so devastated that she took the first flight home all she has to do is return to England and face a trial. She may not be guilty of anything but for the president to dismiss it as an accident is very disingenuous So devastated that she just had to hop on a plane to avoid taking any responsibility for her actions . Devastated, my arse!

Then Saccoulas should make the journey to the UK. Once the mother is on US ground, the attempt to soften will begin. Mrs Dunn should keep her distance and demand an appearance in a UK court. If Saccoulas was genuinely sorry, she wdn't have left the UK. 'But hides in America. Indeed. So devastated that she pissed off back to America coward

Sickening behaviour by her. I cannot believe how she could take such a cowardly route by fleeing justice and have her actions effectively excused by her president. Shameful. JusticeForHarry If shes that devastated, she should be over here, and facing her crime, if it was anyone one else,it would be dangerous driving or at least manslaughter.

I can say sorry and can you come to see me and I can express my sadness and guilt from 6000 miles away . It's easy , takes guts to face the music for what you did something you sadly lack . This poor family have had a son taken away from them not lost a son. Not devastated enough to come back and face the music. HarryDunn JusticeForHarry

No, she's scared for herself, probably her family and potentially going to jail. She should return to the UK to face the consequences of her actions. So devastated that she's being absolutely cowardly about it all by not returning to the UK to be prosecuted for causing his death. You madam are why Americans are hated in si many parts of the world, you're arrogance and empty words.

No, she scared for herself, probably her family and potentially going to jail. She should return to the UK to face the consequences of her actions. She should demonstrate her remorse by getting her arse on a plane back to Britain,and face up to what she did. It will probably not result in a custodial sentence if it was genuine accident, but Harry's parents deserve a proper explanation of what happened.

Devastated that his death might mean she has to go to jail, so I'm running away. That's the kind of devastated she is. So devastated was she that she fled, not only the scene but the country. Seek her out. Bring her back to face justice. This is a disgrace. She drives on the wrong side of the road, kills a young lad then flees the country and is ‘devastated’ We need to get her ass back here for some justice without further delay.

Then she will feel so much better if she admits her culpability Probably told to say this by a high priced lawyer. So devastated she buggered off. She should be sent back. The USA are quick get people extradited. Oh poor woman - I feel so sorry for her (not!) I'm devastated that a human being has absolutely no morals or decency and hides behind a disgraceful law to protect the elite.

Yet she still won't fly back to face the music, despicable woman. Yea yea yea bull shit Devastated that her name is being plastered the world over “Devastated by this tragic accident”! She drove her vehicle on the wrong side of the road! His death was entirely avoidable. She made off to America with only one objective to avoid facing the consequences of her actions. If she had a shred of decency she would be back here.

Nowdays it is only US superpower can chase people all around the world. UK cannot afford such a luxury. Not too devastated to jump on a plane back to America. This crap is sickening. If that’s the case go back and atone! talkischeap A little late to go public having added extra stress to Harry’s devastated parents

So devastated but still hiding away rather than facing justice for causing the death of a teenager. Ok then. If she was devastated she should not have run away . She should have stayed until the investigation was concluded. devastated!! that has to be some sort of understatement-how does she think the mum and dad feel. comeback to help bring about some sort of closure-if ever closure can be achieved-for them

But not enough to face justice 🤬 I'm sure she'll do the right thing if she's that concerned and fly back to resolve this for the family then she should turn herself in..... realDonaldTrump shouldn't be in her corner and defending her. Yes... Devastated... Just not enough to take responsibility for her actions and return to face judge

Devastated enough to board a plane and make my escape like I don’t actually care enough to be devastated let’s all feel sorry for her 🤔⚓️ So devastated that she fled the scene, leaving him in the state he was in? Yeah sure she is! She spells coward incorrectly. Reactively and when ashamed into it and realising you have no diplomatic immunity. Utterly disingenuous.

What if it happens to her child in usa. A Brit driving on the wrong side of the freeway crashes into your child... What then!!!!!? Disappears back to blighty.!!!? Murderer So ‘devastated ‘ she flies back to the US and hides, in the hope that the ‘incident ‘ will be forgotten! Now she has to say something because she has been found out and named!

Trump will make sure she stays where she is. He doesn’t give a monkeys about justice She fled the scene of an accident. Extradite and imprison now. That devastated she done a runner how does she think the family are there truly heartbroken and that's what's devastating feels she just shows no remorse for me and should be forced to face her guilt not hide away.

This is disgusting, and baronessnewlove missed the point during her 10 minute waffle on BBC news this morning, which is this. The USA is supposed to be an ally and close friend of this country. The smuggling of this woman away from justice is something a rogue state would do. So says her highly paid lawyer as they try to turnover the public’s feelings towards her .

Imagine how his parents and family feel This woman is not above us as she claims to be, nobody should be immune from any crime they have committed. If she is saying she is cooperating with the authorities, then this means she should return to UK and face the concequences and receive punishment JusticeForharryDunn

It’s an accident, she is probably really upset, shocked and sad. But why leave the country if you are devastated and a law abiding citizen? How will she live with the guilt? 😶 No longer politically immune, won’t return to the UK to face questioning in a vehicular homicide case - time to push for the extradition of Anne Sacoolas. No more obstruction of justice!

If she was that devastated she would have stayed here to face the consequences instead of running off! I hope our Home Office now issues an extradition order against her and drag her sorry arse back to face prosecution,TRUMP I did have respect for you once but your just trash now! So devastated she claimed diplomatic immunity and ran away back to the states, somehow I don’t believe her!

She needs to face justice The lady no longer has “diplomatic immunity” and will have to return to UK. Devastated enough to take accountability for her actions? So DominicRaab the easy one's first... Now stay out of the media for a whike and do THE far more important task of FreeNazanin Yeah so devastated that she fled the country, the unfortunate thing now is that if she returns she won’t get a fair trial coz it’s headline news, they would have to hold trial in a neutral country.

No, devastated because she has to take responsibility for this young man's death and devastated because humanely she needs to be accountable but doesn't want to. Above the law? We will see! But not quite devastated enough to come back and answer some questions. ‘Devastated’. Not enough not to face up to her responsibilities. When did the bbc become a PR machine for a wanted criminal?

How devastated was she when she run on the plane to the usa....never mind.... Trump will do the right thing Not death ,got caught. If she is that upset by her actions then have the decency to come back to the UK and face charges instead of hiding behind diplomatic immunity. She killed a child through her dangerous driving. No sympathy for her what so ever

Shes a shameful disgraceful example of decency I thought that no person was above the law, diplomatic immunity or not she should be prosecuted, devastated that she might end up in jail most likely Come on the Donald hand her over you are quick to ask for other countries to hand over their people ( whether they want to go or not)

That butters no parsnips. It's also a lie. A devastated killer would immediately waive all immunity and face the consequences. She is devastated that she is being criticised. Yeah enough to bugger off though !! Not a diplomat Oh please. Words are cheap. Actions less so. The fact she already had traffic violations in America should have raise some red flags. I hope Harry's family get justice

People above the law , one for us and none for them! My heart goes out to the family and friends of Harry Dunn . Sorry to say you won’t find justice in DC She is devastated? How does she think the victim’s family she ran away from feels? If she has a conscience, Living with her crime and cowardice for the rest of her life will be much worse than having stayed and waited for help when the accident happened.

Amanda Knox ,,,,now this crook. The religion of Diplomatic Immunity is the way you are doing well in your existence of god for humanity to protect your life from the divine religion and the shame to make a wonderful peace of life with your family upbringing Bollocks, come back and face the music then.

Time to clear the swamp of Trumps diplomats The bbc makes feel physically ill now when I see their blatant propaganda headlines Face justice, then! yeah..right. Actions speak louder than words. Vile woman Altogether now; everybody feel sorry for her! Perhaps we should all do the Christian forgiving thing and tell the bereaved family to stop making such a fuss, what?😤🥴

Well she needs to come back be courageous and face the law. Get yourself back here then woman if you are so ‘devastated’ and help the family; without making it necessary to go through the extradition process. Then claims diplomatic immunity and leaves the crime scene! No more than his family He's NOT a diplomat. Ergo she has no immunity. Misinformed reporting. Get a grip.

So devastated she thought she would run away, and now that it seems like she might not have immunity, she is 'devastated ' Not enough! She needs to return to the UK BENEFITS_NEWS The UK government should fund a civil trial in the U.S. against this woman , it will not bring Harry back , but would show intent to pursue action and have the facts brought in to the public domain.

The police should also extradite and prosecute all who claimed she did have diplomatic immunity and all passports should be surrendered for all who are held on rape, murder, paedophile crimes and killing someone until tried. Obviously not devastated enough to get her arse on a plane back to the UK to face the music though. 🙄

Really. Not as much as his parents. As she has no diplomatic immunity the UK should apply to have her extradited to the UK and in true Trump fashion we should make the USA pay for ALL costs she has incurred. She should also be remanded in custody & face trial in the UK. DominicRaab Can a European Arrest Warrant be put out for this woman? Also an Interpol Red Notice? That way if she leaves the US she gets arrested and brought to the UK to face justice

Devastated but calculated enough to grab her family & take a private flight out of dodge before she could face justice & the us are protecting her🤔🤔🤔🤔 corrupt as fuk. Wow wonderfull so devastated is the new thoughts and prayers How dare she squat in the US and then offer condolences for the kid she killed!

She's not devastated. She cares only about her reputation. Come face the family in the UL and be arrested you evil coward! So devastated she left the country quick smart Not quite sure she 'booked a flight home'. Seems the US govt flew her out by private plane so she could avoid being charged here. They are as culpable as she is for aiding and abetting her escape and if as is claimed she didn't have diplomatic immunity did the UK govt know this!!

That “devastated” she will face her consequences 🤔 She was that 'devastated' that she ran away to save her own arse, like the coward that she is. She surely cannot believe that it’s ok to run from this 🤔🙄😡 This devastated? Now that she has been named & shamed ! If she has a heart she should return to be punished !

Oh well that's ok then. Come and say that to his family. Stand trial if necessary. Have the courage to take responsibility for your actions. No-one thinks you did it on purpose. But your flight was deliberate and cowardly, hiding behind privilege, & demeaning to your country. Then go back and face justice.

Deport all their diplomats until she has the guts to return and face justice No words So devastated that she left the UK as soon as she could to escape justice cowardlyscum Anne Sacoolas does not have diplomatic immunity, she can & should be extradited back to Britain So devastated she went home, packed her bags and fled to the US after making a false claim of immunity. Yea, thats all devastated and such.

Hmm, so devastated she did a runner. Hopefully she rots in hell. Her parents want you in jail for killing their son and RUNNING AWAY. Oh, I’m sure....😐 She could fly over here and meet them and also meet some nice friendly members of the local constabulary and answer a few questions that might prove she's done absolutely nothing wrong. On the other hand.... emptywordsofamoralvacuum

Devastated? Is that why she ran away to avoid responsibility? Because she was devastated? Coward. Put her in the Tower. In what way is she devastated? Not devastated enough she had to go on the run and not face her victims family or justice for that matter. Long runs the fox and karma is a bitch Backed up by the despicable and corrupt Trump - in his unmatched wisdom.

The British have a special relationship with the US! What we want to know is whether she was a CIA employee abusing diplomatic immunity, or an NSA employee abusing diplomatic immunity, or a contractor to one of those abusing diplomatic immunity. Any of the above is a crime. Not that devastated to return back to the uk though

Lies lies lies She’s a coward. Stop hiding behind diplomatic immunity and go answer to what you have done. She is so 'devastated'..she was pretty quick to get back to the USA! Not devastated enough to return to the uk though So why doesn't she do the right thing? Meet in her dugout somewhere in North America?

if she is that sorry, she can come back and wave her immunity. Bull - Won't waste her Sunday dinner in the slightest, as Trump doesn't give a damn what UK thinks and Raab and Jerk Johnson are already fully characterised as Trump / Amerian sycophants. Imagine relying on a Trump trade deal Nobody cares. Bring her here.

Oh good she can fly back and face justice Stop giving her sympathy he actions are NOT of a devastated person!!! Sounds as if the Yanks didn't want the 'bad press' and gave her Diplomatic Immunity and helped her to leave ASAP. You only gave an initial account, police visited u and b4 charges are brought, you disappear on instruction of the USA Govt.

So “devastated” that you done a runner knowing exactly what you did.. Heartless c**t as long as there are no consequences. she's not devastated enough for that. How sad for her. With respect, if Ms. Sacoolas is truly sorry she would fly to the United Kingdom and assist in the enquiry into Mr. Dunn’s death.

Come back over here and apologise then. Coward White woman's tears I'm sure she is. /s Silly of us to see the act of fleeing 4000 miles and refusing to return as something other than full cooperation. She is a coward. Live with that on your conscience? I couldn't. She needs to return to the UK. Face her actions and do the right thing...

O boo hoo, she can't be that upset No-one is buying it. Then she needs to face the consequences of her actions. Words are wind. Maybe she used all that hot air to fly herself out of there as fast as she could. Hollow words!!! Cannot understand how she can live with herself. Cannot understand why her family haven’t persuaded her to do the right thing and get back to the U.K. immediately.

Come to the UK and say that to his poor parents :( I wouldn't fly out there, make her come back here and face her crime in a British court! Sincerity for doing something wrong comes with accepting the consequences. Until she faces a court and takes the punishment for her crime, it’s meaningless. Sorry ma’am for the lost

Only sorry she got busted disgusting I would think that Scotland Yard would like to see her in person as well. The number of left-right fatalities are not that imfrequent - pretty sad for people just going about their lives A case where actions speak louder than the word She should at least come back to the UK to face questioning, otherwise our 'Special Relationship' is meaningless. SpecialRelationship HarryDunn

But not devastated enough to face justice for it! Breaking news Sure, she was so devastated that she took a flight to the US So devastated he fled straight back to the US For herself. Bullshit! Oh how does she think his family feel. I have no sympathy for her. She ran after knocking over a innocent lad and wrecking his families life

Then she should get on a plane and come back as she NEVER had diplomatic immunity!! Shallow words from a shallow woman and American politicalising at its finest and disgusting!! What a surprise when you have the most disgusting president pulling strings!! 🤮 Needs to step up... & have the conversation or it will come to haunt her in the end...

BBCWorld prove it! She was so 'devastated' that she had to run away to the US and plead diplomatic immunity? So devasted, she booked a flight home without saying sorry. Her words are cheap, her actions however say it all. So she'll be on a plane back here, then.... Just read that she didn't have diplomatic Immunity.

Did they test her for drugs? Why won’t she cand face justice then? Xx Sure she is...

Harry Dunn: Mother of teen killed by diplomat in Washington DC brands US 'hypocritical'A MOTHER in the US who fought for justice after her daughter was killed by a foreign diplomat in Washington DC has branded the American Government “hypocritical” over its stance on the Harry Dunn case.

Harry Dunn row: How UK police officer was murdered but killer claimed diplomatic immunityTHE US has refused to waive diplomatic immunity for a woman who allegedly killed British teenager Harry Dunn in a hit-and-run – but this is not the first time diplomatic immunity has frustrated families seeking justice after the death of a loved one. A tragic and Serious and painful issue for the victim's family, the perpetrators and their respective countries. Immunity might well be revisited...by the governments in the future.. They weren’t even sure who was responsible for Yvonne’s death. We know the guilty party in this instance. Get her back. Cancel Anglo American diplomacy if it doesn’t happen. We have to make a stand!

Harry Dunn: Family appeals for witnesses to diplomat's wife leaving for USThe family are planning to visit New York and Washington as they continue their fight for the US to 'do the right thing'. Err...get the feeling he didn’t crash into her, she smashed into him on the wrong side of the road! This is so sad and so wrong! Just seeing Harry’s parents talking breaks your heart! That woman should be tried for murder seeing as she killed him and ran!!! Let's scarp this diplomatic immunity worldwide ..it's abuse of power. It's like giving someone who is above the law.!! In the name of immunity all vices happen..you can kill , carry drugs in suitcases, laundry money to and fro ete etc..let's petition this outdated immunity now !!

Lawyer of US diplomat's wife contacts family of Harry DunnAnne Sacoolas was granted diplomatic immunity after she was involved in a crash that left the teenager dead. Diplomatic immunity is positively medieval It’s all Trump understands Money Greed Greed Greed Slimeball I’m disgusted why we fawn over the piece of S_ _ T‼️‼️ Isn’t it about time that diplomats and their families were treated exactly the same as everyone else ? It’s an absolute joke that they are able to dodge justice because of the job they do ? HarryDunn DiplomaticImmunity

Harry Dunn's devastated twin couldn't leave home for six weeks after his deathThe teen died when his motorbike was struck by a car driven by Anne Sacoolas - who has since claimed diplomatic immunity

Harry Dunn’s mum tells how she broke down as she finally stripped his bed after deathHARRY Dunn’s mum has revealed how she broke down as she finally stripped her dead son’s bed six weeks after the 19-year-old was killed in a crash with a US diplomat’s wife. Cops h… She speaks very well. Dignified I thought. Sad story